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  1. My Swing (Yossarian)

    Thanks for your observation! I certainty agree. However, when I am not experimenting with the pivot trying to remove the sway and improve the weight transfer to the right (which is my focus now, I really would like to hit it solidly consistently), my usual swing trajectory somehow finds its balance: the OTT slice compensates the closed face at impact. I know, it's a precarious balance... but whenever I try to use a more neutral grip, the outcome is a huge slice, it feels like I have never played golf
  2. My Swing (Yossarian)

    @iacas thanks. I am trying. I even made a video of myself from behind, and see how it compares to the video in the thread that @mvmac suggested. First swing is my usual one, in the second one I try to do a proper turn. They look identical to me... but in any case I still don't understand if I am turning too much, or maybe with the wrong tempo. It's also visible the odd footwork In the front view the result, when I try to do a correct pivot, is this. It looks a little better than my usual swing (I think), but most of the time I end up hitting it fat (as in the video).
  3. My Swing (Yossarian)

    Thanks! I tried many times to do a "centered hip turn", but if I try to stay inside the red lines, what I get is the weird swing below. I think (but I am not sure) that in the effort of keeping my right hip in place, I put the weight on my right during the backswing, and so in the downswing I hang back even more than in my standard swing
  4. My Swing (Yossarian)

    Hello everyone, I am working on the use of the wrists. In the first video I have my normal use: I let them cock naturally during the backswing, I don't think about them. In the second video, I try to keep them unhinged for most of the swing, then I let them loose at the top of the swing. In the second case, I gain clubhead speed and forward bent at impact, but it feels less controllable/repeatable. Which way should I go? Thanks! (any other suggestion on the swing is welcome)
  5. My Swing (Yossarian)

    Hi everyone! I am back. Not a lot of improvement, but I took a "live" lesson and also I sent videos to another instructor. They both said that the first thing I should fix is coming over the top. In fact my standard trajectory is a pull slice as a result of it. However, the first instructor suggested me that I should start the backswing moving the club to the outside, that would shallow the swing and make it easier to have a in-to-out downswing. The other instructor said I should keep it on the inside. A thing they both agree is that I should put my ball back in the stance. When I do that, the reverse pivot (see last swing of the video) gets even worse and I hit fat shots. In the images, you can see on the left my OTT swing, and on the right the "fix". In the video, the first one is the OTT, the remaining are with me trying to have a in-to-out downswing Any suggestion is welcome
  6. My Swing (Yossarian)

    mmm, I think I see what you are saying, the spine is still tilted toward the target at the end of the backswing, and that's why I hang back at the end of the downswing, right? man that's depressing, I thought I made some progress, the contact with the ball feels better...
  7. My Swing (Yossarian)

    Hello, I'm back! Ok, in the last few months I tried to fix a few things. I keep the club on a more horizontal plane, let the left feet open as suggested, and I try to rotate instead of swaying from left to right. During backswing my only thought is to keep the left leg in the same position, in the downswing I try to generate speed from the rotation of the body, not from the vertical pendulum I used to do. In the first video initially there is a practice swing, I left it there because I have always the impression that during practice swings I make a correct weight shift, instead when there is a ball I feel I am missing something. In the second video I use the same club, 7 iron. With the swing of my original post I had many fat an thin shots, I think because it was too vertical (+the wrist movement at impact), so the timing had to be perfect. The current one feels better, but now I am slicing, which is a problem I never had before. I see in slow motion that at impact the face is open, but I don't know why. Let me know if I am going in the right direction!
  8. My Swing (Yossarian)

    thanks a lot for looking at it! I tried many times to stay in place and move the weight to my right during the downswing, but every time I end up hitting the grass way before the ball, there is probably something else that I do wrong when I try it. I will test the feet position (I never thought about that) and the knee linkage, and perhaps post another video. thanks!
  9. My Swing (Yossarian)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 9 years My current handicap index or average score is: 95-100, more or less My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: random hybrid shots Hi everyone, I have been playing for years, but only practicing seriously on the last 3-4. I never took a lesson (that was a big mistake), so over the years I tried to fine tune a flawed swing to obtain some consistency. I reached the point where I can enjoy a round without horrific shots, and probably the worst part of my game are 3-4 putts, but I still would like your opinion on the long game. So: Irons in the video there are a couple of 7 iron swings. I tend to have decent contact most of the times, ball first; 150-155 yards. The ball flight is usually a fade (starts right - for a lefty- and then goes left), but it's quite inconsistent, I mix it with slices and pulls. I am sure if you see the video that there are many parts of the swing I could improve Hybrid in the video there are a couple of H3 face on swings, and a couple from the back. 180 yards. Again, I can't be very consistent, first shot goes slightly left, second in the video slightly right. The main problem is the last one, a fat shot, which is the miss I would like to eliminate. Driver Not very long (220-225), but at least it ends up in the fairway most of the times. Still, any help or advise on the swing is welcome Thanks in advance! Videos:

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