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  1. I loved the old Ping Eye 2 from the 1-iron to the middle irons, but the short irons and wedges had too much offset for those clubs. I couldn't get used to it.. Good grooves, too. Also, the old ZZ Light steel shaft was a little too stiff from me, not because it was especially stiff but because I liked a slightly softer shaft to feel the club head better. Aldila NV Pro 105 is a good match if you can find some "new-old-stock" ones, which you probably can.. Especially just one for a 2-iron. Those 1- and 2-irons made great driving irons with sets of less forgiving irons. You used to see them in there with Wilson Staffs and Hogan Apex IIs.
  2. I play ProV1s because the kids get them for me for gifts-- with my name stamped on them. If I had to buy them myself, I'd settle for Top Flite Gamers at a much lower price. They're nothing like the Top Flites that Spalding used to make, but it's a nice, familiar name. I'm no longer good enough to worry about ball model.
  3. Rangefinders are good, but they also slow things down. GPS is fast, so that's what I use.
  4. That's definitely mine as well, although Rocky Marciano is hard to leave off. Williams is the all time career leader in on-base average and second only to Ruth in slugging average and OPS. He's either the greatest or second greatest hitter of all time. (And he gave me an autographed ball in 1956--it's encased in glass on my bookshelf.) Seems impossible to leave him off, but if Championships were made the requisite, Marciano would take his place. 49-0, after all.
  5. I don't seem to have one, and the way that I type, it's pretty obvious that I need one. Does this forum not have one, or is the edit a function one that kicks in after so many posts?
  6. We'll agree to disagree, I guess. I think that the R&A and USGA Amateur titles should definitely be included in the major wins totals. Ignoring them fails to honor the Jones Grand slam. That would put Tiger one closer to Jack as he won three US Amateurs compared to Jack's two. Neither ever won a British Amateur, so we still don't have anybody who's won all six of my majors. If I would question anything, it would be the Masters. It's an invitational, for one thing, and it isn't the championship of anything. But the players revere it, even if I don't, so I'd say that it deserves major status on that basis.
  7. When I started going to Fenway Park as a young boy in the 1950s, box seats were three dollars, bleacher seats were seventy-five cents, and the thirty-five cent hot dogs, although I ate them anyway, sucked. (Better hot dogs at Joe & Nemo's cost a dime each back then.) For tonight's game against the Dodgers, box seats are over a grand each, 350 for bleachers, and while I won't be there, the hot dogs, now probably ten bucks each instead of thirty-five cents, will most likely still suck. I always bought Italian sausage subs with peppers and onions from the street vendors outside, and I highly recommended that the young ones with their thousand dollar tickets do the same.. As for me, I'm getting a whole bunch of stuff at Taco Bell, some Guinness stout, and will be watching on TV. My man cave will be warmer than Fenway.
  8. My son-in-law recently bought a beautiful set of eleven Mizuno irons which included a mix of Fli Hi, 919, and S18 club heads with UST Recoil 95 shafts on all of them. I'd have to say that they're the nicest new set of irons that I've seen in a long time. Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, and Titleist all offer UST Recoil 95s on their top line irons. TaylorMade doesn't. They offer the Recoil ES 660 that Hogan and Edel use. It appears that the UST Recoil 95 is the new Aldila NV Pro 105 in being the ubiquitous high end graphite choice. I noticed that in this Mizuno oriented-thread, however, there are five likely shaft choices suggested , and all of them (I believe) are steel. Is steel still the way folks are going with high end irons? I know that I play graphite so my hands don't swell, but my son-in-law plays graphite too. It somewhat dominates at our club. But I don't get around that much away from the club, and when I do, I don't play with enough people to see a trend. I can't find the edit function, but I meant to say six, not five, suggested steel shafts.
  9. Probably best having a Hall of Fame rather than a Rushmore. Too many really excellent players to start carving rocks.
  10. Doesn't GPS pretty much take the subjective opinion out of it anyway?
  11. Hagen won five PGA Championships, tournaments in which Jones was ineligible to play. Hagen himself was not eligible for the USGA and R&A Amateurs that Jones won, event that were then and should still .be now considered majors. That's a brutal choice to make. Hogan vs.Snead isn't much easier, and during their era, how many in a row did Byron Nelson win?, I can't argue with any of those choices, and Palmer's pop culture impact isn't easy to ignore either. Also, I still can't ignore the real early guys like Morris in the 19th Century and Vardon very early in the 20th. That's why I lean to Tiger, Jack, and start flipping coins. But remember, Mt. Rushmores are subjective. I'm sure that everybody didn't agree on those four Presidents, either.
  12. Great choices all, but Hogan's first tour win was in 1938 and he had no significant amateur wins at all. There had to be some pretty important players for golf to have survived all the way to 1938, I would think.
  13. Golf has rules? Wait until I tell the guys! I'll see them all at the bowling lanes now that the frost has arrived.
  14. I think that Woods and Nicklaus are a lock, but it gets brutal picking the next two after that. Old Tom Morris, Harry Vardon, Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, JoAnne Gunderson Carner, Kathy Whitworth, Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenstam, and possibly others all deserve consideration for the other two spots.
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