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  1. adams RPM draw 3 wood, stupidly easy to hit off the ground
  2. I think it shouldnt have an extra cost unless it takes an extra cart. Also, If me and a buddy ride, we share a cart but both pay 14$ for 18 holes. If I play alone and ride, I pay 14$. So since we share a cart shouldnt it cost us just 7$ each? I always wondered this, and have thought of asking for separate carts just to see what they would say
  3. I'm a high handicapper, just started playing about a month ago after playing a little when I was 10 or 12. At the range, I usually carry 225 to 240. I don't claim to hit anywhere close to 300.
  4. This is my first real season playing golf. My main goal is to break 90, I usually shoot in mid to high 90s. I also want to improve my putting, as I have a lot of 3 putts.
  5. I have to say MJ. He took it to a whole new level
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