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  1. There is an option called Smart Putt Detection, you just have to disable it. As far as the HCP breakdown, that's a nice feature, I have always enjoined looking at it at the end of a round, even thou some values may be weird. For instance, I think the putting hcp score is a bit too generous; I have a hcp of 24, but usually it gives me a 5-10 hcp for putting, when my average putt per round is about 2.0. A piece of advise for everyone is to join the Facebook Arccos group, you can find people who have been using the sensors for +3 years and know every feature/bug...
  2. anyone here who made the upgrade from the original Arccos sensors to the current ones and saw any improvement? I still have the old ones, the only issue is that I may go several months without going on a course, and I think those batteries get slowly drained over the times, so I have to perform the diagnostic on each one of them before going to the course.
  3. thanks! I will give it a try
  4. Finally I have found a new driving range, did some practice I still have hard time in keeping the left arm straight in position A2; I can do it but 2 things happen, the whole swing feels way more rigid, or I start pulling the head away from the target. Sorry for the misaligned camera below:
  5. Game Golf or Arccos will do the job. I have Arccos and beside the standard stats (scores, GIR, fariway hits, real distances of clubs, etc), it calculates a sort of handicap breakdown (ie: you use the driver like 24HC, approach shots like a 18HC, putting, etc) The only app I use outside of it is The Grint for calculating the real Handicap
  6. Still in the 24ish. There is probably something different I am doing in the swing during a round, vs practice. A lot of approach shots come out fat or short (like, 15yd shorter for a 7i, 25-30yd for a hybrid vs practice). Could be a rushed, shorter swing, and maybe I decelerate through impact. But there is still a lot to work on, for instance, Arccos tells me that in a good round: Average Drive 210 Standard Deviation +-38 Longest drive: 264 Fairway hit 8/14 GIR 6/18 Chip and Down: 2/11 putts per hole: 1.89 In a bad round: Average Drive 206 Standard Deviation +-33 Longest drive: 282 Fairway hit 8/14 GIR 1/18 Chip and Down: 3/13 putts per hole: 2.11
  7. Hi, I normally don't give advises because I am not good enough in golf, but I liked your post because (a) your swing looks like mine and (b) I feel your pain, when I read threads that start with "I have been playing for 9 months, my average score is 80" I get depressed 😉 For the camera, you can read this: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing In particular, you should get closer in the face on view, and aligning the camera view to your feet line in the DTL. I always found this an interesting golf swing topic, you should try to record a face on view of a practice swing: most likely you will notice that at impact your face is way open. That's one of the differences, with the ball you add all the movements necessary to square the face. The difference between practice and real swing usually gets dismissed as "you are tense when the ball is there", but I think that if you have good elements in the practice swing, a good instructor should be able to find a way to transition them to the real one
  8. I haven't posted here for quite sometime, worked with Evolvr
  9. I would go with: Horshel: I don't know, the (maybe wrong?) feeling that there is always a chance he may have a nervous breakdown after a bad shot Patrick Reed: well, I am european, so I have to. But it's hard to dislike him completely, he has elevated prickliness to a form of art,; beside, every time, and I mean EVERY time he does his fist pump, I laugh because he reminds me the kid in the FB meme
  10. Ok, that's probably why if I swing with a less strong grip (below), I am wiiiide open at impact: because the compensation for the closed face is still there.
  11. I don't think it applies to my case, I really don't care what they think on the range and most of the times when I go there I am the only one. But there is a similar psychological bias that applies, which has more to do with "pride" (for lack of better word). Grip is a perfect example: if I grab the club with a more neutral one, I lose something like 20-25 yards on a 7 iron. 40 with a Driver. I think it has to do with not using anymore the wrists "Deviation" as a source of power. It's very hard at that point to tell my brain that it will get better after it got worse. As far as the rest of lack of improvements, @Foot Wedge is absolutely spot on: - I read something online or on Golf Digest - try it at full speed, record myself - hey, it didn't work, let's try something else
  12. I read the fine prints: Members will receive one (1) GOLFNOW promotional code (the “PLAY Promo Code”) per month while their GOLFPASS membership is current and valid, which may be used to redeem one (1) Hot Deal* tee time of any value** (for one (1) golfer only), playable Monday through Thursday after 12:00 p.m. only. Not for a weekend player like me, but it's not bad. Still, they could have left the possibility to waive the convenience fee in the 99$ tier
  13. Just got the email now. I always found Golfnow convenient because all the courses (at least those I can afford) in my area are in their list, and the cost of the subscription was worth the advantage of getting a cheap prepaid tee time and still have the possibility to cancel it without penalties. Now they are saying they are revamping the program, but if you scroll down GOLFPASS it looks like they have thrown in some instructional videos but moved the waived convenience fee and free cancellation to the 199$ tier, which is really too much
  14. Thanks. Actually, I have an all you can hit membership at the range, so I don't have any excuse for not practicing slowly 🙃 Ok... still, if you turn my left hand in to a more proper position, the setup is not that different from... ehm Justin Rose?
  15. haha, don't worry, I understand the spirit Ok for the grip, but I really thought the reverse pivot was kind of improved, at least compared to the first page of the topic It's probably (at least in my case) a combination of: - knowing how much it gets worse and not knowing for how long. - not fully understand the benefits. Grip example: I still can't see what are the compensations I do (and I am sure there are many) because of that and how they affect negatively the whole swing I will give it a try in mid February (including, yes, a grip change!), when it gets a bit warmer here. I have the luxury of having a driving range at a couple of minutes from where I work, so I can spend the lunch break there
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