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  1. I bought the G425 Irons and hated the Arccos grips. Sent them back to Ping and they regriped them for me. Since they were my first Ping clubs I ever owned. I love them and since have repacked most of my bag with new Ping G 410's not G425 because you don't have to deal with the Arccos grip. The G410's are hard to find new. Still looking for a G 410 7 wood with regular shaft. I can't help but think that Ping made a big mistake by offering the Arccos standard when most golfers don't want it. They should at least offer a non Arccos grip standard also.
  2. I just bought a Ping g410 hybrid from Dick's Sporting Goods online store. It came brand new with head cover but no wrench. Is that normal? Also can someone tell me what is the lowest lie angle position to dial it in on my adjustable hosel? It has +,0,- flat settings but no explanation as to which one is the most or least flat.
  3. I read it and agree it but the Hurricane of 78 is in total denial.
  4. That's the part I can't understand either. Why would you claim a single handicap and then prove time in and time out that you are no where close to it?
  5. Actually he doesn't really say much at all. He is a nice enough guy but has a handicap problem that he refuses to acknowledge. Maybe we need to stage an intervention LOL!
  6. You are right on both thoughts. He never wins and in fact usually ends up in last place. In our club Championship like most I assume you are given another players card in your foursome and are tasked with keeping that players score. Which BTW is why I brought this whole discussion up. It suck having to keep his score because it is just crazy to keep track of it. He gets his reduced score by going through his card after rounds justifying his corrected scores with thoughts like I never 3 put or I don't chilly dip, etc. I know this sounds nuts but he has actually told people that. A
  7. Yes he does use the I can't take more then a double bogey line also. He isn't the only one who uses that line however. I have played many golfers who pick up at double bogey and say give me a 6 on a par 4 for instance. Then they go to the bar and claim they shot the score with the double bogey not what it was if they finished out. This used to bother me but now I just use it to help establish what that player's personal integrity is. A lot of players like to play best ball matches so if you are having a bad hole and your partner is doing good you usually pickup in order to save time af
  8. Yes it boggles the imagination. I have never seen any vanity handicap even close to it. Also most severe vanity handicappers would never expose themselves by constantly entering tournaments and shooting 100's.
  9. He has been called out by players but the players don't setup the flights. Not worth getting into fisticuffs over Vinsky. not
  10. Yes 15 years at least . That is not a typo. Also you are right about the head pro not taking control of the situation. This vanity handicapper has become somewhat of a legend at the club. He has a nickname of the "Blizzard of 78" because that is one of his favorite "corrected scores". So much so that the women who play in the club championship have setup a money pool every year as to what the Blizzard of 78 will shoot in the tournament. This would be the simple solution and I have actually suggested it to the head pro.
  11. Many players have lodged complaints but the head pro refuses to do anything. He merely needs to put him in a flight for 20 handicap players. His tournament scores have averaged around 100 and he has been playing this tournament for at least 15 years. Obviously they have reasonable grounds for moving him to a more appropriate flight.
  12. iacas I agree I wish I could learn to choke down slightly on my grips but I have a bad habit of my hands gripping at the tip of the club. thank you for the information.
  13. Tiger uses the interlock grip. The overlap grip or I believe it is called the Varna grip is popular but I doubt 99% of pros use it.
  14. I am a member at Cranberry Valley in Harwich Massachusetts and we a player who claims a 7 handicap but very very rarely breaks 90 and often tops 100. He enters bogus "corrected scores" of anywhere from 77 -81. Now I could care less but he enters the club championship and is flighted into the 6-9 groupings. This means some unfortunate foursome is tasked with counting a player who is shooting a hundred shots which include many 7,9 and 10 shot holes. It is pretty hard to stay tournament competitive when you have to both watch and keep track of a total hacker. Any suggestions on what could be don
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