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  1. How did you get to a single digit handicap?

    Hi, started playing golf properly 2 years ago, now playing off 7 (7.2). The last 4 competition rounds played scored 78,75,73 and 74 and a par 72. Had a natural ability for sports, and as a county hockey player thought transition to golf would be easy as the ball is stationary and you're not running at full pelt..... Anyway, I am a long hitter, 6 iron 185yd carry, but had a nasty slice. I have worked on various practice techniques and I am now straight with the driver, and draw irons. The biggest cut in handicap was made following a conscious effort to REALLY know my distances, not what I thought I could hit with a fair wind and perfect strike. It was a massive shock to see what I hit to what I thought. I am now at a level where ball striking is consistent, but I still average out my clubs. Know your distances on the coarse, I use a GPS on my phone. My short game is where the biggest improvement has come. Practice, practice, practice. I spend more time practicing from 60yds and putting than any other. If you can't hit a wedge you can't hit a 5 iron. I also know my limitations, don't go for the miracle shot, I play percentage golf, If I think I will make a shot 85% of the time then I know I am comfortable playing it. Going for the 1 in 100 shot, looks spectacular, but probably will put a double bogey+ on the card and ruin the round. Also be confident with 3 to 5 ft putts, not only will it help with scoring, it adds confidence to long putts as you know you will put the return putt should you miss. I have also used Zepp Golf for the last 6 months. This small bit of technology really helps your swing. It is like a personal coach. Really straightened my swing. Sorry I rambled but a 2 year adventure has provided a lot of experiences.