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  1. I seem to be adhering to the restrictions but it just won't take. It comes out all scrambled.
  2. We don't have them on my home course, but a track in Hampton, New Hampshire has them and I used to hit them all the time when I lived near there. Finally I learned to try to hit them. Missed them every time.
  3. It's worth the inconvenience. Take care of your teeth now when you're young. In the UK, however, they refer to suspenders as braces.
  4. Many years ago, I went to Kansas City to be fitted for a set of Kenneth Smith clubs. Kenneth Smith clubs may not be familiar to the younger members of the forum, but they were good enough to get me to go to flyover country, something that I'm sociologically not inclined to do. International celebrities and heads of state played Kenneth Smith clubs although Tour player did not. Things were very different then. There were much fewer shaft and grip choices and only Kenneth Smith's own clubheads to choose. There were no digital launch monitors. But there was also customization not offered today. Woods didn't have adjustable hosels. They could be lathed to the exact loft, lie angle, and face angle that you wanted. They were stained whatever color you wanted. Whatever style insert you wanted. You could get the sole of the iron stamped with whatever number, club name (mashie, niblick, etc.), or actual loft that you wanted, If you wanted an onset, curved leading edge on the sand wedge, that's what you got. I left Missouri happy to be getting close to an ocean again, but also with a better set of golf clubs than i realized existed. I still have them although it's been years since they've seen a golf course. I've never gone to a fitter again, however. They're not going to give me the exact clubs that I want because the exact clubs that I want aren't being made. The tooling doesn't exist. I know my required lie angles, and I can't even get them on metalwoods, just irons and wedges. The fitters don't custom forge or cast custom metalwood heads liked they custom lathed wooden ones.. They stick you on a launch monitor and find the best options that are available, but what's available in terms of clubhead customization and alteration is less than what was available at Kenneth Smith's. I don't doubt that for an aspiring player with a measure of athletic talent, the fitter is the way to go. What they can do for a recreational playing senior like me is a good question, however.
  5. The baked potato thing reminded me of something. What ever happened to Ham and Egg on Golf?
  6. I think that the hole should permanently be the same diameter as a fifty-five gallon drum. And I'm not kidding.
  7. I don't know those guys. I'd much rather play with three of my friends. But that's just me, I guess.
  8. I've actually done that...twice. Once with a would-be ace and once with a would-be double eagle. I missed that to which I was hitting so I could take it in good humor.
  9. OK. Good luck with your endeavors, iacas. I'm sure that you'll help many aspirational players. I'm not one. My best play is in the rear view mirror. I have physical limitations now. I can't practice anymore, just play. I have very strong opinions about equipment. You can see how I've configured my bag, and I'm content with how it works for me.
  10. But I'm really not, iacas. I did get an excellent, thorough fitting for my Kenneth Smith clubs. I learned what I need and got down to a seven. I'm older now, but I've been playing many years and know what feels right. What about my reasoning in choosing my gear was not logical? In fact, I don't do a signature so here it is:.
  11. Fair enough. I got fitted for Kenneth Smith clubs many years ago. I don't know if you remember them, but they were top shelf. Most irons now, in addition to being two clubs stronger in loft relative to the club number, are also 1º upright relative to length. I just order clubs that I know will feel familiar. If there's enough length to handle the strength of the loft, I just go 1º flat after reading the standard specs. If there isn't, as is often the case today, I go a half-inch long and two degrees flat. Shafts? Senior flex is too torquey and I hit too high and spray. Stiff flex and I hit low and lose carry. Regular was fine with Aldila NV Pro 105s, and now it's fine with AeroTech SteelFiber i95s. I don't wear a glove so only wrap type grips are OK. I've tried a couple of extra wraps but standard size works best. It's not rocket science. Launch monitors are for other people. I'm happy with what I do. I'm sure others have benefited from the new ways. I don't disparage fitters.
  12. I don't think that my game is particularly ball dependent. I buy the Pro V1x ball so that I don't have to screw around with Sharpies to mark my ball. They come with my name and "79" for the ball number. If I'm trying to break a bad spell, I try the Penfold Ace for a while. Back when Spalding made it, I played the original Top Flite (not XL) until it went out of production. I don't need surlyn anymore because urethane isn't as flimsy as the natural balata on the old wound balls.
  13. I use the Force to choose equipment and specs. Then I order from TGW. Works as good as anything else. I decided that I wanted my G700 4-PW ½" long and 2º flat (orange dot) to get the aid of a little extra length with those extra strong lofts. I got the GW standard length (35½") and only 1º flat (red dot). Seems to work out fine. I had to lengthen the SM7s to get them up to 35½" to match the GW. 1º flat with them, too. How can one play for decades and not instinctively know how to fit him/herself? Bobby Jones didn't need launch monitors.
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