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  1. Imma put this on the list of things to run by him next time i see him.
  2. In the past I've posted on the struggles/frustrations of one my closest golfing buddies. He love, love, loves golf and it's wonderful. It's just that he isn't improving. His profile: - Mid 40s - Pretty damn fit - Plays or practices 50-100x a year for the last 8 years - Generally doesn't take lessons, but some years he regularly did (gone through 3-4 swing coaches) - averages 108 (got down to ~100 avg a few times, but it always goes back up). He plays from whites. - His distances improve every year. He can carry a 5 iron 200yds on his rare perfect swings (2-3 a game keeps him going). - His shot dispersion is incredibly large in all directions. He has both nasty pulls and nasty slices. - He eats up penalty shots like they're M&M's. - He gets pars, but always has at bunch of quad+'s (he plays out, but is a pace-of-play mindful golfer) - He swings 100% on all swings (I am not exaggerating. It used to be 125% every swing). - Decent/Above average short game. He tries to play "smart" even. Like on a short dogleg par 4, he doesn't try to cut the corner, clubs and aims for the widest part of the fairway. So he takes out a mid iron, then swings the ^#&*$@ out of it, and more often than not finds himself in bigger *#(&#$. As it may show, I personally thinks he swings too hard and is just losing control. Sometimes he agrees, but he just can't stop doing it (or even worse results come from swinging "easy"). Any stories of like situations? If you had a friend like this, what would you suggest (other than "get a lesson")? Is it always like a mechanical thing that helps someone out in this situation? like instruction or a swing change? Or has anybody credited anything else to helping their game out / turning a corner? I almost think he should take a year break, and start again w/ lessons. I used to think it was amusing. Now it just sucks.
  3. Its just easier. My wife always asks me what i shot. She just wants to know how well i played. I could tell her "i didnt finish. I shot 80 strokes on 17 holes, skipping a par 3" or i could say "86" which although technically not accurate, conveys a lot more relevant information to her.
  4. I just always found ESC odd in certain situations. Ive seen this a ton: two guys playing a casual round. 'Dude A' is better and his ESC caps at double, while 'Dude B' caps at triple. They play a casual round, but they're two dudes... so there is always at least an ego comptetition. They both triple a hole, Dude A writes down double and dude B writes down triple. That doesnt seem right to me... especially when they talk about who "beat" who that day (again, still meaningless casual rounds).
  5. i dont have an official handicap at the moment, and actually havent played in a tourney in years. For scores i use my golf app which calcs "what my handicap would be" adjusts for ESC automatically. When i did have a GHIN, of course i post using ESC. Even for casual rounds, it just feels better describing my round to others this way. E.g. i shot a 84 if say i had two quads, vs saying i shot a 80 (using ESC).
  6. For non tourney rounds, typically i do this: I pickup when its looking like quad+* and IF: - I dont want to slow down my group, - I'm playing w people i don't know, OR - the group behind is on us. I playout quad+'s IF - my group is in no rush, AND - no one is behind us. I score pickups fairly conservatively (e.g. if i'm still 180 out over water, i'd score as if id be on in 2 more strokes from there, then 2-3 putts). I dont use ESC. If someone asks me what i shot that day, i'd say my score using the above and typically add "including one pickup". I dont use ESC. I know it could just be a meaningless casual round, but i simply feel its more accurate. You? *i do dramatically speed up my play starting when its looking like double+
  7. Talked to a guy who used to work the scoring tent on the Nationwide Tour way back when. He said it wasn't unusual at all to see 5 hole scores of 10+ in a single tourney. Idk much about any tour other than pga. Is this believable? I googled this topic for 2 min and im surprised at how many high numbers there are on the pga tour (relatively). Is there an online resource where you can download detailed score data for an entire tournament (pga or other)? In like csv, deliminited or ascii format? Would be fun to toy w data.
  8. @iacas (or others) If you'd be so kind, could you dumb this down for me? (I am a self proclaimed dumb-dumb) For 11.1 exception 1: "When Ball Is Anywhere Except on Putting Green. The player must drop the original ball or another ball in this relief area (see Rule 14.3):" So I get what you're saying that you have to take relief, but when I read 14.3 I can't seem to figure out where exactly the relief area is.
  9. I heard Duval had a 13 today. My kinda guy.
  10. I'm looking at the rules and am still puzzled. Does come to rest mean relative to the earth at large? or just the object the ball itself is resting on? can't figure out where the "relief area" is
  11. this didn't happen to me, just imagined it and got curious. if you hit into the group in front of you and it lands in their moving golfcart, which after travelling some distance the golf ball falls off the cart. Is it in play from there?
  12. I do power cleans in my routine. My tennis coach when i was in HS recommended it for me when my biggest weakness was power (wasn't a "golfer" then). And I've kept it in my routine ever since where possible (a lotta gyms don't allow it). I have only personal feeling data on the matter tho, and in that respect I agree with what you wrote and how it feel helpful to my general strength.
  13. Thanks, these were the general types of thoughts I was fishing for. Wasn't asking folks for a fix, just experience sharing and random thoughts. (I'm very happy w/ my swing coach, thus haven't done the swing vid thing because of the too many chefs in the kitchen thing)
  14. @billchao My 2x a week lifts are full body, big lifts being squat, dead, bench and cleans, then an assortment of other stuff. I do abs on those days as well. Additionally I do core/explosive exercises 2x a week w/ kettlebells/medicine balls/bands etc. I don't have a golf fitness trainer, but I stole a routine and bunch of exercises from a friend of mine who had great success with a TPI trainer. I haven't gotten calipered since ~April, but I believe I've gained at least 15 lbs of lean muscle mass since Jan (noob gains). I'm on top of my nutritional macros like a mofo this year too! As for golf, I am actually playing 50% more this year than the last 2 years,.. average play or practice 1.5x a week (mostly partial rounds or range, w/ about 2-3 full rounds a month). I'm also playing slightly more tennis. Until about early march, i thought I was seeing gains in my golf long game, but for the last 4 months, it's gotten worse. My scoring is about the same, but its because my short game has improved with my increased practice time this year, but I'm losing more strokes in my long game now (again, same or less distance, and more inconsistent). One theory of mine was simple over training and perhaps general fatigue. But if that were the case, I'd figure it'd also show in my tennis game. And my tennis game is on a whole new level now.
  15. Im quoting myself here (mods be kind) as i really was hoping someone may have thoughts to share. I likely didnt write enough in my last post and didnt think this warranted a new thread. Ive been on a very nice health and fitness routine for almost all of 2019. I lift full body 2x a week (because of work/life sched cant do splits), i stretch almost daily and do kettleball/band/etc golf training routines 2x a week (which i stole from my friend who got it from his TPI trainer). I was "skinny-fat" and in pretty bad shape (relatively) pre 2019. Now, my flexibility has definitely increased (easy to tell from stretches) and ive got big noob gains in lifting for 6 mos now (4 yr break from lifting). Ive lost about 20 lbs of fat and gained a ton of muscle (again noob gains). Note, im a skinny guy in general, always have been, but during my best years I resembled one of those athletic skinny tennis players. Everything about me feels fitter and stronger and more flexible. But my club distances are the same (at best) as pre 2019, and im more inconsistent than before. Without the intimate details of my swing, i dont expect to hear conclusive advice about my predicament, but would love if anyone had any similar stories. I love my swing coach and will continue to take lessons regularly. I find it really peculiar, as i mentioned previously, that my tennis game has completely turned around (ive always played near equal parts golf and tennis). Every part of my tennis game is materially better. Im faster, more consistent, better conditioned, and have a crap ton more power. What the heck is up w my golf swing. Pretty disappointed to be frank.
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