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  1. I leave the comment on the swing to more knowledgeable people (very good swing, tho), but I am expert in getting lower back pain! For that you could take a look at your posture at address and compare it to the examples in this thread
  2. Nope, I called and the VIP is 199$.
  3. So, back on my public service to update everyone on golfpass slow death new features... It looks like they made 3 new tiers. The only interesting one seems the 99$, the other ones with instructional videos may be interesting if you have never heard about youtube. The catch this time is that they waive the fees in only 10 bookings per year. PLAY Home Become a GOLFPASS member and get exclusive benefits like monthly GOLFNOW tee time credit and rewards. Play more golf with a GOLFPASS... However, they also gave the possibility to old
  4. Hello folks! Worked on the suggestions, as well as on the lifetime target of getting a proper weight shift... Lot of head movements 😅 Trajectory varies between Pull (first DTL video) and Straight (second DTL). Not sure what I did differently in the 2 swings. Looks like OTT (even though the camera angle makes it a little worse than it is I think) I was also wondering if I need to work on the early extension. I remember a thread where @iacas was saying that a bit of it is still ok, but I don't think mine is a "bit"
  5. speaking of SC100 and SC200: does anyone have issues with battery charge? I got a new one on ebay years ago, when I replace the batteries with new ones, they lasts 1 or max 2 hours of total active time (aggregated, not in one session), then it starts shutting down. I kept replacing batteries, then one day I measured the ones I was throwing away and they were still more than 1.4V. It seems to have a flawed battery discharge algorithm
  6. I don't know if anyone in this forum uses it. The free round per month has now become, starting from June, a 10$ per month credit (and only Mon-Thur, only after noon, only on hot deals tee times). The good thing that the old free rounds will be usable even if the membership expires (at least, that's what they told me by phone). And they are usable more than once a month. With this change I don't see how can they justify the 199$ for the full membership
  7. A comment from a fellow high handicapper: you have a very good swing for someone shooting in the 110s! Unless you have a terrible short game, even without major improvements, just practicing to get good contact, you should be able to stay easily in the low 90s. I guess you are hitting a foam/plastic ball (unless that's your neighbor house and you really hate him). If that's the case you should record when hitting a real ball. Just like people have different swings when swinging with and without ball, I noticed differences (at least in my case) also when hitting a lighter plastic ball
  8. So, worked on: - better rotation of the right shoulder - straight left arm in backswing - keeping the right foot more planted in the downswing (I never saw a good player with that lifted at impact like I do) Current issues I see: - keeping the foot down creates a steep downswing, in the best case I make a sort of punch shot with a huge divot after the ball, in the worst case I hit it very fat - a lot of shanks from inside-out path - it looks like in the transition I transfer the weight starting from the top of the body Shots fr
  9. There is an option called Smart Putt Detection, you just have to disable it. As far as the HCP breakdown, that's a nice feature, I have always enjoined looking at it at the end of a round, even thou some values may be weird. For instance, I think the putting hcp score is a bit too generous; I have a hcp of 24, but usually it gives me a 5-10 hcp for putting, when my average putt per round is about 2.0. A piece of advise for everyone is to join the Facebook Arccos group, you can find people who have been using the sensors for +3 years and know every feature/bug...
  10. anyone here who made the upgrade from the original Arccos sensors to the current ones and saw any improvement? I still have the old ones, the only issue is that I may go several months without going on a course, and I think those batteries get slowly drained over the times, so I have to perform the diagnostic on each one of them before going to the course.
  11. thanks! I will give it a try
  12. Finally I have found a new driving range, did some practice I still have hard time in keeping the left arm straight in position A2; I can do it but 2 things happen, the whole swing feels way more rigid, or I start pulling the head away from the target. Sorry for the misaligned camera below:
  13. Game Golf or Arccos will do the job. I have Arccos and beside the standard stats (scores, GIR, fariway hits, real distances of clubs, etc), it calculates a sort of handicap breakdown (ie: you use the driver like 24HC, approach shots like a 18HC, putting, etc) The only app I use outside of it is The Grint for calculating the real Handicap
  14. Still in the 24ish. There is probably something different I am doing in the swing during a round, vs practice. A lot of approach shots come out fat or short (like, 15yd shorter for a 7i, 25-30yd for a hybrid vs practice). Could be a rushed, shorter swing, and maybe I decelerate through impact. But there is still a lot to work on, for instance, Arccos tells me that in a good round: Average Drive 210 Standard Deviation +-38 Longest drive: 264 Fairway hit 8/14 GIR 6/18 Chip and Down: 2/11 putts per hole: 1.89 In a bad round: Ave
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