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  1. It was exhilarating. I played 17 of the holes like crap, but I went home happy because I eagled the 9th hole. Driver, 5-wood, 10 foot putt. I don't care about the other 17 holes, that one hole made my day.
  2. Since I am 62 years old, and relatively small and not very strong, the key to getting the maximum distance for me is to keep my hands relaxed and start the downswing very slowly and then accelerate as smoothly as possible. When I try to swing hard, I am not strong enough to maintain control of the club without tightening my grip, which kills my clubhead speed. I agree with the previous posters who talked about watching LPGA golfers. I think because of a lot of them lack size and strength, they make up for it with flawless technique.
  3. What improved my putting was a tip I saw from Gary Player: don't move your head. So I keep my eyes focused on the ground and don't even move my eyes until the ball is way down the line. Even if I move my eyes it seems to throw me off a little! Another thing I discovered is on short putts, contact the ball with a slight upward stroke. That seems to start the ball rolling very straight.
  4. My goal for 2016 is to break 80. I think I can do it if I work on my short game. My ball striking is inconsistent but improving. Putting is okay. What I need to work on is scrambling. Chipping, pitching, trouble shots, all that stuff. I need to make the short game more of a practice priority.
  5. I have a friend in Switzerland and he tells me that at his local golf club they take you to the driving range and give you a test before they let you play. They want to see if you're good enough. Not good enough, can't play. My suggestion would be for the starter to give every group a very stern lecture about pace of play before they tee off. He might even set some rules about how many strokes they can take on each hole before they must pick up their ball and go to the next hole. Tell them double-par is a pickup, no exceptions. Tell them 2 minutes is the limit for hunting their
  6. My biggest improvement was chipping and putting, mostly chipping. Better chipping has kept me from making those big scores, double and triple bogeys. Now that I chip a lot better, I can almost always make a bogey at worst. I think improved chipping has taken about 10 strokes off my score. Double or triple bogey can put you in such a bad frame of mind for the next hole it can carry over. Now, no matter where I am, no matter how bad a shot I hit, I can always say to myself, there's still a chance to get up and down. And if you do get up and down, if you save a par, you go to the next h
  7. I would rather hit my tee shot 220 yards in the middle of the fairway and have a nice clear 5-iron to the green than hit it 250 yards and have a 7 iron off pine straw under a tree branch and over a greenside bunker. Plus, there's the pace of play issue. I play with guys that hit it way longer than I do, but they spend an inordinate amount of time looking for their ball. We had to let a group of women through one time, and they hit it 120 in the fairway, laid up 120, 120 to the green, and sunk the putt for par and off to the next hole. They were flying along. Sure, I envy guys who can
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