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  1. I played a short executive course near LA (Scholl Canyon). I got 18 girs and was one over. The course has 11/12 of the par 3's under 150 yds, and all six par 4's play under 260 yds, so not trying to sound impressive at all. All irons, didn't use any woods or driver. That said, it felt like a really good performance for my level, but I'm not sure. I can't remember the last time I've played an executive. 1 birdie (missed like six 6-footers for bird). two 3 putts for a +1 61 (par 60) How do you guys do on short executives compared to regular courses (in relation to par)? Anyone gotten near 18 girs for a round, executive courses or regular? How'd you score?
  2. I found an exception for me. I was playing poorly yesterday, and showing more signs of frustration than I wanted, in part because I got paired up with 2 very good players and one amazing one. That last guy was scratch or better by the looks of it. He was like 1 under on the round from the tips on a difficult course. He gave me some unsolicited swing advice on the 15th and I found my attitude was that of total gratitude. I was happy he did and really took the advice to heart. But I'm 100% sure that if a hacker told me the exact same words, I would have written him off immediately and not even have spent a second thinking about it.
  3. Yea, i do know this :) I don't mind, I'm 100% SFW surfing when I do and the reasons I do VPN is not so I can do bad stuff and have people not track me. W/o getting into details, i trust my work VPNs more than I trust my ISP in regards to privacy.
  4. I think that's pretty darn cool!
  5. For techy guys: Except for your phone, does anyone else here exclusively use VPNs for all internet activity? I do 95% of my internet activity through one of my work VPN's, but have noticed that more and more random websites (esp last 6 mos) are giving me trouble for it (geo restrictions and what not). I always thought it was just safer (i thought I remember someone telling me so), and like that people can't see my home IP address. I'll probably stick with the VPN as my work requires me to be on it pretty much every waking second, but just wondering if anyone else does the same or has thoughts.
  6. I just randomly ran into a guy I know who works w/ the same sports therapist as me (very random, as I'm travelling on the East Coast). He's an ATP globally ranked tennis player. I asked him about his golf game and he said he's still driving it 300+ (carry) and still shooting 140+ (he plays mbe 5-10x a year during off season only). He actually posted in TST before (on my suggestion while we were both waiting for treatments). So do tennis players make good golfers too? or at least long golfers? Accessing memory banks I also played a few times w/ members of the San Jose spiders (prof ultimate team), they were also long as hell as I recall. And I played w/ a brazillian jujutsu instructor (coach? master?) who was also incredibly long, where I specifically remember him having a super short backswing. For like 10 years I've been trying to get an old HS buddy into golf. He's a big karate guy, which I think would also suggest he would also be able to take up the sticks fairly easily.
  7. Maybe the top 50 golfers @iacas was discussing already have great mental games? Likewise nearly all experienced tourney players and tour players (regardless of tour) have already got their nerves under wraps, so they can take their solo game to a tournament. I just know too many people (amateurs) who can fall apart when the pressure is on (including myself). If you only experience 5 putts a year that will have a direct impact on your life, vs 500 a year, then you're certainly not going to be as used to it. I guess I'm again throwing my vote that amateurs (esp weekend warrior types) do get impacted by mental game, and substantially so when it comes to pressure conditions. In my experience, it's statistically undeniable the # of golfer's i've seen that mishit a 100 yard shot over water, vs how they perform w/ a 100 yard shot over a fairway. And i don't see the same differential w/ pro's
  8. If you ever wondered what my ball contact looks like. I have a lot of materials science background/education, so I dunno if that's why when I watched the ball hitting the driver it just cracked me up. The other vid mentioned in the clip is also worth watching. I think the image of the ball hitting the driver is the perfect swing thought. When batman told superman that his overswinging was only causing him to lose distance, he wasn't kidding
  9. i feel like other sports, 3 things contribute to how good you can get: natural athleticism, fitness and proper instruction (form). Therein there's such a wide range of situations where people plateau. I know an ex D1 quaterback who shot 90 the 2nd time he was on the course, 2 weeks after picking up clubs for the first time at age 25. One of my regular golfing partners had never played a serious sport (HS, college or after), is 50lbs overweight and generally unhealthy, and avoided lessons, took 300+ rounds over 5 years and countless range time to break 100 in his mid 40s.
  10. @billchao Good clarification. I have no intention of trying to make that my regular swing. Only meant to see if it's something I should rely on for a good escape shot when needed.. Or if anybody else has used this technique for the same. (low draw, w/ 80-90% of my normal distance carry-wise).
  11. good point. Idk yet :) I'll see what what happens on my next few range sessions. My first 3-4 shots all came out like that today, until i realized that i wasn't setting up properly. Then I toyed w/ it for the rest of the bucket here and there and produced the exact same result. Also just to note, the ball starts right at my target line, but then draws.
  12. I found out today at the range, that if I setup closer to the ball by 1-3 inches, I naturally hit a draw. The closer I stand the stronger the draw is. I expect this may be unique to my imperfect swing, and how I naturally compensate. The ball comes out shorter and lower for me too. It feels slightly awkward too in the sense my follow through is unusual when i do this. Is this a bad thing to use moving forward when I want to pull out that kind of shot? Like it feels like I'm purposely hitting bad form, which sounds like something I shouldn't try to get used to. Or is it maybe a "use your swing" type of thing, and if ain't broke don't fix it. Would you continue to practice this shot for a low draw? Or in long term should I stay trying to produce a draw the "right" way?
  13. This just trivia. I saw this vid of koepka In this instance, his final shot read a clubhead speed was 122.7, and he remarked "that's all I got". Long driver competition players can go up to ~150 (w. a longer shaft). I'm not making a point here, Was just interesting trivia for me to see the numbers side by side, as I'm not knowledgeable on golf swing numbers as many of you are.
  14. Although everything's not the same, I feel I've gone through very similar experiences. When I can relax my upper body completely, and it "feels" like I'm slowing down things, i also "feel" like there's a ton more lag in my swing. I've stated this several times on this forum: my longest driving days have always been the days I'm swinging the "easiest". All just feelings, I don't know if i was actually swinging easier, or didn't "pull hard", or w/e, but the whip sound of my club is shortest (in time period) and loudest when I do. Those are the days my impact sound also resembles what I see on TV the most too. I only wanted to say i definitely get what your feeling. No idea what it really means tho!
  15. bones75

    Range v Course

    Kudos. Awesome you got back into form so quickly. I did a similar 6 month break last year and I'm still recovering.
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