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  1. Tutorial on how to "Protracer" your swing video

    Hey so I just went on my google analytics and saw someone posted my video here (I'm the uploader of this video) so wanted to create an account here and answer any questions if y'all had any; obviously the real protracer is 99% accurate but if you take as many points as I do and select the point in the middle of the ball by zooming in, this will actually be very accurate. The first time and probably the second time you do it it will take a while since you probably will need to rewatch and see what to exactly do, but once you do that it really doesn't take that long. The main parts is importing the video, adding a solid color, clicking the points of the various balls positions and then adjusting the times. You don't need to do as many points as I do, if you let the video play and then choose less points, you can then go back and adjust points but a lot of times the curve will be pretty much on point and only need a few extra points to be exact. And to your point about driver, it all depends on your camera. I chose a short shot because it was easy to find the ball throughout, but there are times where depending on the lighting and also where the ball is going towards it can be hard to find the ball (I was trying this with a video where my ball went towards but not into some trees and I couldn't find the ball since it blended in as it was too far from the camera, so it really depends on the quality of the camera).