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  1. I would go with: Horshel: I don't know, the (maybe wrong?) feeling that there is always a chance he may have a nervous breakdown after a bad shot Patrick Reed: well, I am european, so I have to. But it's hard to dislike him completely, he has elevated prickliness to a form of art,; beside, every time, and I mean EVERY time he does his fist pump, I laugh because he reminds me the kid in the FB meme
  2. Ok, that's probably why if I swing with a less strong grip (below), I am wiiiide open at impact: because the compensation for the closed face is still there.
  3. I don't think it applies to my case, I really don't care what they think on the range and most of the times when I go there I am the only one. But there is a similar psychological bias that applies, which has more to do with "pride" (for lack of better word). Grip is a perfect example: if I grab the club with a more neutral one, I lose something like 20-25 yards on a 7 iron. 40 with a Driver. I think it has to do with not using anymore the wrists "Deviation" as a source of power. It's very hard at that point to tell my brain that it will get better after it got worse. As far as the rest of lack of improvements, @Foot Wedge is absolutely spot on: - I read something online or on Golf Digest - try it at full speed, record myself - hey, it didn't work, let's try something else
  4. I read the fine prints: Members will receive one (1) GOLFNOW promotional code (the “PLAY Promo Code”) per month while their GOLFPASS membership is current and valid, which may be used to redeem one (1) Hot Deal* tee time of any value** (for one (1) golfer only), playable Monday through Thursday after 12:00 p.m. only. Not for a weekend player like me, but it's not bad. Still, they could have left the possibility to waive the convenience fee in the 99$ tier
  5. Just got the email now. I always found Golfnow convenient because all the courses (at least those I can afford) in my area are in their list, and the cost of the subscription was worth the advantage of getting a cheap prepaid tee time and still have the possibility to cancel it without penalties. Now they are saying they are revamping the program, but if you scroll down GOLFPASS it looks like they have thrown in some instructional videos but moved the waived convenience fee and free cancellation to the 199$ tier, which is really too much
  6. Thanks. Actually, I have an all you can hit membership at the range, so I don't have any excuse for not practicing slowly 🙃 Ok... still, if you turn my left hand in to a more proper position, the setup is not that different from... ehm Justin Rose?
  7. haha, don't worry, I understand the spirit Ok for the grip, but I really thought the reverse pivot was kind of improved, at least compared to the first page of the topic It's probably (at least in my case) a combination of: - knowing how much it gets worse and not knowing for how long. - not fully understand the benefits. Grip example: I still can't see what are the compensations I do (and I am sure there are many) because of that and how they affect negatively the whole swing I will give it a try in mid February (including, yes, a grip change!), when it gets a bit warmer here. I have the luxury of having a driving range at a couple of minutes from where I work, so I can spend the lunch break there
  8. Another subject I always struggle to grasp is the shaft angle at address vs impact. For what I understand, there are people (Kirk Junge, Dechambeau) who advocate an upright position at address in order to minimize the compensations you have to make to hit the ball. In my high handicapper experience, staying "tall" helps a lot in consistency, because the head remains relatively in the same position, because the spine angle does not change. When I start instead the swing more bent over the ball and with the arms hanging under the chest, I have to resort to every possible compensation (standing on toes, chicken wings, etc) to avoid chunking the club 10 inches before the ball. It's still a mystery to me how better players make room for the arms without lifting the head Below "tall" and "traditional" thanks! I will give it a try
  9. Ok, just to change "subject"... I haven't seen many member swings about bunker play, so here is one. Sand was a bit wet, using a 54 wedge. Most of the times the outcome of my swings there are: - skulled ball that enters in to orbit - chunked shot that stays in the bunker - if I am lucky, something in between\ below you can see one of each
  10. Ok, so working on one thing at a time. I have been told that I don't do a lot of upper body rotation with the driver, I just pull the arms. So, I tried to improve that. I try to rotate, bring down the right shoulder and try to keep the spine angle during the downswing. The result: + 20/25yards more on well struck hits - however, most of times at impact the sweet spot of the face in below where it should be (see face on video). Best case scenario I bottom out early and I hit it with a positive angle of attack, worst case it's ballooning - also, the direction is still way more erratic than my original swing One thing I clearly notice is that I raise during the backswing, but if anything, it should raise my plane, or not? Basically, I am trying to understand if I should keep working in this direction In the On the line video, the first swing is the "new", the second is the "old"
  11. I wish I had your Handicap! haha Actually, that kind of swing + the seat in my audi TT brings a lot of lower back pain...
  12. I took a lesson and the teacher focused on a more bent position at address (he also tried to change my grip, of course, but I am stubborn). The good thing is that it straightened the path, now on a good strike it creates a decent fade. The face on video shows all the problems I have with a different grip: face way always open at impact, and it finds the bottom before the ball. I am casting it and I am not sure why. Even when I manage (randomly) to have a good timing of the release and square the face , the second issue is still there, instead of hitting or compressing the ball, I am merely pushing it
  13. Eh, I know. I will post a video one of the next few days of my heinous tests with a more neutral grip (spoiler: they all end with a face wide open at impact and other issues). However, I still struggle to see why it is so important. I get it for whoever practices this sport at a high competitive level, for what I understand a neutral (or at least not terribly strong) grip helps controlling the face and shaping the shots. But I have seen so many weekend players that have a grip like mine and manage to stay in the low 80s, and that's my ultimate goal. For instance, I found this picture in the forum: What the strong grip does for me is simplifying the release: basically I just have to get the right timing to get from Radial Deviation to a neutral position, like you to when you are hammering a nail. The more neutral the grip is, the more you add in to the equation Pronation and Supination.
  14. as an high handicap player, I can tell you that the best tools to improve are a tripod and a phone that does slow motion videos (and the sand trap member swing section ☺️) I have Arccos and it gives you a feedback on the true distances of the clubs, but I don't think that is so important if you shoot >100 (at least not as getting a clean contact consistently); however it's a way to record your progresses and to identify the areas of your game where you can save more strokes
  15. speaking of which... my avatar has been changed a few days ago from the default one, and not by me... is that something that the forum moderators do or should I change my password? (in any case whoever did it got it right 😉) ok, I read the pinned message, it was done by the moderators
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