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  1. I just did 37/55. Complete mental meltdown, probably cuz 37's are pretty rare for me. I love/hate this game (respectively). When you're having a great round, then suddenly find yourself teeing it up on the teebox... but hitting five, you know you've got mental game problems.
  2. I pose this question, cuz it's happened to me. Lots of 3 and 4 somes on the course, but some with several 1 hole gaps between some of them. A twosome (granted they were very good), basically played through every other group on the course. Is this correct etiquette? Haven't done the math, but should you slow a lot of people down by a little bit, so that just one twosome could save a lot of time? Applying it to your situation @kpaulhus. If you thought there would be other foursomes on the course (ahead of the two groups directly in front of you) that were also on a 4 hour pace, would that have impacted your decision to try to play through? (knowing you'd either just get stuck behind another foursome, or would you just play through all of them).
  3. @newtogolf It's too bad they didn't make CMB's for lefties. Yea, I really loved them when I first got them, I just can't tell if I still do. @WUTiger - I hit a lot of fairways. Average around 12. It's not unusual I'll hit 14. - I miss only slightly more often when scrambling. meaning I think I've got some strokes gained from scrambling. - When I miss greens it's usually I don't miss by much(within 10 yards), and don't have a usual type of miss... maybe 3-4 times a round for approaches I will do an epic push, overdraw, light hook or chunkymonkey (irons), or an unintentional fade or small slice (woods). I don't pick up penalties strokes very often (1 every 4 rounds maybe?). Short game is also one of of my strengths. - Also just read the non-TST review you referred to. Pretty strong review, makes me think I got me some good clubs. :) I'm just not sure I'm good enough for them.
  4. @WUTiger I have the C-tapers. I really don't know much about golf technology, like even what different shafts means. When hit well, I like the shot shape/spin on the CMBs, and can get all my irons to stop on the green. I can also draw/fade these irons pretty easily (which is one of the main factors of when I bought them)...although it starts to get iffy at my longer irons (4&5). Also, note my index of 8-14. I'm not hitting tons of greens anyways, averaging only 6-7 per round. Again, if someone were describing me as a golfer, they'd say "He's the shorter, but more accurate golfer.".
  5. I played these on rental clubs a few years ago (when my index was ~8), and went out and bought them a few months later cuz I loved them so much. It's weird cuz I'm asking for reviews on this club, when they're my only set of clubs right now. But sometimes you lose perspective on how much better/worse other clubs may be when you only swing one set all the time. I can't tell if I still love em' cuz I don't know how any other clubs feel (occasional stall hitting @ the local golf store doesn't really compare to time on the course). I guess my general question is if they're too good a club for me. I fluctuate between an 8 and a 14 index in the past years (took a 5 month break), I'm a shorter but "more accurate" player when comparing myself to others w/ similar indexes (swing regular shafts, 7i- 145 yards, Driver 240 yards w/roll). I do like to shape shots, but wouldn't say I'm particularly good/consistent at it. Was just considering if I go out and by a set of giant cavity backs, if I'll play better at this stage. Just soliciting thoughts, as I have no intention of spending the $ on a club fitting (unless ya'll convince me otherwise). Thanks
  6. This is why posting in TST is awesome, cuz you get exposed to things like this dude, who is just pure awesome. Love it.
  7. I still want to know if you guys know other people who actually grunt when they swing... and what it means. I've never seen it before. He grunts on every full swing from wedge to driver.
  8. yea. Well just like my OP, i'm already feeling bashful for being too hard on my buddy. I just get frustrated at his despair in his golf game. I'm legitimately worried that it'll become a Charles Barkley thing to him, where swinging hard will become such a mental hitch that he'll never get over it, ultimately resulting in him losing love for the game. Just like Barkley his practice swings are okay, but when he's over the ball, he truly tries to just obliterate the damn thing (I wish I could show you a video, but for his privacy's sake, I can't). @chris3putt you are correct. It's too easy to see the fault in others, and I'm likely even more guilty of repeating mistakes/not-learning in the even larger game of life.
  9. For me, playing with casual players is great, so long as the whole group is that way. Playing with competitive people is cool too, with the different mindset. I guess I usually can go with the flow. That said, when there's both a casual player as well as a competitive player in the same group, I end up being frustrated with myself both for not having a good time with the nice guy, and not playing well versus the competitive guy.
  10. Latest update (I'm the OP). I took most of this year off golf (medical leave) and just started playing w my friend again. He's picked up a new habit. He actually grunts when he swings now. Call me crazy, but I've never seen this before. Half of me think its not abnormal (some tennis players do this regularly) but half of me thinks this is demonstrable proof he's swinging too hard. I've reread the responses to this thread, and while everybody here has a fair point, and different strokes etc.. I still liken my my friends swing to a pitcher in baseball. While many many pitchers can throw a 100mph+ fastball, they can't do it in the strike zone with anything near consistency (average mlb fastball is around 90mph). My friend still gets crazy upset at his score, but refuses to do anything but try for the LDA record in distance everytime he hits. AND he grunted like Monica Seles on his way to 8 OB/lost ball's today. Do you guys know other people that grunt too? (Excluding some seniors who do this, but those guys also grunt while picking up a bag of groceries). Summary: I still think distance monkeys exist, and my buddy is one of them. Still like him (we're closer than ever actually), but its just sad. P.s. I'm still a bit embarrassed about the veracity in my original post (I'm the OP), but good lord. Year 6 for my friend @ ~50+ rounds per year, and he shot a 112 today. I just cant get over it.... absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Thanks guys. So I will have a chat with him. Hope he takes it well. He is a good guy, despite his behavior as described. As you guys stated, worst case: I just need to make more friends.. haha.
  12. haha. Seriously. Maybe I should plan better for my retirement and just take up the hobby of money burning.
  13. Same for me. If i'm hitting well and getting lots of backspin on the greens, those are the days I can hear the buzzing from my own hits. All the way up to mid irons it makes a pronounced sound. I also think it has more do w/ spin than velocity.
  14. I think pro-shops should refund you the round if you spend more on lost balls than you do on the round. One fine day I lost over a dozen ProV1's at The Ranch in San Jose.
  15. This year I started playing regular casual rounds with this guy. We're not at all close as friends, but we get along golf-wise and our schedules match. I also am recently moved to the area, and don't know a lot of people. Our indexes/abilities are sorta similar, but he doesn't score accurately, or what some would call cheating (foot wedges, lots of free relief, hasn't taken a stroke and distance penalty since I've known him*, etc..). It's not cheating in the sense we never play for money, although he does try to be clever about it and thinks I don't know what he's doing. So there's a "serious enough" monthly, real money 4-ball tournament we both like to play (bunch of people who know each other, but not SCGA), but I don't want to play with him as a partner: (1) I feel his index is 2+ lower than it should be and (2) I don't want to be the partner of the guy who gets called out as a cheat. I'm running out of excuses avoiding playing w/ him, and he keeps asking, cuz we both play the tourney and we know each other more than we know the other guys. so keep making up creative excuses? tell him? avoid him? i'm thinking some of you have been in this situ before? *exaggerating but you get the picture