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  1. solid review Jamo...i'm wondering why you went with the CB's instead of the MC's or even the MB's? you're a low single handicapper...? reason i ask - i know i had a tough time looking down at the CB over the others b/c of the length heel to toe...(looked very long)
  2. i picked up a set of 4-PW TP MC's with some Project X (non-flighted) 6.5 shafts in them...good lord they're amazing clubs. i'll give some more thoughts after i have them a bit longer but, the flight, spin and control with these irons is amazing. very impressed.
  3. no ones asked that and honestly they don't mean anything. just stamping. i was tinkering around when i was putting my initials in my CBs and figured i'd give it a shot on the 60 (i have 2-3 around in case it looked awful)...i'm going to be doing it a lot cleaner on my other wedges. just haven't had time. thanks for askin anyway!
  4. look on the bay. i'm just going to warn you...an ATTAS 3 is going to set you back quite a bit. the original ATTAS line is going to set you back less than $150
  5. i actually went with a higher launching shaft with the SLDR, even with lofting up. the ATTAS line of shafts is just flat out epic. the first series is fantastic in the woods/hybos and off the tee, i get great carry numbers with the ATTAS3 (even more than the DI).
  6. Thanks! i actually just ousted the 913D3 from the bag for and SLDR 430...lol if you need a 3i 712 CB, let me know i have the one from the top of my set that i haven't touched
  7. i count every stroke however, due to ESC every now and then when i post a card i will have to adjust my final score. i don't like to do it but, it is what it is. if i'm getting ready for a tournament i count every stroke, regardless of ESC and post it
  8. pair of ecco biom hybrid shoes for $64 at golf galaxy
  9. here they are boys.(these are currently in my sig) please note: 1) i have 714 MB's (7-PW) coming 2) i have a 50* TVD M grind vokey coming 3) i have 2 KBS Tour Hi-Rev X shafts coming 4) i have my 2014 Titleist staff bag coming for the 55/60* vokeys Woods: Irons: Wedges: Putter:
  10. Thanks for this recommendation...i might just do it for fun. you're awesome WU. i owe you
  11. i've been trying to find a clubbuilder for the last couple years who will do bore-thru shaft repair. if i can, i will be putting some matrix black tie shafts in my old callaway warbird big bertha woods. to this day the best i've ever hit out of any lie. i think the greatest leaps have been made in shaft technology to be honest. it's amazing how they can make varied profiles, weights, and stiffness to fit any golfer. you can only put so much in a club head - see: player muscle/cavity back irons are VERY similar to how they were even 20 years ago
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