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  1. If the man brings people to the sport, I want him playing golf.
  2. Most likely it has nothing to do with the driver at all. It is probably the shaft.
  3. Neco

    My Swing (Neco)

    Anyone else have any input?
  4. ah, I didn't try that but I just downloaded the V1 and it is AWESOME. This will improve my enjoyment of the game so much.
  5. I have the iPhone 4 and I have been watching my own swings but is that software worth the $10?
  6. Neco

    My Swing (Neco)

    Upon further review, my swing is still very much an over the top move, which I have been trying to fix. This is obviously why I keep pulling the ball.
  7. Neco

    My Swing (Neco)

    I hit some balls in the simulator this evening. This is one of my better results 12/16/2010. This is a problem I have right now. I pulled it left and with the draw/hook spin on it, it is WAY left. This is something that needs to go away QUICKLY. It doesn't happen often but I never want to see it again. Shank right. Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. Neco

    My Swing (Neco)

    Ok. Good idea. I'll do it tomorrow.
  9. Here it is. Down the line, December 14, 2010. Front view, December 14, 2010. I notice on my takeaway, I sort of lift the club. I also think I should fire my left knee more to keep from getting stuck. Also looking for tips on how to stay on plane.
  10. Have it appraised before you do anything to it for the love of God.
  11. Is there an iPhone app for this league?
  12. So what is the easiest way to track the coverage besides Golf Central?
  13. I would just like to say that one thing I see a lot in golfing, something an amateur would do, is hit a bad golf shot. A lot of amateurs hit them but it is possible to hit a good shot. This is something you won't see from an amateur.
  14. That is fantastic to hear. Putting is such a mind game and having a putter you are confident with is fantastic. I finally found mine. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #1 with a standard lie, length 36-1/4", and a Midsized Tigershark black grip. It relieves my back because I can use good posture and I love the feel of the toe. It has severe toe weighting and I like it. It feels similar to your Odyssey.
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