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  1. I just started playing a year and a half ago. I recently moved to a new city so I often play alone since I haven't met many other golfers yet. A few months ago, I was paired with two players who were both walking and I was riding... Ever since I have wondered whether walking would be more enjoyable. The pace of play was slow that day, and while I was impatiently waiting for the people ahead of me to clear before I could hit my ball, they were patiently walking to their ball contemplating their next shot. I noticed that on some holes they even got to the next tee faster as they could just walk in a straight path from the green to the tee and I had to drive all the way around on a winding cart path. So overall they were pretty much just as fast. (Also, just a note, they were both very good players.) I also sometimes get annoyed (especially on par 3's) when I grab a club and walk over to my ball and then realize I have the entirely wrong club and have to walk bag to the cart. It's not that big of a deal but it definitely kills my rhythm a bit! I am not overweight at all and I could actually probably stand to keep the extra calories that I might burn while walking. However, I just wonder if I might enjoy the game more if I walk instead of ride. I already love the game as it is, but I might just buy a stand bag or push cart and try walking after reading this!
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