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  1. I tend to not lose balls very often. I'm on my third round with the same ball (Bridgestone B-330 RXS). Is there any standard for how long you can use a golf ball before performance (i.e., distance) suffers and it should be replaced?
  2. I found that narrower shoes aren't the answer. I do like your advice about using different socks.
  3. When my Dad became too infirm to play golf about 10-12 years ago and the rest of his regular group either passed away or had to give up the game, I started showing up as a single nearly every weekend. The number of friends I've made and the interesting people I've played with (including a Supreme Court nominee) have made the game more enjoyable for me over the last decade than I could have imagined. I play with a number of them on a semi-regular basis when their "fourth" can't make it. Walking on as a single reinforces golf's reputation as "the gentleman's game" because it requires
  4. I have an idea how you feel. I had four-level cervical fusion surgery in April of last year (2015), and while I was cleared six months later to start working my way back toward a full swing it became an exercise in completely starting over. I had to slowly regain my touch inside 125 yards and on the green. Worst of all, I had to put my full swing back together from ground zero. Sixteen months post-surgery, I'm just now at the point where I'm around 80-84, about three to five strokes off what I was used to shooting. Be patient with yourself---getting your old game back will take some t
  5. Regardless of which brand and type of golf shoe I've worn, I seem to get heel blisters on a regular basis, particularly in the hot months.. I've tried going a half-size up or down from my regular size and the problem persists. My feet do perspire quite a bit during the summer. The only thing I haven't done is change the type of socks I wear (regular white athletic socks). Suggestions, anyone? Thanks!
  6. Is just choking down a half-inch or an inch on the grip an option, or does the taper of the grip complicate matters?
  7. I just bought a Callaway X2 Hot driver and have this question: Is there a need to test the adjusting screw before every use to make sure it's stayed tight, or is that a non-issue? Thanks!
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