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  1. Anyone hear or have experience w these? $80 a dozen where I saw them, and I think that's what titleist required in the CA, FL, AZ test markets. If I had anything resembling a decent game I would have bought them just to test.
  2. Would love to participate. Have a challenging schedule w family, so prob could only do S.D. unless I happen to be up in la/oc at the time.
  3. bones75

    Had a good year!

    That's awesome dude. You should be proud. One of my best mates has taken like 5 years of fairly dedicated play to get where you are now!
  4. bones75

    What type of golfer are you?

    Idk if this is one of the answers you are looking for, but I like to be the sh#$! talking golfer. Those games are my favorite. Likely because these were many of my best memories from playing w/ teammates in high school. Of course only to friends who are okay with it. When playing w/ one of my buddies and we would get paired w/ a random 2-some, we would often get comments that they really loved playing w/ us because of all the crap we gave each other (all w/ huge grins). Nothing better then getting a great line in where one can only laugh and say ouch.... except when that is followed by a stellar shot, which is then followed by minutes of self praise which the other guy has to endure. It's quite possible I like the zingers better than the actual golf.
  5. bones75

    Tour players in long drive competition

    @billchao yea, I get what you're saying. I was just talking an a purely theoretical physics sense. Although it requires more torque and energy (in say joules), the same rotational velocity exhibits a higher club head speed the longer the shaft. I also agree no tour player in reality would compete in those competitions. I meant it more in a fun theory-crafting manner. How about if they had just had a 2 hours of range time to make some very simple adjustments, including getting used to a longer shaft? Even if tour players couldn't win, could they even be in competition? Would be interesting for example if Bubba could beat half the field, even if he only had an hour to try the format.
  6. bones75

    Tour players in long drive competition

    @klineka and @billchao made me think about shaft length. I just looked up that Bubba usually plays with a 44.5" (DJ w/ a 45.75"?) and that long drive compettion allows for 48" (which Justin James uses). Doesn't that increase club head velocity for the same rotational velocity in a direct ratio (48/43.5)? If so then Bubba's "normal" swing speed of 123.89mph would be ~133mph w/ the longer shaft. I feel like I'm missing something in the physics/math part, but just wondering how the longer shaft length translates is all. Even with that, Bubba would still need to find ~9mph more clubhead speed by letting loose. I honestly have no idea if that would easy or near impossible.
  7. How would the longer guys on tour fare in long drive competitions like RE/MAX? Assume they didn't just go up and hit, but had range time to figure stuff out for the format. Wondering how a DJ or Bubba can hit when completely letting loose, knowing they only needed like 1 in 10(?) to actually land in the grid. Sorry if it's a topic already (I did look)
  8. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    That's the one! It's good to know the established term "stages of competence". Have heard coaches talk about it my whole life, but didn't know the recognized term.
  9. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    My wife is a classical musician, and she taught these 4 steps when it comes to learning (I dont't know if its a formalized structure by someone famous): 1. don't know how to do it, can't do it 2. know how to do it, can't do it 3. know how to do it, can do it 4. don't know how to do it, can do it When she performs a Beethoven piece for example, she learns the sheet music only to forget it later (i.e. no longer sight reading). The performance is just playing music, not remembering which notes to hit. "Learning how to forget" and it hits notes (pun intended) from iacas's stupid monkeys thread. This is aside from mental game of handling say pressure putts, and I'm not making claims on mental vs physical, but i do see corollaries to golf (as well as a lot of other things).
  10. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    Part of me just thinks I want this thread to hit 1k posts! I'm sure every pro also works on their mental game too, even if they haven't hired a mental coach.
  11. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    I surrender only in what I see is you being obtuse to my perspective. The fact is a real market exists, it matters not whether everyone participates in it. Some people don't use coaches, doesn't mean they are worthless.
  12. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    Ockham's razor meets capitalism meets this thread. If people are paying for it, doesn't that mean there's value? Who buys water if they're not thirsty, and what beverage company isn't going to say their product quenches thirst?
  13. bones75

    Is golf more mental or physical?

    let's give some latitude. I'm certain he's not saying that. If your normal miss is caused by over-swinging, then when you remember your swing-thought to shorten your back-swing, you have a better swing and physical game. Some people give credit on a good day to the "remembering your swing thoughts" action more than just the final physical swing...? I've posted like 20 times in this thread, and I still get lost.
  14. bones75

    Have you ever seen one handed golf swing?

    Sir Charles can swing this way now too. .his mental game is so strong he doesn't need both hands. (sorry ... couldn't help it)

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