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  1. Marty2019

    Pace Problem

    Just speaking from my personal experience, without any data to back it up, I see slow play being caused by bad golf. I'm not talking about the slow play problem on the tour; I'm talking about the average hacker. It takes a lot longer to play 100 shots than it does to play 70. I know you guys would never do this, but I solved my regular group's slow play problem by suggesting we play a scramble. I mean "captain's choice," take the best shot. Either 2 men vs 2 men, or all 4 on the same team. If we play a 4 man scramble, guys who would normally hit 90 or 100 shots, including putts, in a round of golf are now hitting 70 shots in the round. It has sped up our play tremendously, and it's fun, too.
  2. You make a very good point, but I think one other reason a lot of golfers have a tendency to hit it short instead of long is because on most courses, short of the green is safe and over the green is disastrous.
  3. GIR is king if you want to break 80, but I think if you want to break 90, usually the biggest problem is driving the ball in the fairway with some distance. That's just my limited personal observation. The tee shot costs 90-ish players more strokes than anything.
  4. So, playing without a swing thought. Lately, I have had some decent results with hitting the ball as soon as possible after addressing it. I see so many of my playing partners standing over their ball, thinking, thinking, thinking, and inevitably, they longer they stand over the ball, the worse they hit it. But in response to the original post, I suppose I do have those types of swing thoughts. I do stand behind the ball to make sure of my alignment, pick out a spot on the grass about 5 or 10 feet in front of me to line up on, and I try to relax, and remind myself to accelerate past the ball, to fight my tendency to decelerate at the bottom of the down swing. Those type of thoughts. Just not during my swing.
  5. I think you have to work on everything, but for sure spend a lot of time on driving. That's where most average golfers get in the most trouble- either hitting their drive into a hazard, or not hitting far enough to give themselves a shot at par. Secondly, lag putting. Don't three putt.
  6. That's really funny. Seriously, I read that paragraph and I busted out laughing.
  7. I remember when there was a move to boycott Chic-Fil-A, and noted liberal John Stewart went on his show and said, paraphrasing, "Boycott? Are you crazy? These are delicious chicken sandwiches." I think the whole country has gone off the deep end with the politically inspired boycotts. So, heck yes, I would play one of his courses, whether I like him or not. If you don't like the guy, register to vote and vote. < (I think that is a non-partisan statement. I'm trying to remain non-partisan here. )
  8. I like the 4 piece ball a lot. I think they're a really good golf ball for a dirt cheap price ($15/dz) and they have performed very well for me. I have no experience with the 3 piece ball.
  9. One thing I have done recently is trying to feel the slope with my feet. Straddle the line, or stand to one side of your line with your feet perpendicular to the line, and it's amazing, very often your feet can feel the slope better than your eyes can see it.
  10. I wonder if the "Dilly dilly" ban was paid for by Budweiser. "Banning" their catch phrase is really to their benefit, as we have seen already.
  11. I don't necessarily agree with all of that. I agree that he has been a dick in the past, but I don't know that that necessarily means that he IS a dick. He might be a perfectly nice guy who's emotionally inconsistent, like Bubba Watson. How can we really know these people? We stand off at a distance and see them do something, and based on that very small random sample, we judge them without really knowing the totality of who they are.
  12. She's from Sweden, not Switzerland. But about your hoping an American wins, I may be unusual in this regard, but I don't particularly root for Americans unless it's an American team in the Ryder Cup or something like that. I generally root for players regardless of where they come from.
  13. That's a great explanation. So, if the right shoulder comes up on the back swing, the right side has to stretch, and some of that stretch naturally comes from the right leg straightening somewhat. It's so encouraging when I learn stuff like this, but at the same time, it's aggravating that it took me 50 years to learn it.
  14. Regarding Tiger's chances of winning, as best I can tell, over his career, Tiger won about 1 out of 4 tournaments he entered, and he finished top 10 in about half of them. So, in my judgment, based on a 42 year old Tiger who is probably not quite his old self, would set the odds of Tiger winning the Masters at about 15%. I would set the odds of him finishing top-10 at about 40%. Right now, if I had to pick a player, I would put my money on Bubba Watson. If I had to pick 5 players, I would pick Tiger as one of the 5.
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