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  1. Me, too. I wonder . .does a guy like Henrik Stenson even stop to consider the impact he's going to have on fantasy golf scores with a last minute WD? I mean . .really . .how hard is it? If you're going to WD . .do it before the friggin' deadline. I'm going to sell all my Henrik Stenson memorabilia. edit . .I was just about to drag our Ikea sofa out to the yard and burn it but .. you know. .the wife.
  2. That's so true . .I don't think I ever played with anybody who followed all the rules . .except maybe accidentally. I even knew a couple guys where I worked who claimed to be 8-10 handicaps - and they cheated every single time I ever played with them. The point being that I think certain kinds and amounts of cheating are just accepted in some circles of players . .so it's like already having multiple sets of rules.
  3. It's a trick question - they have to do both play by the official rules of golf as well as whatever local rules are in play for that tournament (ie - all sand areas treated as bunkers). But as to different rules for pros vs ams . .I say no, would never work. We already want to play with pro gear from the pro tees, etc . . .we'd just add "by the pro rules" to that list.
  4. That's what I thought when I saw the commercial. I am kind of close to the subject matter of the commercial so I thought . .yeah, that makes sense . .getting into a whole bunch of things that seem nifty, definitely cost a lot and don't really do anything to further your real-life goals . .that's the Microsoft I know, lol.
  5. Well . .I think here we are primarily talking about distance - the OP suggesting that ProV1x could cost him 100 yards on his drive. The content of this video is a little dry but the jist is - there's pretty much no difference between a DT Solo vs a ProV1 except stopping power on greens. The increased spin doesn't make that much of a difference in slicing/hooking or hitting farther or not.
  6. I was waiting for that . . and where did we get the idea that a 20 handicap *can't* play a ProV1x? It may not be the optimum ball for a given player (Regardless of index) - but it's certainly not going to result in a 150 yard drive vs a 250 yard drive as mentioned in the OP. I'm sure there's a difference between balls but I hit everything I can find and I couldn't tell you how much farther I hit a Precept Laddie vs a "distance ball" vs a ProV1x ...it's not a big enough difference to be able to detect over just variances in my swing.
  7. It's pretty close . .I don't have an actual handicap but based on the course I usually play (rating and slope, etc) - it would probably be around 18. That's based on playing just a few times a year, though. I joined a golf league for this year to force myself to play more so I can get an accurate measure . .so we'll see.
  8. Not really - I've never really tried to strengthen my grip or do anything with my lead wrist except flatten it at the top and rotate them through impact. Lately I haven't been working on much at all - been setting up the new house and yada yada. I went to the range twice, at least. I've been working on improving my rotation, without swaying, in the backswing at the same time as trying not to let my right knee get away from me - letting my right knee "get away from me" means a whole bunch of things I'm trying to work out in my head . .not just about my right knee. It's a lot of Key 1 with a
  9. I knew you were going to say that . . I just put my phone on the window sill in my still empty office .. next time I'll scrounge up a few boxes to prop it on. It was definitely an eye opener last night when I did it for the first time . .in my new, uber-dark garage there was still enough light to realize that I couldn't do this without moving my head a lot. I thought about it some and I see if I do it differently I can do it somewhat better . . .as in the current video...I think I understand the idea enough to keep working on it until I figure out how to do it quite a bit better than I
  10. Crazyness . . . moved into new house . .got behind at work . . mostly I have a lot of free time and ability to set my own schedule. .except for sometimes .. like now, lol. Anyway - I will practice this and I think I can do better . .here's what I can do right now. It looks like the video goes into slow-motion when I start the turn but it's in real-time . .that's been happening lately as I keep improving...time/space continuum warps in my backswing. Thanks!
  11. I see what you guys are saying. .I'm actually moving into a new house this week AND behind at work . .but I took a few minutes to try this out . . Yeah . .if I'm keeping my head still, my shoulders will be steep . . . . but . .I can't actually keep my head still, lol. If I don't keep my head still, then it's no problem. I was thinking about it and googling things like . .what if I can't make a 90 degree turn, lol. . and I think I found a way to do it (make the full turn) better . . when I get more time later today I'll try it and see. It's basically just the idea pulling back w/
  12. Thanks! That's really awesome demo of the sort of leg action I'm trying (struggling) to get to. quick question, though . .whenever I've done this in the past I've been concerned with my shoulder tilt not being enough . .ie . .I was pointing the shaft at the ball instead of just back across a shaft on the floor . . .so without concerning myself too much about my shoulder angle it's pretty easy for me to turn this much . .if I try to have what I think is the correct shoulder angle it's much harder. Should I do it with flatter shoulders . .and then worry about the shoulder angle late
  13. I definitely agree to work on more shoulder turn immediately . .I have worked on it before - what happens to me now is that I have a hard time achieving enough tilt. When I do the drill where I lay the shaft across my chest and point the butt at the ball . .I seem to be able to do it . . but when I'm actually swinging it feels really crunched up and difficult . .or like my left hip wants to slide backwards . .ie . . if I imitate it in slow motion. I feel like I must be moving my arms in a way that's making it hard to do . . I've done the wall drill, too . .and seem to be able to do that ok
  14. It's hard to explain because we're getting past the parts of my swing (or any swing) that I understand yet . .it's like . .in the Dec impact . .I'm already "gone" when I'm hitting the ball . .in a weak sense. The impact position in Feb picture is a stronger position (feels like/hits like) . Adam Scott's hips are more turned but . .he's still "there" . . .at impact. It's these kind of wanderings that make it better for me to not start drawing lines and circles on myself, lol.
  15. Both are ugly, lol . . the second one has added ugliness due to the keeping both feet on the floor and not standing up at the end. The other thing I like about February swing vs Dec . .it's harder to see . but my hips are more over-rated in Dec and there's less upper/lower body separation. Hard to see because the even the improved version is far from ideal . . my pro actually advised me to stop analyzing my videos and I haven't done it for a while . .it feels kinda weird, lol.
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