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  1. That's really funny. Seriously, I read that paragraph and I busted out laughing.
  2. I remember when there was a move to boycott Chic-Fil-A, and noted liberal John Stewart went on his show and said, paraphrasing, "Boycott? Are you crazy? These are delicious chicken sandwiches." I think the whole country has gone off the deep end with the politically inspired boycotts. So, heck yes, I would play one of his courses, whether I like him or not. If you don't like the guy, register to vote and vote. < (I think that is a non-partisan statement. I'm trying to remain non-partisan here. )
  3. I like the 4 piece ball a lot. I think they're a really good golf ball for a dirt cheap price ($15/dz) and they have performed very well for me. I have no experience with the 3 piece ball.
  4. One thing I have done recently is trying to feel the slope with my feet. Straddle the line, or stand to one side of your line with your feet perpendicular to the line, and it's amazing, very often your feet can feel the slope better than your eyes can see it.
  5. I wonder if the "Dilly dilly" ban was paid for by Budweiser. "Banning" their catch phrase is really to their benefit, as we have seen already.
  6. I don't necessarily agree with all of that. I agree that he has been a dick in the past, but I don't know that that necessarily means that he IS a dick. He might be a perfectly nice guy who's emotionally inconsistent, like Bubba Watson. How can we really know these people? We stand off at a distance and see them do something, and based on that very small random sample, we judge them without really knowing the totality of who they are.
  7. She's from Sweden, not Switzerland. But about your hoping an American wins, I may be unusual in this regard, but I don't particularly root for Americans unless it's an American team in the Ryder Cup or something like that. I generally root for players regardless of where they come from.
  8. That's a great explanation. So, if the right shoulder comes up on the back swing, the right side has to stretch, and some of that stretch naturally comes from the right leg straightening somewhat. It's so encouraging when I learn stuff like this, but at the same time, it's aggravating that it took me 50 years to learn it.
  9. Regarding Tiger's chances of winning, as best I can tell, over his career, Tiger won about 1 out of 4 tournaments he entered, and he finished top 10 in about half of them. So, in my judgment, based on a 42 year old Tiger who is probably not quite his old self, would set the odds of Tiger winning the Masters at about 15%. I would set the odds of him finishing top-10 at about 40%. Right now, if I had to pick a player, I would put my money on Bubba Watson. If I had to pick 5 players, I would pick Tiger as one of the 5.
  10. What a coincidence! I just started doing this, too. On my back swing, I keep my head centered over the ball and even try to move it very slightly forward. The only way to do this is to straighten the right leg somewhat. In my case, it's part of an all out attempt to eliminate fat shots, and combined with some other things, it seems to work. It's definitely improved my ball striking with my irons.
  11. Okay, here's my little story. We're playing a couple of days ago, on a very familiar course, and we come to hole #6, which is a par 5 with a sharp dog leg right, sand all down the left, water all down the left beyond the sand. so if you hit the ball too far you're at least in the sand if not in the water. Three very tall pine trees are in the corner of the dog leg on the right. Most people would aim to the left of the pine trees, and try to fade it a little to the right. There's a groundskeeper working on the back of the tee box, and he shuts off his machine and waits for us to tee off. I step up to the tee, and I figure if I just swing a little harder, and relax my my hands a little, I'll hit a baby fade around those pine trees. (That works about half the time.) So I take a mighty swing, and block a MASSIVE drive which is heading straight for those very tall pine trees, and the ball goes up up up and OVER the pine trees, barely clearing them, comes down on the back of a little hill, which kicks the ball forward down the fairway towards the green. The ball must have rolled about 80-100 yards because the fairway was dry and hard. It was just a little mistake which turned out really well. Of course, I acted like that was what I was trying to do all along. The groundskeeper says, "Wow, nice shot." I drive my cart to the ball and it is WAY out there down the fairway in perfect position. I have no idea how far it was, but for a little old guy like me who normally drives the ball about 230, it was a HUGE drive. And that was my shot of the week, if you forgive the fact that I wasn't actually aiming there. I topped my second shot, hit a little pitch on to the green, and birdied the hole.
  12. A few suggestions: 1) look at video. That could tell you a lot. 2) slow down and focus on fundamentals. Be calm and analytical. Think about what is happening and why it might be happening. Take more time between shots. 3) Relax. Usually frustration leads to tension, which leads to more bad shots. 4) find a club you can hit, hit that one, and think very carefully about what is the difference in your swing with that club vs the clubs you are hitting poorly.
  13. I've done that before. It's an eye-opener, for sure, at least for me, because it's the same mixture of spectacular shots and craptacular shots that I get on the course.
  14. I'd also like to say, it's important to take time between shots on a driving range. When you're playing, you would never hit two full shots within 15 or 20 seconds of each other, much less 10 full shots within 3 or 4 minutes. And yet I see people who pound their way through 100 balls like they have a plane to catch. When you do that, your body will react differently from the way it would on the course, where you hit full shots much less frequently, and your muscles get some time to relax and recover between shots.
  15. I played 9 holes yesterday, shooting 41, which normally wouldn't be worth posting about, except that I managed to birdie both par 5s, and double-bogey both par 3s. I can't remember ever doing that. Should have played 18 holes, but when we got to the 10th tee, all of a sudden there were multiple groups in front of us, so after waiting for 15 minutes to tee off, and having more groups pile up behind us, we went back to the pro shop and got 9-hole rain checks.
  16. I never use the driving range to calibrate distances. You can't know the exact distance to the 100 yard marker unless you use one of those laser range finders, which I don't have, and even then, you're using those driving range balls. I use the driving range to try to practice hitting the ball solidly and in a direction I am aiming. Really, that's the stage I am at, shooting in the 80s. My biggest challenge is the hit the ball solidly and straight. You definitely have to aim at something. But I get my distances with various clubs from actual play with an actual nice new golf ball, not a range ball. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it, of course. But I go out there and hit all my clubs, try to work on whatever I think I need to work on in terms of my swing (haphazardly, I admit). Pull out the driver, try to hit it straight, pull out a short iron and try to hit the 100 yard marker. Check my divots, try not to come over the top. It's not real serious. It's mostly for fun, taking my time between shots, enjoying the nice weather this time of year, look up at the clouds, stop to watch some interesting bird fly over, turn around and watch people playing their second shots on #13, which is fun because it shows me that most of the golfers that play that course are worse than I am. Okay, if the thread is asking for helpful hints, here are mine: Aim at something. Don't try to calibrate your distances on the driving range. Work on some aspect of your swing. Above all, enjoy yourself.
  17. I didn't listen to the whole thing, because they were being redundant, but I tent to agree with what they were saying. I actually like Tiger more since all the stuff happened. Whores, divorce, pills, injuries. To me, it makes him more relatable and less of the robot he used to seem like. It made him seem like more of a human being. The thing that really drove me into his corner was the way all the holier than thou types wanted to stone him to death when it all happened. And even now, on this message board, when I post a similar message in another thread, someone responded with "You like him because he cheated on his wife." That completely misses the point.
  18. If I could only pick one guy, I think I would pick Tiger, based on experience on that course, track record, recent play, etc. But if offered the chance to take "the field" then you have to take the field against one guy. Even the greatest golfers of all time don't win but a fraction of the tournaments they enter. Vegas odds are about 10% chance of Tiger winning, even though he is one of the favorites, if not the favorite. I picked "someone else in the top 15 of the OWGR." I could have just as easily picked "someone outside the top 15."
  19. I'm warming up to Bubba. I didn't used to like him, but I'm starting to appreciate his unique genius.
  20. I totally agree with you about Skechers being the most comfortable shoes ever. I bought a pair of those Skechers wide fit sneakers and I am in love with them. Incredibly comfortable. I'll check out their golf shoes, because I'm just lazy enough that being able to wear my golf shoes from home and back is appealing to me.
  21. "...Anti-Inflammatory drugs can stifle muscle gains..." But aren't steroids anti-inflammatories? And since steroids are commonly used to enhance muscle growth by reducing inflammation and thereby reducing recovery time, wouldn't that cast some doubt on the theory that anti-inflammatories inhibit muscle growth?
  22. Nice thread. I'm 64, so of course I hang around with people in their 60s a lot, and my regular golf group are all in their 60s. Personally, I think I'm playing the best golf of my life, but it's probably because I was so shitty to begin with, so there was a lot of room for improvement. But my friends, golfing friends and other friends, are starting to break down physically, some from accidents, some from just not taking care of themselves. Attrition starts to take over. Some friends have died from not taking care of themselves. Alcoholism, smoking, eating, it adds up and eventually, the price is paid. It seems like the 60s is where it all comes home to roost. But I also find that, while I spend a lot more time thinking about my oncoming physical decline, and thinking about the shortening time span in front of me, and how it's all going to be over eventually, in spite of that, I'm happier than I've ever been before. I think it helps immensely if we look with gratitude at all the gifts we have been given by life and how lucky we are to get here.
  23. Interesting points about foot position, and of course I yield to the expertise of others, especially @iacas. I have found that while pointing the back foot a little backwards does help a person get more turn in their back swing, it also encourages the back knee to flex backwards and in my case, it encourages me to roll my back foot and sway. Turning my right (back) foot more square encourages me to get my weight more on the inside of my foot and not roll to the outside of my foot. This seems to keep me more centered in my back swing with more firmness in my right leg. Then, turning the front foot more towards the target helps me to get my hips more open when hitting the ball. All that seems to allow me to hit the ball just as hard but with less back swing. And that's why I thought foot position would be fundamental to a good swing. And I still think that. But like I said, if Erik thinks I am wrong about that, then obviously I need to give it some thought. I would still encourage JonMA1 to turn his feet more towards the target, because they way they are positioned, it looks like he's trying to aim 45 degrees to the right.
  24. Also, about taking your practice to the course, the easiest and best way to do that is to take one and only one thing to the course. In your case, I'd say it is the foot position. You can set your feet correctly, right foot square, left foot turned 22 degrees out, before you take the club back. Practice with your feet in the corrected alignment, then when you go to the course, just put your feet in the correct alignment. You have a lot of good elements, but you absolutely must correct those feet. Fundamentals are called fundamentals for a reason, and foot position is fundamental.
  25. Just looking at that picture, I would say you need to start with one important thing, and that is, turn both feet to the left. Your right foot is pointed too far back. Turn it more square. Your left foot is also turned too far to the right. Turn it more toward the target. Do like Ben Hogan- right foot square, left foot turned out 22 degrees. Making this change will shorten your back swing and improve your consistency. You don't need a big back swing. Just look at Jon Rahm. Do it! You have a lot of good elements to build on there. Your swing is a lot better than some of the guys I play with.
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