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  1. NFL 2017-2018

    They did manage 42 points. The problem, obviously, was that they couldn't stop the Jags' offense. I'm a Jag fan, and I have to admit, if you had told me the Steelers were going to score 42 points, I would have been absolutely sure the Jags were going to lose that game.
  2. NFL 2017-2018

  3. Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    It's only been in limited release to qualify for the awards season. I think it goes into wide release on the 19th of January. So you haven't missed it yet.
  4. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I saw it yesterday, and I kind of like it. Let's face it, the apparel on the PGA Tour is pretty stale. I think it's nice to get something new out there.
  5. Runaway Cart

    This isn't quite the same thing, but sort of semi-related. We were playing at the World Golf Village and we got paired up with a couple of guys we'd never met before, and none of us had ever played that particular course (I think it was Slammer and Squire). We're driving along in our cart, up near a green and behind us we hear a CRASH and the guy had driven up what appeared to him to be a hill, but what he didn't know was, it was really the crest of a deep bunker. His cart had gone head over heels into that bunker. He was lucky he wasn't killed. But pretty funny, nonetheless.
  6. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    He had one bad round. I saw a lot of flashes of the old Tiger Woods. He was rusty. I think he'll win a tournament.
  7. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    That's my guess also.
  8. Etiquette

    I don't understand why so-called "curse words" are unacceptable, when you can say the exact same thing using a different word, and that's okay. Excrement! Sex act! Woman's private parts! Those above are acceptable, and yet they are the exact same thing as the related curse words, and everyone knows it! It's just weird that the so-called "curse words" are unacceptable for some reason.
  9. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    I spend a lot of time in Franklin, NC, and some friends up there asked if I wanted to play, and I said sure, when do you want to play, and they said, Sunday. Sunday! Sunday would be jam-packed, or so I thought. We teed off at 10:30 and had the whole course to ourselves. So I asked them, what the heck is going on, and they said, no one in this town plays on Sunday morning. It's the slackest time of the week. Weird. Maybe they're all in church. Back to the original post, I wouldn't play, either, in the situation ozzynator described. I'd give it up. I wouldn't play 5 hour rounds with long waits on tee boxes.
  10. Recap Your 2017 Golf Goals

    Okay, so I broke 80 in March 2017. 41-38=79 was the score. I did do #1, 2, and 3 above, but I don't recall doing #4, which was, practice trouble shots.
  11. NFL 2017-2018

    Congratulations to the Jaguars for earning their first trip to the postseason in 10 years. Go Jags! DuuuuuuVaaaaaal !!!
  12. The Films and Movies Thread

    That's ridiculous. They have space ships but they fight with light sabers? What kind of idiotic weapon is that? If someone pulled a light saber on me, couldn't I just pull out a pistol and shoot them? All they have is this idiotic light saber that doesn't reach beyond 3 feet. How dumb is that? I think a 3-iron would probably be as good a weapon as a light saber.
  13. The Films and Movies Thread

    I cannot watch a movie where they use laser swords. That is about the dumbest thing in the entire universe. Seriously, is that the weapon of the future? A laser sword? A weapon that reaches all of 3 feet? Come on.
  14. Tips for squaring the club face

    It sounds like we're saying the same thing. http://www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/magnus-effect- "The Magnus effect operates in the following manner. As a spinning ball moves through the air, it spins a boundary layer of air that clings to its surface as it travels along. On one side of the ball the boundary layer of air collides with air passing by. The collision causes the air to decelerate, creating a high-pressure area. On the opposing side, the boundary layer is moving in the same direction as the air passing by, so there is no collision and the air collectively moves faster. This sets up a low-pressure area. The pressure differential, high on one side and low on the other, creates a lift force (the Magnus force) that causes the ball to move in the direction of the pressure differential (i.e., from high to low)"
  15. Tips for squaring the club face

    It's like a major league curve ball. The ball curves because of wind resistance. The spin causes one side of the ball to be going faster than the other side of the ball. The side that is spinning forward, towards home plate, has more wind resistance than the other side of the ball. Therefore the air gives it a push to the side. So it curves. Clockwise spin- ball curves to the right.

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