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  1. "So it seems we have an answer to a question similar to the one posed in the OP, but not an answer to the actual question posed. Martin's decision is clearly predicated on the idea that the correct location of the OB stake is known and that the ball is in bounds, but the OP stated that they did not know where the stake belonged since they couldn't find the hole it came out of. What then? Do they do their best to figure out the intent of the stakes (perhaps there is a curb or cart path that the rest of the stakes follow) or are they required to go by the nearest two OB stakes that haven't fallen over? In that case, it's easy to see how a ball that is OB gets to be played and a ball that was in bounds must now be treated as OB. Lots of potential messiness here with a course that is not well marked." That from Golfingdad. I'm the one that posted the original question and believe the ball was in bounds but felt you can never move an OP stake whether upright or laying down. I ended up hitting it as it laid, advanced ball 20-30 yards, sent OB stake flying and didn't damage club or my wrists. So all in all ok out come but it sounds like if you know you're in bounds then the stake could have been moved.
  2. Hit a drive that came to rest against an OB stake that was no longer standing up. It was a small wooden OB stake and somehow had fallen over and my ball was now resting against it. Do I get relief or play as it lies? We also couldn't tell exactly where the stakes should go since we didn't see an obvious hole in the ground.
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