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  1. bones75

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    I've had the same experience, and so has he. I took 9 months off once for an injury, was a 6-7 index, and first day back I played a difficult course (Pelican Hill in southern california). I was so mortified of not even making contact that I swung ridiculously easy. The result? I shot a 79 and was as long (if not longer) than I was before (blues, not tips tho). Just 1 pre-round range session and that's it in 9 months. He's had a bunch of similar stories too. That said, I agree that 3 rounds is a completely different story.
  2. bones75

    Golf In Relation With Other Sports

    I never played baseball (past pony league) or hockey, but am surprised on responses based on one experience i had. Got paired up w/ 2 high schoolers one day, girl was on the boy's golf team, and the dude was on the baseball team (and looking to get d1 scouted, or so he said). I can't remember the details now, but the guy had only been on a golf course like once before in his life, although he hit the range a few times. He was carrying it well over 270 on avg i would say, with a few more that he crushed. He wasn't accurate, his irons were a mess, and he shot like 130+ prob, but i remember he was pin high (way left of green) on a straight 300 yard par 4 (carried a creek in front of the green that was about 270 out). Since then i always figured sluggers wld make good golfers.
  3. bones75

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    So betting is closed. He's in it for $200 on his own. Prob not a fair bet, but he makes good coin and I think he's taking this as something to motivate. To answer a few questions, his short game was 100% his strength. Dude used to get up and down from anywhere. His long game is just ok, he was carrying prob about 230-240 last few years. And honestly, last few years he would still hit a lot of pars and some birds too, but his scorecard would also have a bunch of quad+'s. I swear last year he was hitting 5 from the teebox like at least once per round. So I bet with him, but it was more of me picking which team to root for. I figure in a month's time he'll at least be able to stop the 2-ob's from the tee mistake, which is 4 strokes right there. And the rest he can makeup with some improvements across the board.
  4. bones75

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    lol. not just here but it's starting to favor the "under" in our group (more of us are thinking he'll shoot higher than 86). So he's now saying he'll cover any spread to keep the line at 86 and even money. He's probably in it $200 on his own now. He's motivated for sure now.
  5. bones75

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    @iacas tx and tx!
  6. bones75

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    @iacas idk wut i'm doing wrong, but can't seem to find a way to edit it. My intention was the over/under on "strokes of improvement", but i admit i made it overcomplicated for no reason.
  7. I have a golf trip w/ 7 buddies in early april. One of the guys was like an 8-10 index from 2008-2013. Since then he's gradually stopped playing (like 2 outings in 2018), and shoots 96 on average for the last 2-3 years. He happens to have an entire month free right before our trip. He says he will (and i believe him) be playing or practicing that entire month. He thinks he can average 86 on the trip (10 strokes scoring avg improvement). This has quickly turned into huge action in our group. At least $500 already in play, and split evenly so far. He's late 40's, pretty athletic, and in great shape. We'll be playing Torrey Pines on the final round and 2 muni "easier scoring" courses before that. Any thought on where I should put my money? Half of me think it'll be ez for him to get back into his old form, and half of me thinks it'll be impossible. Don't expect u guys to have the right answers w/o knowing him or the details, but would be interested in any related stories you may have heard of.
  8. Didnt think itd be so 1 sided, but certainly answers my question on what to do, so tx!
  9. 7 friends are meeting up in SD (i live here) in the spring for a weekend golf trip. We have agreed on a budget that everyone's on board with. 2 rounds on a saturday, one on Sunday. Pretty serious competition between us all, and we range from 6-14 in index. Would you rather go 3 rounds at a 3 star course, OR 2 rounds at a 2 star course, and final round at a 4-5 star course. For reference say a 1 star is a bad muni, and a 5 star is torrey pines. I don't want to get in specifics of what a X star course is exactly, so just generally. I'm in charge of picking the courses, and just curious what you people would enjoy most.
  10. bones75

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    Not much was said here that wasn't already stated by TSTers. But was funny that this article was just posted. So if you wanna see a paid writer give his answer to the topic question, here ya go: https://www.golf.com/instruction/instructions-columns/2019/01/25/etiquetteist-swing-tips-golf-partners/
  11. bones75

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    I made a poor joke once to a random guy i was paired with and since then i learned my lesson in ever going there. Was making a joke, but he misheard me and thought i was giving him a tip, and he immediately snapped back "I think Im a better golfer than you" (which wasnt true btw, at least on that day). Anywho, back to my original situ. The guy even remarked after his drive on the 1st tees went right, "Pushed that one..". And i was thinking to myself "i dont think uou did, thats exactly where you were lined up..." Ill prob stay the course and keep my trap shut, but still think i coulda helped that guy.
  12. bones75

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    Tx for the poll. Thought about it but wasnt sure how i would word it. Im also curious what people would think/say in the situation in my original post.
  13. bones75

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    Is unsolicited shot/swing advice always a no-no? I often see folks offer advice to people who are clearly beginners, particularly if they are young. But aside from that, is it always bad manners? Played with a guy today who was shooting ~100. Looked like he played at least semi frequently (a weekend warrior perhaps). He was clearly lining up way right, and was hitting way right all day. I dont think he was adjusting for a hook (or at least i didnt see a single hook/draw all day). If anything i saw him slice a few. I didnt say anything, but wanted to.
  14. bones75

    Hot & Humid golfing

    this will be quite a change in routine for me, but am willing and able. Tx for this and the other replies, rly helps me set expectations as I'll be spending more and more time out there.
  15. bones75

    Hot & Humid golfing

    I spend a lot of time in Maryland these days for work. In weather that's hot and humid, how the hell do you guys golf? For 3 weeks straight every single daylight hour was 85-90 and 80-90% humidity. I couldn't walk a city block w/o sweating a little, and should I have played 18, I'd have been drenched in sweat by the 2nd hole. I'm used to sweat in say tennis or basketball, but not when golfing. As I'm from california, I acknowledge I'm a cry baby when it comes to humidity. I also realize that yea, I heard a few people play golf in this place called florida where it can be like that year round, so apologies if this thread sounds ridiculous to you. Do you just get used to it after a bit? Or is everyone soaking with sweat by the end of a round? I see some TSTer's use rain gloves for grip in humid rounds, but are there any other tricks to it?

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