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  1. Keep in mind, the more pixels, the closer you have to sit (or the larger the TV you have to have) in order to actually get the benefit. What you really want besides pixels is great color and great motion, very fast refresh rate and no motion blur. I bought an OLED TV and it's fantastic. It's 65 inches, and I can stand right in front of it, about 6 feet away, and it still looks like reality. It saves a lot on airline tickets and hotel bills! Halstatt, Austria, in 4K
  2. Here's the situation. I play with a very good friend. I enjoy playing with him. But he refuses to make any effort to get better, so he sucks. If we're riding in the same cart, and we both tee off, we have to go to his ball first because he's farthest away from the green. Then he duffs his second shot, so we have to go there because he's still the farthest from the green. Then he hits his third shot, and then we finally go to my ball. By then, I'm thinking of the players behind us, so I rush to get my shot off so we can get going. Or, another golfing buddy that I enjoy playing wit
  3. I don't see how any governing body could force a golf ball manufacturer to stop selling the current golf balls to the 99.9999% of players who are not governing by the governing bodies. There'd be such a huge market for the current golf balls, nothing would change. No one can tell Titleist they can't sell ProV1s to the masses. That leaves it all up to the pros who actually play, and I don't think they would accept it, either. As far as I'm concerned, Jack Nicklaus is just a crotchety old man who pines for the good old days. When I think of all the reasons why a golf ball r
  4. I think you'd see amateur golfers rushing down to the local golf store and buying a lifetime supply of their favorite golf balls, before the new ones come on the market. I'd go buy about a hundred dozen Callaway Super Soft or something, and when those finally ran out, I'd give up the game then. Who wouldn't pay $1,000 to maintain a 40 or 50 yard distance advantage? In fact, if I was a golf ball manufacturer, I'd get ready to gear up my manufacturing plant, in anticipation of panic buying of the "old" golf balls.
  5. I wouldn't call myself a "good golfer" but I'll chip in anyway. I seem to have a new move every few months that I think has revolutionized my game for good, but usually, the result is less than I thought, more incremental than revolutionary. The latest thing for me, that I discovered a couple of weeks ago, and that has led to a massive improvement in my irons, is really two things: 1) get more side bend into my swing, and 2) stop rolling onto the outside of my back foot- stay centered in the back swing. The result of these two changes is an elimination of fat shots, and no lon
  6. Heckling is fine in basketball or football because usually there is a home and home series. The Packers have to play in Chicago, and the Bears have to play in Green Bay. Heckle away, because it's a fair balance. But Sergio Garcia has to play the Players Championship in one place only- Jacksonville, USA. So when the fans try to tilt the contest against him with unbelievable verbal abuse between holes, it is absolutely unfair. These players have to walk right past the spectators, and they take shots from the tee or from the fairway with spectators right next to them. This is why
  7. I am in favor of ejecting hecklers from golf tournaments. I've seen what happens to Sergio Garcia, and I don't think it's fair. I want to see a fair contest, and when fans start heckling, even if it's after the shot is struck, or in between shots, or while walking to the next tee, it affects the game, and I don't think fans should be allowed to affect the game in a negative way like that. When fans try to become a part of the game, or try to tilt the contest in one way or another, I don't think that should be allowed.
  8. I know I'm taking some risk by chipping in here, especially since I'm just a fellow hacker and not a scratch golfer or a teaching pro. What's up with the baseball grip? I don't know how people can swing a club with their hands that far apart. Secondly, your right foot is turned out and your left foot is parallel. I would do the opposite. Turn your right foot to the left, and your left foot out. Less back swing and easier follow through. Also, are you rolling onto the outside of your right foot on the back swing? That's a common mistake I make, too. They say you're sup
  9. Stipulating that I interpreted the the option as "100 yards extra on your DRIVES" which to me means the driver. I didn't interpret the option as "extra distance with all your clubs." And with that stipulation, the problem with adding 100 yards to your drives is, if your drive off line, adding 100 yards can put you out of bounds, or in the woods, or in a lake. Now, if the option had been "100 yards longer and straighter drives" then I would have chosen that. I hit a lot of drives right now that are in the fairway, but if I added 100 yards in the same direction, it would be disastrous.
  10. I have two thoughts about the Honda. I thought Tiger played really well, and it looks like he can win pretty soon. My other thought about the Honda was that it was really notable how hard it was for these pros to play those two 160-ish yard par 3 holes, #15 and #17. They were scared to death by that Sunday pin position.
  11. I think in order to break 90, the very first thing one should learn is how to hit a driver. Right off the bat, that will put you closer to breaking 90 than anything else. You have to put your tee shot out there with some distance and accuracy. It's a must.
  12. Absolutely invest in some lessons. At this point, using a book or video clips would be just hacking around in the dark, because what you need the most is someone to look at your swing and tell you what your biggest fault is. Books and videos might be educational and enjoyable, but you can take a huge shortcut to success by getting a lesson or lessons. Lessons are not really that expensive when compared to what you pay for just 2 or 3 rounds of golf.
  13. I hit one the other day, it was up against a tree and I choked up on my 3-hybrid and hit it lefty, punched it about 20 yards back into the fairway. One of the best shots I hit all day. First time I've ever done that.
  14. Among the choices offered, I chose "Never 3-putt." But if I could make another choice, it would be "Hit the ball in the exact direction I am aiming." I don't hook or slice much, but I do push and pull the ball off line too much. An even better choice for me would be "Make solid contact every time." I guess what I would really want is consistency. 100 extra yards doesn't matter to me. I'd just like to know where the ball is going.
  15. I know this is off topic, and I apologize for that, but I am curious. Why do you say Lexi is great for women's golf?
  16. You are absolutely right about the ball being too far back. I played today, and made a big improvement by putting the ball more forward. My chipping still sucks, but not as bad as yesterday. Your points are well taken. It's just that, in the past 2 weeks, I have made a major improvement in my long game. A couple of changes in my swing brought a massive improvement in my ball striking. So even though it hasn't quite filtered onto the course yet, I am all of a sudden extremely hopeful about making a huge improvement in my iron play. So what I need in the long game is just pra
  17. My long game has greatly improved. I could be breaking 80 consistently, but my short game sucks. Where a better player would get up and down in 2, much too often I take 4 shots to get up and down. In a bunker, I just try to get out and on the green. I'm not getting close to the hole. Chipping from just off the green, it's usually a chip and a 2-putt. I went to the practice chipping green yesterday, and I could not stop hitting the ground just behind the ball. Every chip shot- kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk. I've had a bunch of birdie opportunities lately, but almost never convert one unl
  18. Very good. Interesting. I'm always making plans to get better, but my plan usually lasts about a week. Then it changes. It's hard for me to stay on a path.
  19. No, I'm much to lazy for that. The whole thing is a big mystery to me. Are these balls any good? Where do they come from? IF they are any good, how do they sell them so cheap, and why do they sell them so cheap? (IF they are any good.) And IF they are any good, and IF they continue to sell them, what are the implications for the golf industry? What are the components that go into the manufacturing/marketing/distribution costs of a Titleist or other golf balls or other golf equipment? Etc etc etc. But I sense you'd like for me to give it a rest, so I'll do that.
  20. Why would you not hold out much hope? Is there any actual evidence of a different ball? They're selling the 4 piece urethane covered ball right now in Jacksonville. There are stacks of them in the store I go to.
  21. The same thing used to happen to me, and the only way I can avoid it is to not drink anything within 2 hours of going to bed, and then, don't get up to pee during the night. Also, no caffeine after noon, and no nap during the day. And plenty of exercise. Then and only then can I get a good night's sleep. I often violate those rules, and wind up surfing TheSandTrap at 4AM.
  22. At my local Costco, they are still selling a 4 piece ball with a urethane cover. I keep seeing a lot of reports of a new ball that is not a 4 piece ball, but has anyone actually seen it? I know there is more than one type of Costco ball on the USGA Conforming Ball list, but I haven't heard of anyone who's actually bought or seen one.
  23. I played with them for the first time last week. Normally I do not play a "premium" golf ball. I normally play balls that are about $21 a dozen, like a Callaway Super Soft. Also, I don't think my swing speed is very high; I usually hit my driver about 220-230, occasionally 250. So I played the Kirkland 4-piece ball last week for the first time, and I must say, I hit the longest drives of my life. I hit more than one drive in the 280-290 range. Now, that may have been the result of course conditions, hard fairways, etc, and it may have had something to do with me taking extra warmu
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