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  1. This is such a true statement, i just moved to Virginia and miss my Washington state beer cart girl, she was a hottie.
  2. That is amazing!!! i am sure your going to have some great winters down there, man i wish i had a basement now...
  3. I find myself watching these shows when i am sitting down with a drink... I would say i still enjoyed the shell version more then trump's, he is just a little to much for me when i am trying to relax and watch golf. I feel he is a bad commentator, hopefully the ratings show this and he settles down a bit.
  4. Congrats man thats a good accomplishment! I have yet to do it myself, hopefully some year i can say I have. Keep at it and soon you will be breaking 90.
  5. putput

    "Get in the hole"

    Who was that national driving champion who used to scream like Arnold Swartz lifting weights? He also made his own driver... the HAMMER! We need more of that kind of scream.
  6. Me being a beginner golfer is my biggest issue, i am actually fairly accurate at reading greens and i can almost always get with 20 feet of the whole from 50 yards or in on a good wedge shot. My Tee shots are just atrocious, i am planning on really working on my swing this year, i think my biggest break down is how degraded my swing becomes when it levels out because of how long the driver is.
  7. My problem is my driver, I have improved ten fold this off season with my short game, especially my pitching from 50 yards and in but i still can not figure out how to drive the ball straight. If i can ever figure out how to drive my handicap will go down at least 1-2 per hole. Time to go back to the range...
  8. I am also by no means a great driver... but as a beginner if I hit it 200 yard strait I am thrilled. I would rather hit it 200 yards strait then 200+ and it be in someone else’s fair way or in those pesky hazards they seem to like to sneak up on a par 4.
  9. I am really going out on a limb and saying that Tiger is around the 20's. I want to put my money on Ernie Ells, I like the guy and he has been putting on a very good show this year. I also would like to see Jeoff Ogilve do good along with Anthony Kim, but I still think Kim needs a few more seasons under his belt before he will be a good contender for his first Masters. As far as My good friend Phil goes (a fellow lefty heh…) I just don’t think his head is in the game, how badly I wish I could put my money on him but I just don’t see it happening. I am thinking he will be just like TW is right now, in the 20’s, but only because of a awesome short game. I work a lot so I will be extremely happy if I can watch the masters… does anyone know a good website that is broadcasting it? Or at least a very up to date progress report website?
  10. I know i am driving well when i dont have to tee it up... again...
  11. I wish i had the space and money for something like this... WA gets pretty cold and wet here in the winter, all i want to do is hit a few balls. I might be able to rig something together in the garage to at least hit a few balls, but now the problem is convincing the wife its a good idea... hmm...
  12. I also am putting my money on my fellow lefty phil, i think after last years performance, especially his attitude he will be someone to watch out for in 2010. As far as tiger goes, he seems to be very temperamental as of last year, who knows what he will do this year, i don’t think he even knows what he will do.
  13. I am no were close to your HC but… I notice myself some times thinking more of the messed up shot I had made then ways to correct it, or why it happened in the first place. I too get very caught up on a bad shot and I let it carry on to the next hole… then the next and so on. I remind myself every time I make a really bad shot to take another swing from exactly the same spot and just picture what I did wrong and try not to do it again on the next shot. Hope this helps.
  14. putput

    Golf Meltdown

    Ya know this situation is just to good. if i called to get them i really wouldn’t know what to say to the man.
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