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  1. I've broken 90 and have read LSW
  2. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    It finally happened for me this weekend. I woke up Sunday morning and drove to a local public course on a whim just to get out. scored a 43 on the front and 40 on the back for an 83 on a 69.1/123 course (not terribly difficult, but tight). I was diligent about my stats and score-keeping, but made it a point to play one hole at a time and avoid trying to "figure" what I need to shoot xyz. I didn't have any birdies, but had a card full of bogeys and pars. Highest number was a 6 on the final par 5. I know one of the main themes on this forum in regards to breaking 90, or playing well in general, is limiting blow up holes and 3-putts. Both of which I accomplished. Finished with 30 putts and one double bogey on a par 3 (short-sided myself in thick rough against the grain on severe uphill lie). Even stranger, I didn't feel like I had a good ball-striking day at all ( was hitting from just in the rough all day), but was happy to have my chipping and putting pick up the slack. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I played another 18 that afternoon with a friend. Started off even better and shot a 41 on the front, but fatigue got the best of me on the back. I shot a 47 with THREE triple bogeys and a par-3 bogey on the last 4 holes for an 88 total. Was staring 80 in the face before that fiasco. I made the mistake of realizing what I had a chance of writing on the scorecard halfway through the back 9......then the wheels promptly fell off. This season, I've been continuing to work hard on full swing mechanics and wedges. My favorite shot on the course now is a 50-60 yard pitch shot. I still have a lot of work to do with driver. Up until a month ago, I had not used it once in over a year. I played virtually all par 4s with a 4-iron off the tee. Hopefully I can carry the momentum going forward. And for those of you wondering....I got away with 36 holes of golf in one day because my wife was out of town.
  3. straight slice

    This is my typical miss, and for me, is generally when I hang back a little too much causing my path to get too left too soon. But like mvmac said, try to get some video so we can get an idea of what you're doing.
  4. My Swing (travisv)

    Great looking swing @travisv!
  5. My Swing (jcm288)

    Guilty....but I'm working on it. I think because my swing was so bad in the beginning, I've let the type-A in me chase perfection when we all know it doesn't exist. Still hovering around 90, but in my defense I haven't many free weekends to play recently. I'm hoping to play this weekend. The last time I did play, virtually every shot was a straight slice that was severe enough to put me in the next fairway.....kind of took the wind out of my sails.
  6. My Swing (jcm288)

    Since my last post, I've been reeling in my slide and working on rotation (and no more lead hip pain!). My ball striking is better with less chunky shots, but I'm really struggling with straight fades and push fades. I'm almost wondering if I'm back to not getting forward enough and affecting the path into the ball. I've gone through old threads and assume I need to tweak my club path, but am scared to change the incorrect piece.......In my case face vs path. Would moving the ball back a touch help? In the DTL video, the ball is forward in my stance. In the face on, it's just front of center....which is further back than I am "comfortable" with/accustomed to. Any direction would be appreciated
  7. My Swing (jcm288)

    Have been practicing daily lately. I saw my instructor 2 weeks ago and we cleaned up a few things: Posture - straightened up with handle pointing to belt line. Had gotten too close to the ball and knees too bent. Hips - I have a naturally active lower body. Been focusing on footwork to help sequencing and in turn prevent my hips from running away from me. This alone has all but eliminated any pull-miss variations. Takeaway - I've slowly cleaned up my grip, but my takeaway began to get away from me and going too far inside. Currently working on this. I'll post a DTL when I get a better quality video I'm happy with the progress I've made so far and my ball flight is slowly improving and becoming more consistent, though I still struggle with fat shots. Looking forward to getting on the course soon
  8. Statins and joint aches on golfers

    Myopathy is/can be a common side effect of the statin class medications. I've heard of patients getting some relief from taking CoQ10 (over the counter supplement) in addition to the statin. Of course, consult with your doctor before starting. My mother has been on Crestor for over 10 years now and said that she could tell a difference with the CoQ10.....small, but a difference nonetheless.
  9. My Swing (jcm288)

    Not much to update, but thought I'd share what I've been up to. Was able to talk my wife into recording my progress today (no face on....it was actually cold in Mississippi for once; couldn't stay out too long). As of late, I've been working on my transition and weight transfer. Trying to make sure I plant into my lead heel coming down and making sure to keep my back heel from coming up too soon/not pushing off of back toe. I've revisited my strong left hand, and have been "baby-stepping" it to a more neutral position, but it's been a struggle so far. I have a new set of irons coming in the mail, so hopefully I'll get to the range in the next week or so for better documentation/practice.
  10. My Swing (jcm288)

    I don't mind at all @collapse, that's why I'm here! I agree about the club path and face. It's what I'm currently working on and was the priority at my last lesson. When I first started, it was wayyy too inside, so I suppose this is some form of over-exaggeration that I've developed. I have a strong left hand and have tried for the past several months getting it more neutral to match the club-face, with no luck....so I've given that a break for the time being. I've always had that straight leg in the back of my mind, but haven't addressed it. I definitely don't like the way it looks. I appreciate you taking the time, thanks again.
  11. My Swing (jcm288)

    Re: my fat shots, from looking at the videos, what jumps out at you as to what the likely culprit is? Or would you still fit them in with simply getting used to the motions? I've found that when I allow my arms to drop when transitioning to the downswing and allow my right elbow to get more in front, my contact is much improved and reduces mishits significantly.......however, in turn it pushes my path more inward and most shots are a straight fade. I've never made it a habit out of fear that it's not "correct". Just curious
  12. My Swing (jcm288)

    My short game is "ok" at this point, and is becoming more of a comfort zone for me. My putting is not great, as I haven't yet given it much attention. 3 putts are common and are definitely one reason for my higher scores. This summer, I was able to limit OB shots off the tee by leaving my driver in the bag (my local course is tight and soaked in water. Perfect for course management golf). Hoping to ease back into using it over the winter My pro also let me borrow his copy of "Lowest Score Wins". Great read so far
  13. My Swing (jcm288)

    I've been Playing Golf for: A few rounds a year for the past several years. Seriously for the past 8 months My current handicap index or average score is: Average score: mid-high 90s My typical ball flight is: Has varied as changes are being made, but push/push-fade as of late. Toe hits are common. Occasional hook/pull-hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push/push-fade, toe hits, fat shots. I've been going to a local pro every other month since early summer, and has helped tremendously. We initially worked on club path and maintaining a steady head. At our last lesson, we focused on my takeaway and my tendency to keep the club face closed to the top of the backswing (which is a new habit that's creeped in). In turn, we've also been working on club face control. Lately, I've been having trouble with toe hits and fat shots. I'm hoping to make it in for another lesson next month, schedule willing, but thought I'd go ahead and post my swing for some insight! Videos: