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  1. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Ok no problem thank you guys!
  2. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Thank you for your help im new to this as you see So confused on where to post and it wont let me post videos very frustrating lol
  3. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Hi everyone i have been golfing for 1 year now. I started at a 22 handicap and i cut it down to 11 so far. Before i would go out and just play but now i want to go to the next level. I have worked very hard on my swing this year. Played well here and there but this offseason im trying to improve so much. Here is my problem. I am flipping the golf club. I video tape all of my swings. When i take a practice swing with no ball i can get my hands equal with the ball: The first photo is at impact with no ball. The second is at impact trying to hit the ball...ive researched this a lot and i understand i have to swing the club instead of hit it but no matter what i do i flip my hands....i have tried shortening my backswing, and slowing my swing down so i do not throw it at the top but i still do. As soon as there is a little white ball there to start my downswing i throw the club. Please if you get a chance send me some ideas to work on. Thank you so much, hope you are enjoying the holidays.Val