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  1. Big 5 Golf

    It's interesting that you wrote that on Aug 8, and one week later, the projected PGA Player of the Year is not in your list of 5 or in your close contenders. Everyone was talking about "the big 3" a year or so ago, and since then, two of them haven't done much.
  2. Parity on tour

    I don't mind the so-called parity. I watch golf regularly, and I don't think these guys are cookie-cutter at all. They're all different. They all have different swings, different strengths and weaknesses, different personalities. I know it's easier for a casual fan to catch on when there's just one guy they need to know about, and it's good for ratings when there's one hero the fans can count on to come through and win, but I find the current state of the game very interesting. I guess I'm not a "casual" golf fan, though. And about Tiger's fitness level, I think his fitness level combined with that snapping the front leg is what killed his career. Some of these guys work out too much and will have shorter careers as a result. The body can only stand a certain amount of hard twisting and snapping the front knee and so forth.
  3. Struggling with shanks

    I fixed my shanks today. Last time I went to the range, shank shank shank. But I am of the firm belief that band-aids like "stand further away from the ball" are not the way to go in cases like this. The thing to do is, go back to basics and just try to get a good swing. So it took me about 10 or 15 shots, including 5 or 6 pure shanks, but I figured it out. I just had a fundamental swing problem. By fixing my fundamental swing problem, I got rid of the shanks and then I hit one after another really nice shots. My fundamental swing problem was, I was coming over the top, but at the same time I was trying to get my swing more down the line. If you come over the top you have to chop down on the ball or else you can't make contact at all, because if you don't chop down on the ball, you will either miss the ball entirely or at the very least, you will hit the ball off the heel or the hosel, and that's a shank. Coming over the top while trying to get my swing more down the line was what was causing my shanking. So I tried to make sure that on the down swing my hands come down instead of out, so then I am able to swing less outside-in, more down the target line and less toward left field. My shanks went away and I hit lots of really nice pure shots. I even hit some really nice shots with my 5-iron, which is my worst club. So, just thought I'd share that. Maybe it'll help somebody who is struggling with shanking the ball.
  4. Are you a picker or a digger

    I'm a picker. I wish I was more of a digger. It's probably why I hit the ball well off a tee, and any other shot that needs a sweep, such as a fairway wood, or hybrid. But I'm not very good with mid irons where I really ought to be taking more of a divot. Something really wrong with my swing there. One benefit to being a picker, though, is that I hit some pretty good shots out of fairway bunkers.
  5. Struggling with shanks

    This happened to me on the range 3 days ago. Right out of the blue, shank, shank, shank. Worst range session of my life. And this was just a couple of days after playing 18 holes and hitting the ball pretty well for me. It was very demoralizing. I've googled "why am I shanking" and looked on youtube and watched various videos about what causes shanking and how to cure it, and like everyone else has said in this thread, there are a multitude of possible reasons. What I'm going to try to do is just go back to basics. Next time I go to the range, I'm just going to put the shanks out of my mind and try to make a basic relaxed swing, concentrating on some of the things I ought to be working on, getting into the right positions, etc. Just try to slow it down, relax, etc. But anyway, good thread.
  6. At what point do I realize I'm not good at this game?

    I feel for you. Yesterday, I had one of the worst range sessions I've ever had. Shank, shank, shank. After a while, I lined up without a ball, and just tried to have the club hit the ground in a consistent spot. I picked a spot, and tried to hit the ground in front of that spot with a 7-iron. I could not do it. My impact spot on the ground moved by an inch or more every swing. In front, behind, outside, inside. I started to wonder if I have some sort of neuro-muscular disease that I am not aware of. Or maybe I just completely lack eye-hand coordination. I went to the practice chipping area, and I couldn't even chip the ball. Fat, thin, chunk, clunk. I go from "I don't need lessons." to "I'm not even good enough for lessons. It would be too embarrassing." Crazy thing is, the last time I played, I hit the ball great. My advice for you is, get together with your golf buddies, and play a round without keeping score. Just enjoy the day. Sorry, that's all I got for you. If you read my little rant, thanks for reading.
  7. PGA Championship Moving to May

    I know it's not as big as the PGA Championship. But after the PGA Tour hyped it for years as "The 5th Major," it seemed like it was just being shoved aside and almost ignored in the news about the PGA Championship. I know it's PGA Championship week, but it the PGA Tour wants the Players to be a big time tournament, they should act like it's a big time tournament. It felt like "the PGA Championship wanted this week, so they took it." That's just the feeling I got from the whole press conference. Bottom line, I know they're doing the right thing, and it's good for me, so it's okay. Just... didn't feel right.
  8. PGA Championship Moving to May

    What I don't like about this is the way it made the Players Championship look like the little brother. That's our local tournament down here, we like to think it's a big deal, and it kind of felt like it was being slighted- the news being the PGA moving to May. (Oh, and by the way, the Players will be in March.) But, that said, this is actually good for me. I'm generally out of town in May, and March is pretty nice down here, so I'm fine with it, really.
  9. Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    I know there is data to back up the fact that the long game is more important than the short game, but I don't need that. I just need a little logic. No one ever had to take a 2 stroke penalty and a do-over after a bad putt. No one ever had to go buy a dozen more golf balls because their putting was bad. No one ever had to waste 5 minutes hunting for a bad putt. No one ever got bitten by a snake or a tick because they were hunting for a bad putt. The fact is, so much more can go wrong with the long game than with the short game, and the penalties are so disproportionate, there is no comparison at all. Put your ball in the damn fairway and you will be fine. Hit greens in regulation and you will be golden. Putting? Chipping? Sure, they are important, and they should be practiced, but if you can't put your ball in the fairway to begin with, what's the point?
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    Best shot of the week. Wedge to 3 feet. I hit my drive long and right down the middle. I hit a half gap wedge about 50 yards to 3 feet from the hole and tapped in for... ..bogey. Because my first tee shot had gone so far to the right, I had hit a second tee shot.
  11. Pistol Competitions

    Here's a great story. Karoly Takacs
  12. When to get fitted

    In my opinion, the very first thing to invest in is lessons. I think average hackers have their priorities all wrong. They like to buy stuff but they don't get lessons. I was at a course a few months ago, and I noticed the guy next to me had the exact same driver I had so I struck up a conversation and he said he had ordered the newest model, which cost north of $300. He couldn't hit his current driver worth a crap but he was buying a brand new one. What a waste of time. I know the old one is a good driver because I have one. As for getting fitted, I got fitted about a year ago, and since I am about average size, 5-8, 150 lbs, I wound up with clubs that were just about what I would have gotten off the rack. It didn't cost me any more than the off the rack price, because they threw in the fitting for free if I bought the clubs. I guess I'm just being a curmudgeon this morning, but I am a firm believer: it's not the clubs, it's the swing. Go get some lessons and ask your pro if you should get fitted. That would be my advice.
  13. Drill for consistency

    If (a big if) your pro is correct that you have a good swing, but the ball is going all over the place, then it seems like you just need to practice. So I am wondering, when you go to the driving range, do you have the same error rate that you have when you play? I think a lot of people, myself included, go to the range and hit 3 out of 4 shots well, but what they ignore is, 1 out 4 shots being bad shots would mean a really bad round of golf. Think about 1 out of 4 tee shots being in the woods or in the lake. That's a disastrous round. I go, wow, I am really smoking this driver today, but then, oops, that one would have been in the other fairway. Or that one would have hit that big oak tree on the 3rd hole. Or that 7 iron would have been in that deep bunker on the 2nd hole. I think we go to the driving range and think we're better than we really are. But I digress. How often do you go to the driving range, and do you have the same number of erratic shots as you have when you play? Also, trying to think logically, do you ask your pro about this? Hey, you say I have a good swing, but I'm hitting the ball all over the place when I play. Why is that? Do you ask him that? It seems like if he says you have a good swing but you say your shots are all over the place, there would be some followup and a few questions.
  14. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I agree with most of what you say. Everyone wants golfers to show more personality, and then when they show more personality, whatever they say or do gets picked apart and criticized. I like watching Matsuyama, though, because I think his golf swing is kind of elegant.
  15. Putting epidemic

    I think most people miss short putts because they move their head. My advice would be, try hitting short putts without even moving your eyes. Keep your eyes glued to the spot where the ball was before you hit it. Of course, this assumes you have the putt lined up correctly to begin with. I found this out a year or so ago, and it helped my short putting immensely.