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  1. You just don't do that. I don't care of you own the course, you just don't drive your cart on the green.
  2. I thought the coverage was okay. A lot better than previous years. I would prefer no on-course microphones to hearing a plane droning incessantly. We'd lose the sound of the club hitting the ball, or the caddie talking to the player, but it's just not worth that droning plane. They need to do something about that next year. Get the local authorities to close the air space or something. Also, I like it when the little pop-up graphic in the lower right corner shows the distance to the hole. Other channels have that. I have always thought Holly Sonders is just too darn distracting. All that makeup and those super tight clothes. When she's on screen, my mind is on her. I can't pay attention to anything else. And what was with that massive pile of hair she had this year? Was that all her hair?
  3. Obviously, a 63 in the final round to win is a lot better than a 63 in the 3rd round from a non-winner. JT's 63 is kind of irrelevant, since it led to nothing. It's just a nice round. A stat. JM's 63 was for the win.
  4. I teed that one up for ya.
  5. They said he is 180th on the Tour in strokes gained putting. That's remarkable. He's top 10 in the world, and about the worst putter on tour.
  6. Damn airplane noise is really irritating.
  7. I don't know if I would call it a "5th major," but the winnings are pretty major. 5 year PGA Tour exemption, 3 year exemption into the Masters, US Open and the [British] Open, 1.8 million dollars, etc etc etc. It's a very big tournament. And, it's arguably the hardest tournament to win because it has the strongest field of any tournament.
  8. Freecaddie. For free it will give you yardages only. For $4.99 it will add in the distances to hazards. It's a one time upgrade. I bought the upgrade and it's pretty good. It'll tell you how far to the hazard, how far to clear the hazard, etc.
  9. Since I posted that, I played a course that has a similar technology to the one you describe. Not quite as extensive a system, but in addition to giving us the usual distances, it did other stuff- for example there was a drive-able par 4 with a blind tee shot and the system in the cart warned us that the green was not clear yet. Stuff like that.
  10. Now if everyone else would quit Twitter, the world would be a better place.
  11. It was an interesting chart, though. Brett Quigly, Briny Baird. Geez. Those guys have been hanging around the PGA Tour forever it seems, but hardly ever on TV. It's interesting how much money guys like that have made.
  12. This isn't really "best player without a tour win." It's really "most accomplishments on tour without a tour win." Or "longtime PGA players without a tour win." Or something like that. Because the best player without a tour win is somebody like Tyrrell Hatton or Alex Noren.
  13. Where I generally play, I usually go and pay $9 for a large bucket of balls, and with that, I can go for hours. I don't hit that many real hard full shots, but I hit some easy short irons, then work my way around the bag, then when about half the balls are gone, I go over to the chipping area, and hit little chips and pitches for a while, gather them back up, maybe go to the putting green, putt about 60 or 70 putts, evenly split between 6 footers and long lag putts, then go back to the driving range, hit the rest of the balls. I recently got a 60 degree wedge, and I've had a lot off fun learning to hit flop shots with it. Usually I'm kind of working on some priority, but I'm not real strict with myself. I practice for fun really. Putting practice is like work; I have to force myself to do it. Chipping, pitching, hitting balls on the range, that's a lot more fun than putting. Total practice time can take up to 3 hours if I'm really enjoying it. Lately we've had beautiful weather here. How much do I practice? At least once or twice a week when the weather is as great as it has been lately around here.
  14. I voted for 15. It seems like there is so much drama on that hole. My second choice would be 12, because it is such a tough little par 3. It's only what, 160 yards? And yet it gives the best players in the world fits.
  15. Such a tough question, who is the greatest golfer. Greatest over an entire career? Greatest over a 10 year period? Greatest over some other period of time? Who would have won more if they had both been at their peak at the same time and for the same period of time, and had the same equipment and the same training? Who played against better competition? Who would have been better if they hadn't been injured? Such a hard question. I really have no answer. I vote for Jack because of the majors: 18 times in first, 19 times in second, 56 times in the top 5. Tiger might have been the greatest golfer of all time if he had not been injured. But he did get injured. Really, to answer the question, you have to come up with some sort of arbitrary standard that disadvantages one of them.