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  1. As I have said,the blue print quote are your words.As for pursuing the topic,I am happy to leave it where it is.I can only assume any further pursuit by you means an interest on your part.In which case I can only reply without content limitations....cheers
  2. The importance of putting and short game are well recognized.Yet keep in mind, Sam Snead said if he had it to do all over again,he would work on the driver and 100yd in game.The old adage was Drive for show putt for dough.The new adage is ,drive for dough,putt for more dough.
  3. My point revolves around the natural hang of the arms (specifically lead arm) and how the correct grip needs to be adapted to that.I posted the expressed opinions of Jack and Hogan on the importance of the grip.I also previously posted photos of the natural arm position and the angle it takes on with Justin Rose holding a club in a relaxed posture .Iacas countered with a photo of Adam Scott holding a club in a seemingly contradictory way.The fact is,that Iacas photo came from an AS video in which Adam is notably taking his lead hand grip in what was almost his trademark manner yet never menti
  4. I have fulfilled the request to provide evidence of the Jack and Hogan grip position.There is nothing more to be said.The lifting of the limitations is now your side of the deal to fulfill.
  5. I have come to terms with it.So have you, so all is good.
  6. I have only said the the grip is the important thing and related it to the natural hang of the hands.Everything else is what you have added yourself.
  7. So you don't think any of them have ever said this?
  8. They all say the grip is the most important part of the golf swing.I think that speaks for itself.
  9. You can call it what you want...it's not right,should be easily corrected, but apparently has been with him for awhile..why?
  10. You see what the yellow line is showing....that is head and torso movement which is not desired and less so going to his left.
  11. I understand that the pros grip the club properly, all having the last 3 fingers of the lead hand placed correctly so the club face has the correct angle in relation to the back of the hand.
  12. Hogan, Nicklaus, Watson..are all wrong. Are you going to show us how you grip the club?
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