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  1. I don't think that I could play without riding anymore. I enjoy walking and often do, but not eighteen holes of hilly golf.
  2. The Formula One cars of that era were so much prettier and so much less safe. Fangio and Schumaker weren't bad either.
  3. The best drives that I ever hit were with wooden drivers because when steel and then titanium arrived, I was already getting older. I can't imagine how it would even be possible to identify the best driver of all time, but approached as a fun subject, I imagine we'd see a nice variety of choices. I hit some transcontinental bombs with a MacGregor 945 Eye O Matic as a teenager. I'd like to try a TaylorMade Original One 13.5, but that's hard to do while sequestered at home during a pandemic. I'd also like to try a Louisville hickory set, driver to putter, just as a bucket
  4. Two things that came out in 1979 were the first TaylorMade metalwoods and the lob wedge. The first metalwoods had fit metrics like wooden woods..shorter shafts, flatter lie angles, and weaker lofts. Clubhead shapes were like wood as well. The lob wedge was often referred to as the "third wedge'" because with pitching wedges still being in the 50-52º range, the loft jacking and gap wedge were imminent but not quite there yet. The lob wedge was conceived to have little or no bounce so you could play it from forward in your stance, but then bounce options began because some player
  5. We've seen Ram, Lynx, Spalding, MacGregor, First Flight, and several other major brands disappear from the US golf business. I think that it's entirely possible that we'll see a few more follow them by the time this health crisis is over. Course closings aren't out of the question, either. We just had two very nearby before the pandemic. Hopefully, I'm completely wrong. As for equipment trends, with lofts getting increasingly stronger with each model release since the 1970s, I wouldn't be surprised to see set matching wedges make a little bit of a comeback. Wi
  6. Thanks to Covid 19, my new iron set and bag haven't seen green grass yet.
  7. I thought that Governor Cuomo imposed a stay home order.
  8. I hate our club being closed until further notice. I love to believe that it will eventually re-open.
  9. At least you got to play all winter, jetsknicks. I haven't played since mid-October. Let's hope we both get to play reasonably soon.
  10. I'm drinking coffee and wasting time on the internet. It's Saturday, so my usual morning cable news shows aren't on.
  11. My club is closed. The flagsticks weren't in yet anyway, but now I can't even go there for lunch or to hang out with my friends. As I'm in the alleged high risk group, my wife won't let me out of the house except to walk the dog, and only then with stern warnings about "social distancing." The only good thing is that she does the grocery shopping now, which is kind of awkward as I do the cooking and have to figure out how to cook whatever she buys. Our supermarket now has special hours for seniors only, 5 to 7 AM three days a week, to minimize our exposure. This virus thin
  12. The ones from the early to mid fifties have a "DynaPowered" rather than "DynaPower" stamping on the back. I still have the ones that my uncle handed down to me when I was a kid. Also the MacGregor Tommy Armour woods and Spalding Cash In putter that came with them.. There's a long row of golf bags in my finished basement that almost make up a history lesson of my life. The set handed down to me. The set that was a graduation gift. The set that was a retirement gift. And the sets that I bought myself; considering my age, there's only a few of them.
  13. I lift weights to help keep my blood glucose levels down. Walking my dog helps in that regard as well because I usually ride on the course.. Don't know whether it does anything for my golf or not, though. No idea.
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