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  1. On April 11, 2016 at 8:34 AM, CoachKG1984 said:

    I want to do more walking this summer, but I don't enjoy carrying my bag.  Recommendations for a push cart?  I'm going to look on Ebay to see if I can find something.  

    Clic gear 3.5+ is what I use. It's a great cart, no issues to report. Solid purchase. 

  2. On May 2, 2016 at 2:16 PM, golfmoor said:

    Got my first set of clubs today. Im a beginner. Im starting off with a 12 club starter set by Callaway Strata. Ive reviewed the board and the Strata starter sets seem to be a good place to start learning the game.  Any advice on the clubs is appreciated. 

    I wish you luck with them. I purchasd Stratas 2 years ago when I started playing. The irons will be just fine, driver and 3 wood were such low quality it was ridiculous. First swing I took with the driver I topped the darn ball (everyone does it, just admit it) and it left a golf ball sized dent in it. 3 wood? Same thing. The bag fell apart the very first round I walked with it. I hope your experience is better than mine. I don't mean to discourage you or talk down your purchase but it's just food for thought while you may still have time. But like I said, good luck and the irons will be just fine. 

  3. Had the round of my life today. Shot a 1 over 70. Was sitting at -2 on the 17th tee box and promptly put one OB. Made a double on that one then pushed my iron shot right of the green on the par 3 18th, made a bad chip and left myself 20' for par, lipped that bad boy out and tapped in my bogey for a fantastic round. I was sooooo close to accomplishing one of my 2016 goals. What a day. 

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  4. 13 minutes ago, CLPotter said:

    I'll be traveling to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend and figured while I was in the area, I would try and play Chambers Bay. I called to make a tee time, but since I'll be playing as a single, I was told I couldn't reserve a tee time. I was obviously a bit confused and asked why. Was told that their system only allows for foursomes to reserve a tee time. Still confused, I asked "well, if I just show up, can I just walk on?" The lady on the phone said "of course, but we usually get pretty booked up in advance." Net/net, the solution is to wait until a threesome reserves a tee time (so that there's an opening for one), then I can reserve my tee time. 

    I have never heard of such a weird thing. I kind of understand, but not really. Is anyone familiar with this practice at CB and do you know if what I was told was accurate? I have a specific time I was hoping to play, which I why I called 90 days in advance (that's the soonest they allow). Any help would be appreciated. 




    I played there as a single last month and was told the exact same thing. I called a week before and they added me to a threesome. This was January 30th and they were booked solid that day. Most courses I've played don't make tee times for singles bit are more than happy to get you squeezed in somewhere. 

  5. Shot a 7 over 76 which is great for me and the 13 I carry around. Long game was spotty at best today which I was able to save with my short game. Chip in par and a handful that ended up as tap ins. Only managed 6 greens and ended with 27 putts. This was my first time tracking putts but I felt that was a great number. This year has gotten off to a good start and am excited to see how it unfolds. 

  6. 1 hour ago, jamiesmith900 said:

    Hi all,

    ive post another my swing vid as again I'm massively struggling with the worst shot on golf no matter what I do how I swing it's straight off hosle even with driver it's really pushing me to give up when I'm on I strike as good as any low handicapper is there any solid drill to get rid of this I'm desperate now all advice appreciated thanks??

    I suffered from this for about 3 weeks last year and fixed it in 10 minutes at the range. I put a head cover outside the ball and tried not to hit it. Worked like a charm. Good luck to you, I know how frustrating it is. 

  7. 45 minutes ago, stealthhwk said:

    Golf is too hard. Had a nasty slice, then quit golf for 8 months after I met my wife. Came back to golf only to trade in my slice for a hook. Two years later Ive cured the hook for the most part and my score went from low 100s to mid 90s. Now cant hit a wedge, pull most of my putts or blow them ten feet past. I work 50 hours a week, and have a 3 year old at home so Ive got time to practice or play not both. Practice has never proved beneficial to my game anyways so I prefer to play. Dont wanna join the tour. Want to play well enough to have fun. Shooting 105, 106, and 100 is not my idea of fun. Golf used to be my escape. Now it just pisses me off. My anger levels have gotten so bad theyre putting a strain on my marriage. Anybody got any ideas for a new hobby? And pls dont say bowling, hunting, or fishing.

    I throughly enjoy woodworking as it is also a great escape. Plus you end up with awesome custom pieces. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, 9wood said:

    Which hybrid clubs do you use - which ones are go to clubs for you? I just purchased a Cobra Bio cell 3-4 adjustable hybrid because of some good reviews and a decent price as well. 


    I have a G30 3 hybrid which is 19 degrees. I absolutely love it. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, SavvySwede said:

    Looks like a classic reverse pivot to me. Your left shoulder needs to move down and around your core, your shoulder moves laterally. @mvmac describes how to swing around a centered pivot in this video.

    This drill will help get that weight forward on the downswing.


    Roger that. I watched the videos then watched my swing a few times and there is a huge and obvious difference. I will definitely work on that ASAP. Thank you for the feedback. 

  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 18 months
    My current handicap index or average score is: 12.7
    My typical ball flight is: Straight/ draw
    The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Chunks


    This is the only video I have, a buddy sneakily took it yesterday. When asked about the miss I hate I said Chunk, however that is not an issue with this club. This shot coincidentally was the only shot that went to the right all day. I've added (what I feel is) torso rotation this winter and have experienced significant gains in distance. My average drive is up 35 yards to 260 from 225 through 7 rounds in the last couple weeks. I know the swing is riddled with flaws and am eager to get it worked into something strong. Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time. 

  11. The 80's golfer may not suffer from this as much as the 90's but not settling for bad practice strokes helps a lot. If when you take your practice stroke you don't like the result then take another one. My routine calls for one practice stroke but if I feel like it was fat or thin or anything less than perfect for me, then I just take another making the necessary correction. If I don't then it is in my head that I have to compensate during the real swing and the result is typically less than ideal. 

  12. Great info so far and I really appreciate it. The chef at the course is going to cut me a great deal on an amazing dinner sonthat is checked off. I got a quote for hole in one insurance so we will probably do a decent sized cash prize for that. I hadn't thought of tax ramifications and permits so I will definitely be looking into that. I am going to ask a car dealership to donate a rental van so I can drive people home who maybe enjoyed themselves a bit too much. I have 4 months to pull this off so I will be talking to most every business in town to secure sponsors and raffle items. Please keep the great tips coming! I appreciate you all taking time from your lives to help me along.

  13. A 26 year old friend of ours had a stroke last month and is still in the hospital because the doctors still cannot figure out what is wrong with her. Her husband is now missing a lot of work to be with her and they have a son who is less than a year old. I was trying to think of a way I could help them out, so with her husbands permission I have decided to organize a charity tournament. I have the course and date planned already so now I need to start the process of gaining sponsors. If any of you have done this before could you please give me any tips and advice to make this a very fun and profitable event? Thank you for your time. 

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