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  1. "...Anti-Inflammatory drugs can stifle muscle gains..." But aren't steroids anti-inflammatories? And since steroids are commonly used to enhance muscle growth by reducing inflammation and thereby reducing recovery time, wouldn't that cast some doubt on the theory that anti-inflammatories inhibit muscle growth?
  2. Senior Golfers Fading Away

    Nice thread. I'm 64, so of course I hang around with people in their 60s a lot, and my regular golf group are all in their 60s. Personally, I think I'm playing the best golf of my life, but it's probably because I was so shitty to begin with, so there was a lot of room for improvement. But my friends, golfing friends and other friends, are starting to break down physically, some from accidents, some from just not taking care of themselves. Attrition starts to take over. Some friends have died from not taking care of themselves. Alcoholism, smoking, eating, it adds up and eventually, the price is paid. It seems like the 60s is where it all comes home to roost. But I also find that, while I spend a lot more time thinking about my oncoming physical decline, and thinking about the shortening time span in front of me, and how it's all going to be over eventually, in spite of that, I'm happier than I've ever been before. I think it helps immensely if we look with gratitude at all the gifts we have been given by life and how lucky we are to get here.
  3. My Swing (JonMA1)

    Interesting points about foot position, and of course I yield to the expertise of others, especially @iacas. I have found that while pointing the back foot a little backwards does help a person get more turn in their back swing, it also encourages the back knee to flex backwards and in my case, it encourages me to roll my back foot and sway. Turning my right (back) foot more square encourages me to get my weight more on the inside of my foot and not roll to the outside of my foot. This seems to keep me more centered in my back swing with more firmness in my right leg. Then, turning the front foot more towards the target helps me to get my hips more open when hitting the ball. All that seems to allow me to hit the ball just as hard but with less back swing. And that's why I thought foot position would be fundamental to a good swing. And I still think that. But like I said, if Erik thinks I am wrong about that, then obviously I need to give it some thought. I would still encourage JonMA1 to turn his feet more towards the target, because they way they are positioned, it looks like he's trying to aim 45 degrees to the right.
  4. My Swing (JonMA1)

    Also, about taking your practice to the course, the easiest and best way to do that is to take one and only one thing to the course. In your case, I'd say it is the foot position. You can set your feet correctly, right foot square, left foot turned 22 degrees out, before you take the club back. Practice with your feet in the corrected alignment, then when you go to the course, just put your feet in the correct alignment. You have a lot of good elements, but you absolutely must correct those feet. Fundamentals are called fundamentals for a reason, and foot position is fundamental.
  5. My Swing (JonMA1)

    Just looking at that picture, I would say you need to start with one important thing, and that is, turn both feet to the left. Your right foot is pointed too far back. Turn it more square. Your left foot is also turned too far to the right. Turn it more toward the target. Do like Ben Hogan- right foot square, left foot turned out 22 degrees. Making this change will shorten your back swing and improve your consistency. You don't need a big back swing. Just look at Jon Rahm. Do it! You have a lot of good elements to build on there. Your swing is a lot better than some of the guys I play with.
  6. I got fitted and bought some new irons a couple of years ago. My opinion is, unless there is something unusual about you physically, meaning, you are far from average, unusually tall or short, then average clubs bought off the rack will be fine without fitting. I am very average, 5-9, 150, and the clubs I wound up with after fitting had very little change made to them, I think it was 1 degree of lie angle. Otherwise, it was regular graphite shafts, Ping G-series irons, which are what they would call "game-improvement" irons. In other words, I'm average size, so clubs right off the rack would have probably been just as good. Average clubs for an average golfer of average size. But on the other hand, I'm still glad I got fitted. It takes away a lot of the doubt about why you duffed that shot. You know it isn't the club that's at fault. And it was free if I bought the clubs. The clubs cost the same as they would have if I had bought them off the rack. It's not the club, it's the swing. But if the fitting is free, by all means do it. It's fun, you get to use a launch monitor, you get someone watching your swing, they'll probably show you your swing on video, and they'll probably sell you some lessons in the process. That's where a lot of these fitters make the money. Lessons.
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I would add, one thing that really helped me yesterday was that there was a slow group in front of us and no one behind us, so we took our time lining up our putts. I really looked very carefully at my putts from all angles. It was like the PGA tour. So my putting was pretty good. Normally, I just get up there and putt it so we can get going. Maybe I care too much about holding people up behind us. I also had some lucky shots. On more than one occasion, I thought my shot had gone off the back of the green, only to find my ball pin high, within 10 feet. On one par-5, I skied my tee shot about a hundred yards, then hit a really nice 5 wood that landed in a fairway bunker, then hit a really bad layup shot that just got out of the bunker, then hit a long shot that wound up within tap in distance for par. Sheer luck. Or the 80 foot double-breaking putt with 3 feet of fringe, that wound up 6 inches from the hole. That has to be pure luck. But my ball striking with my irons has gotten much better. And now, if you read all that, thank you for reading about my favorite subject: me.
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Today I shot 78. My best score ever, and the second time I've ever broken 80. Disclaimer: it was from the forward tees, 5500 yards. Still, some of the best golf I've ever played.
  9. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    I think I predicted that he would win a tournament. Based on the results so far, I'm saying he'll at least win a tournament. Maybe more than that. I think we all have to remember, last week's performance was pretty much the old Tiger. He didn't used to win every time he teed it up, but he put himself in position to win in just about every tournament. He's only missed 18 cuts in his entire career, and last week looked like the same old same old. He didn't quite get there, but damn, that was pretty close. Three or four more tournaments like that, and he'll pop through and win one. Three or four more after that, and he'll pop through again and win another one. Just like old times. Apparently, he's lost none of that incredible eye-hand coordination.
  10. I have the same type of problem. I think it's caused by many things but one in particular I have focused on lately: tension. My driver swing is much more relaxed than my iron swing, therefore, I have a lot more lag in it, due to my hands and arms being more relaxed. I get tension in my hands and arms with irons, and wind up casting the club sometimes, which puts the bottom of the arc behind the ball. Also, the tension when I swing my irons leads to me rushing the down swing, which overtakes my forward weight shift. Tension in my hands and arms also leads to me trying to swing my arms before I get a good turn. I'm all out of sequence. With my driver, I can just tee it up and hit it. All I have to think about is keeping my head behind the ball and rotating hard. I'm relaxed, so everything flows. I don't think there's one great solution to the whole thing. I think you just have to focus on fundamentals. Ball placement. Foot position. Stance. Keep your weight on the inside of your right foot on the back swing, so you don't roll your right foot and sway backwards. Leave your arms and hands behind when you start forward. Keep your head steady. Maintain your lag. Don't decelerate at the bottom of the swing. Start down slowly and accelerate when you get to the ball. Turn hard when you are hitting the ball. And so on and so forth. Relax. And if you find THE SECRET, the one move that fixes the problem, please let me know.
  11. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I actually started liking him more since the "incident." For me, he was hard to like when he was Mr. Perfect. But when his wife attacked him with a golf club and it all came out about the numerous women, and all the holier-than-thou types went off on him, I started to sympathize with him and actually like him. This brilliant, brilliant golfer with a train wreck of a personal life actually became an interesting person and less of the robot that he had seemed to be before that.
  12. *SOME* random gibberish you're reading

    How does one figure out distances on short shots? Driving range balls are dead compared to regular golf balls. From my experience at the courses I frequent, on one course the range balls seem about 10% less lively, and on the other course, the range balls seem about 20% less lively. Of course, those are just guesses, but the fact is, I don't think range balls can be used to calibrate distances with various clubs. So how do you intend to figure out the distances with these half shots you need to execute?
  13. Going from HD to 4K/HDR

    Keep in mind, the more pixels, the closer you have to sit (or the larger the TV you have to have) in order to actually get the benefit. What you really want besides pixels is great color and great motion, very fast refresh rate and no motion blur. I bought an OLED TV and it's fantastic. It's 65 inches, and I can stand right in front of it, about 6 feet away, and it still looks like reality. It saves a lot on airline tickets and hotel bills! Halstatt, Austria, in 4K
  14. Thinking of Driving My Own Cart

    Here's the situation. I play with a very good friend. I enjoy playing with him. But he refuses to make any effort to get better, so he sucks. If we're riding in the same cart, and we both tee off, we have to go to his ball first because he's farthest away from the green. Then he duffs his second shot, so we have to go there because he's still the farthest from the green. Then he hits his third shot, and then we finally go to my ball. By then, I'm thinking of the players behind us, so I rush to get my shot off so we can get going. Or, another golfing buddy that I enjoy playing with, who can hit the ball a mile, but as often as not hits it into the woods. So we spend inordinate amounts of time driving around the edge of the woods looking for his ball. This is really starting to get under my skin. I'm thinking maybe I should just pay extra and drive my own cart. Anyone else have this situation? I don't want to just dump my friends. I like these guys. I like playing golf with them. They're lifelong friends. But being in the same cart with either one of them is getting pretty aggravating.
  15. Consider What a 20% Ball Roll-Back Would Mean

    I don't see how any governing body could force a golf ball manufacturer to stop selling the current golf balls to the 99.9999% of players who are not governing by the governing bodies. There'd be such a huge market for the current golf balls, nothing would change. No one can tell Titleist they can't sell ProV1s to the masses. That leaves it all up to the pros who actually play, and I don't think they would accept it, either. As far as I'm concerned, Jack Nicklaus is just a crotchety old man who pines for the good old days. When I think of all the reasons why a golf ball rollback is a dumb, unworkable idea, I can't see a snowball's chance in hell of it ever happening.

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