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  1. These are great replies and great pictures. I think I will keep lifting. I may never look like a "martini" glass like Tiger does, but I really can't understand why people have always told me that lifting and golf don't go together. Now, using a hammer and a saw - that constitutes work. Now, those things hurt a golf swing (meant to be humorous unless my wife reads this).
  2. This is my first letter on this forum. I am 66 years old and a retired physical education teacher. I was fortunate enough to be able to play football in college and also golf - to be honest, golf got me out of spring football. Anyway, I started lifting weights as a freshman in 1968 and I still lift. I was taught that to be successful athletically, one must do three things: 1)Lift weights with the idea of increasing strength, 2) stretch and continually stretch and work on flexibility, and 3) your lifting and stretching must emulate what you need for your activity. I have lived and died wi
  3. Hi, am new to this forum. I am a retired phy. ed. teacher and football coach who loves golf (played varsity golf and football in college and let my game to the devil over the years) and I just want to get my game back in shape. Club technology has advanced far beyond my physical talent and my physical talent continues to decrease. I just want to stay updated with new swing information and club information. Supposedly, I play to a 7 handicap but I wonder what mad man has assessed that number.
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