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  1. The handicap system is fair when opponents are playing each other in medal play. This works out and matches are pretty much split as far as whether the low handicapper wins or the high handicapper wins the match provided you play the rule of a triple bogey is the maximum anyone can take on a hole . The match can also be set up on the average score of the players in a medal play competition playing off the difference of the two players. The key is you must play medal play when using 100% of the handicap index. There is no fair system set up for playing match play events using handicaps based on a medal play scoring system. . The strategy of playing the two games are totally different. In match play, it is easy for people to increase their handicap after they have already lost the hole. For example, if player A makes a four in match play and the opponent B is putting for five then player B as no incentive to make the putt as he has already lost the hole. This is a timely spot for a three putt eight and up goes the potential handicap of player B. Only a few golfers would do that intentionally, but they are the ones who win the money in many member guest events, calcuttas and club championships.Often, the three putt occurs from simply a lack of concentration and not really caring. Thus, someone smarter than myself needs to devise a handicap scoring system for match play .My thought is in match play competition no score can be more than one stroke off the low ball in the group. If playing alone, no score can be recorded more than a bogey. Speed of play will pick up and there will be more time to socialize in the clubhouse, plus more time for range and putting practice. Really, I have not thought the match play handicap system through but I do feel there needs to be a different and separate system from the medal play system used today when the game being played is match play. Each player would have two handicaps kept separately. If they played medal play then they would record scores using the USGA system . If they are playing match play, they would use the new system which you are NOW trying to devise. CUTTY Bear Trap Dunes
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