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  1. Hi all, I am thinking that I am going to be getting a new set of irons - the forged razr x irons. Anyway, I demoed the 6 iron today with the project x 5.5 shaft. Unfortunately, my swing speed wasn't measured, but I did get some other specifics. My ball speed avg was 125 and avg carry was 193. Spin rate was 6,050 and the launch angle was 16.9. Unfortunately they didn't have the proj x 6.0 shaft or I would have tried that as well. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. Mini Tour play.

    This is a great thread. Ben - love to follow your progress. I asked this question on the general talk board but thought I would pose it to you more directly. I am struggling to continue good play after strong starts. In my last three tourney rounds, I have been under par for most of the front nine if not all (nothing crazy, 1 or 2 under), and yet I can't manage to finish my rounds off. I wind up thinking about what could be. At some point that gets me in trouble. Someone suggested I try to get a song in my head. That actually worked pretty well in the last tourney. What works for you? I know that for most part as long as I continue to put myself in that position I will eventually have some breakthrough. Best of luck in your journey. Wish I could do it.
  3. Help me name my U.S. Open Beer

    BP BLack Lager for Experts only!
  4. Just a quick update. I played in tourney again this weekend. Was -1 through 9 and bogeyed the 10th in part because I started thinking that I could be looking at 69 or 70. I got to thinking about some of the things that were said on here as ways to stay in the moment. So, the next time that I started thinking about what could be, I started to sing a song that I had heard on the way to the course. I used it mostly when I was standing over the ball. I also continued to think about execution of the shot at hand and not the potential results. I wound up shooting +2, but not because I wasn't in the moment. On 17, I hit a ball on the perfect line and it was my best drive of the day (a playing partner even said perfect too another guy in the group who hadn't played the course in trying to explain the line). Anyway, the course was so wet we couldn't find my ball and I had to go back and re-tee. Wound up making a double and parred the last for a 74. Just wanted to say thanks and let you guys know that I used some of the things said in this thread.
  5. Hmmm... I don't think so. He is very much like Jordan to me. Keeps his name out of the spotlight unless it has to do with his sport. He's a smart business man just like Jordan was. What's his famous line? Republicans by Nike's too? Same sort of thing. Woods doesn't want to be involved in controversy. He just wants to dominate the field.
  6. Actually, it's funny because I usually do well under pressure as long as it is put on by someone else. I have been in three playoffs and won two of them. And I tend to play better in match play events as well. It's my own pressure that causes me the most trouble.
  7. Good god... My low round is a 67 and for the most part I am a kind of in the same boat as far as being lost in the game when I have my best rounds. However, even then I know that on 16th or 17th hole that I am having a really good round. Again, unfortunately, my thought process goes from let's make a good golf shot with each one to "let's get in safe" (regardless if it's a tournament or not I think it's all about focusing on the immediate task at hand, i.e. the shot in front of you. Appreciate all the thoughts from everyone. Would love to hear more. You never what one thought will work so I encourage more thoughts from everyone. Thanks!
  8. I feel like i have plateaued and can't quit break through. Need some help! Here is the situation: I am currently just under a 3 handicap. I haven't played tournament golf in ten years. I have broken 70 about 6 or 7 times, so I have finished rounds under par before. Anyway, a good tournament for me would be shooting a couple of 75s. But I usually feel like that I can shoot right around par and if I can make a few good things happen possible break par. I have played in my first 2 tournaments recently since my 10 year hiatus. The second event I played in, I knew I wasn't swinging real well but managed to birdie the first hole and then the 5th to get to -2. Then I made two straight bogeys as I started thinking that I might be able to shoot 70 or better. Anyway, I got it back together and birdied 9 and 10 to get back to -2. Again, and I know I shouldn't, I started thinking that I might be able to shoot 70 or better. Of course, then I had a bad hole where I made a triple - in part because I didn't know the course but also because of nerves and expectations. Basically blew my chance at having a really good round. The next day, again not swinging real well, I started out birdie, birdie to get to -2. Again, after getting a couple of under, I start getting very nervous and can't help but think of what the round could be. And that's when I start loosing it. My question is how do you stay in the moment and not start thinking about what could be? Not to mention, how are you able to calm yourself down? I mean, really being a couple under in a tourney should be great and one would think you would be chomping at the bit to make more birdies. Instead I get nervous and almost can't wait to get the round over with. Doubt creeps in my head and tells me I can't continue my good play. I really try not to pay attention to my score and play each shot. But when I get a couple under, it's hard not to notice. I really try to focus on execution rather than result, but doubt still creeps in and I have a way of dropping shots. I really feel like this is preventing me from making a significant breakthrough. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Happy with 76. Still searching for my swing though. Of course, once I find it, I won't be able to score any better for some reason.......
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    195 yard par 3 pin just over a bunker. Hit 5 iron to 12 feet and promptly missed the putt.........
  11. Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

    My goals are several - In the past year I have really started increase the stats I keep (such as putts per round, GIR, Fairways, birdies, 3 putts etc.) I would like to average better than 32 putts per round (assuming I hit at least 10 to 11 GIR). I would like to hit more than 60% of fairways I also would like to get up and down from within 20 yards 65% of the time. I think those are pretty reasonable for me... I hope...
  12. I just bought the Leupold GX-1 based on the review I read hear. I haven't received it yet but I was wondering about something. Part of the reason I got this is because I really wanted to dial in my distances with my clubs. My question is, can I shoot the distance to a ball? I have never used one so I really don't have any idea. I am assuming that as long as I have line of sight to the ball it shouldn't be a problem. Is that accurate? Thanks in advance! And great job with the site - lots of useful info here.