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  1. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    I knew a guy who did this when he first started golf, but he knew exactly what was happening. He was hitting the ball w/ the shaft on some of his misses. It wasn't one strike that did it, but a series of misses would weaken/damage his shaft right near the hozzle... and later it could have been a good swing or a bad swing as the one that ultimately caused the now-weakened-shaft to snap.
  2. Marker Size

    I think you misunderstood. Get the DVD and use it as a marker.
  3. Who is "That Guy" at your club?

    Jack Nicklaus calls it the longest walk in golf. My buddy is That Guy too, and not just w/ drives. We spent a long while looking for his ball over the green on a par 3 because he "totally flushed" it. We found it short of the bunkers in front of the green. Awkward...
  4. Originally I was just highlighting how while I believe distance (and in play) is better, my personal story just felt like I made up many of my strokes within 100 yards of the green and that was what kept me ahead of my friends all these years. I actually do scramble much better than my friends, and tbh I still think this better short game has been key to beating my friends consistently over the years, but I do realize that there's more to it than just that (e.g. getting to nGIR w/ less penalties). A takeaway from this thread is that I may have a better long game, even if it's shorter distance-wise than my friends, because I keep it in play and 250 w/ driver is enough for now. (14 FIR's isn't that unusual for me). However, perhaps the easiest way to progress from here is for me to get longer? (I was ~270 yds years back when i was a 6-7 HI).
  5. Its a nice sentiment, but not one shared by my friends! "If you're short enough, you don't get into trouble..." is a common jab, as well as the typical "nice chipping/putting today..." (we are all friends, none taken offensively). I routinely win our nassau's, so I'm not whining, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get caught up in their mind games some days.
  6. The Not Tour Player Swing Videos Thread

    I can't stop watching.. the swing is so good... I swear this kid's hips don't rotate.. they teleport into forward-facing.
  7. Such quick and confident responses! Yea, I definitely get what you guys said. I just often feel that they are so much better ball strikers than me. But yes, keeping it in play is a must-have not a nice-to-have.
  8. The data I have read here does have me support that long game seems to matter more. It's just that the data in my real life goes against it. Out of my ~16 golf buddies I have been playing with for over 10 years, of which I feel we are all comparable in skill, I have always been the shortest (I'm 250 w/ driver, they are all 250-300). I have also always had the lowest index of this group* by at least 2 (we usually range from 8-12 HI). Short game and not getting penalties/doubles are my strengths. 17 people is a small data set admittedly, but in general when I play w/ randoms, the same feels like it holds true a lot. *not counting 6+ mo. breaks (don't nick me for "picking my friends wisely", I assure you it just turned out this way)
  9. Who is "That Guy" at your club?

    I love the line actually, and enjoy playing w/ commentators,so long as they're not the negative kind. An old playing partner would always have something to say after every shot and he was never negative, and it was fun. I would say I actually preferred playing with him. In part maybe cuz I'm kinda the quieter type and he filled 90% of the silence (while still being proper etiquette)
  10. Impact of lessons....

    Sometimes I think it may be finding a good match vs some instructors being bad. I've gone through several before one of them really changed my game, and they all seemed equally qualified from just the resume standpoint.
  11. Impact of lessons....

    I should also say, that he's never broken 100 (w/o mulligans) prior to a month ago. And now he's broken 90. (assuming shooting an 89 on a par 71 counts).
  12. Impact of lessons....

    Just an update on my buddy. He played another double round yesterday. 98 and 89. 6 lessons in over a few months now, after 300 rounds / 7 years of shooting ~110++, he's shot dropped at least 15 strokes looking at his last 6 rounds. He's basically feeling like Tiger right now. Such a good feeling.
  13. Hi all, thanks for the feedback. Yes I have used the elbow bands and straps (both as prescribed by both my GP and a sports therapist I saw when I was playing a lot of golf a few years back). They help marginally. I will definitely check out new shafts and grips based on feedback and will report back in a 1-4 weeks when I have time to get them done. The two PGA pros I saw were both kind of baffled of the pain I was having, because as I noted earlier, I really do not use my right hand/arm on my swing (my hand is really almost off my club at times). As @WUTiger surmised, I have a very slow shoulder turn, but good lag and a late release... the PGA pro's were both surprised at my smash factor (they both said it was higher than theirs). My swing is regularly called a "grandpa" swing, very smooth, short-but accurate, and I'm okay* with my distances (I drive ~250 w/ roll, ~270 in previous years). I've been as low as a 6.4 w my swing in the (now becoming distant) past. The thing is, I only feel pain on my best of swings. When I say best, I mean I know I'm swinging in form, the ball sings off the club, and I get my best yardages and control etc... Bad (even when I swing too fast) swings don't produce any pain for me at all whatsoever. So it's been this weird thing the last ~7 years that I've been battling it. I know I'm in good form when my forearm hurts, and when it continues to be painful the next day I almost always had a great round. If I'm out of form (which I have been a lot these last few years because of long breaks), I don't have any pain at all. Even if I'm chunking it on mats at the range. If anyone has any ideas about this, let me know. I'm getting concerned, as I just took a 6 month break off golf, and my first good day out, my arm really started to act up. I'm camera shy in general, but if you feel you really could offer an expert opinion beyond my PGA pro's, I may post a swing video. *noting that no golfer is "truly" ok w/ their distances.
  14. @WUTiger I don't use too pressure with my right hand/arm (confirmed by 2 pga pros). I actually have a similar move to Couples where my right hand pretty much comes off the club. Some have also called me a "whipper" if that matters. The teachers deduced that my swing is okay (regarding what I do w/ my right arm/hand), but I must have damaged it previously and golf is just bringing it out. I was a very avid tennis player for about 10 years (granted that was 15 years ago, where I did get tennis elbow once). Also, I think this might be relevant: I only feel pain on my "good" swings. Not the fastest swings, and not on my "bad" swings, which is when I get armsy. Thanks for the shaft advice, I'll look into them.
  15. I have tennis elbow on my right arm (pain on the outside of my right forearm when I hit a good strike, can linger for days). I have been dealing with it for ages (with doctors/sports therapists). I play adams CMB's w/ stock KBS C-Taper Regular. I am completely satisfied with how I hit these clubs, but have a few (maybe dumb) questions: - Would a switch to a "softer" iron (like Mizunos) help? does a softer feel equate to less vibrations, and would this equate to less irritation of my tendons? When I hit my current clubs square, it feels pretty damned smooth, but not as "soft" as when i hit a mizuno. How about cavity backs? - Would a different shaft help? Again, I like my clubs, but am willing to change if it may aid my tennis elbow. Thanks