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  1. Would I pay? That question is too vague for an answer. How much?
  2. And I would just like to add- JB Holmes deserves punishment for what he did on the 18th hole. If I was the God of Golf, I would give him a 2 shot penalty, $50,000 fine, and a suspension. And then I would tell the rest of the players, this cannot ever happen again, or it will kill TV golf. I can't believe there isn't more backlash about what he did. What. A. Dick.
  3. I thought Tiger did great. It's amazing he finished as well as he did when he missed so many fairways. Based on this tournament, I'm predicting he will win a couple of tournaments this year, and maybe a major. He has a couple of weeks to go home and straighten out his driver. If he can do that, he can win any tournament.
  4. I don't get frustrated. I get depressed. I enjoy the mental aspect of golf, by which I mean the analytical aspect- how to swing a club, how to practice, how to get better. When I took golf up again a few years ago, I re-started a lifetime quest to break 80 just once. I made it about 2 years ago, at the age of 62, and since then, it's been a slow slide backwards. I'm starting to think, maybe that was my peak. Maybe I'll never get any better than that. But then, the days start to get longer, the weather starts to warm up, and I start to have thoughts like, hey, maybe if I shorten my
  5. Maybe if CBS goes to the PGA Tour and says, "That was not good television and we're not going to be happy if that's what you give us" they'll find it within themselves to do something.
  6. Watching JB Holmes just standing there waiting for the weather to change was disgusting. I hope he gets a big fine or even a suspension or something. That was conduct detrimental to the PGA Tour. There has to be some grounds to fine or suspend him for that. They have to do something. That was really bad.
  7. Go to the driving range with the old hybrid and the new hybrid, and hit both of them. If the old hybrid is still satisfactory, and the new hybrid is not, then it's the club, not the swing.
  8. Interesting post. Thinking about it, I think the last sentence, about you feeling unworthy, is your fault, not theirs. If you hang around with a bunch of rich guys, they talk about rich guy stuff. They're not necessarily trying to make you feel small. In fact, the way you tell the story, when you reacted, they realized what was happening in your head, and they shut up about the expensive liquor. Rich people are just like everyone else, except they're rich. Working class guy might bring up some kind of craft beer he tried the other day, rich guy might bring up the expensive scotch
  9. You're coming all the way from Australia? Pre-book. For gosh sakes, how much do you really care about saving a few bucks when you're coming all the way from Australia?
  10. That actually looks kind of dangerous. I'm not sure I would try that.
  11. I don't have any kind of official handicap. Sometimes I don't even keep score. Obviously, his attitude would bankrupt every golf course in the world if it was enforced. My advice to you is, rather than being mad at the guy, feel sorry for him, because obviously he has such a lack of social skills that he may not have any friends.
  12. I would say (based on feel only, no video), I am making a similar back swing but not as far back as picture #4. Really, what I think I am doing is making a normal swing, but not as much twist in my lower back. My shoulders feel like they are getting somewhere between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, but definitely not 90 degrees. I feel like my lead arm is not going much beyond parallel to the ground. And then a full follow through. I know, feel ain't real, but I'm trying to accurately describe what it feels like. It seems like everything stays in sync a lot better. From the to
  13. Due to a combination of the flu and bad weather, I hadn't hit a golf ball for over a month, but yesterday, the weather warmed up and I went to the range. I hit about 80 balls, which would usually give me a lower back ache, but yesterday, since I hadn't hit a ball in so long, I decided to shorten my back swing to what felt like a half swing. The results were, I hit the ball almost as far as usual, but I have no back pain. So now I'm thinking, in the past, I had a back swing that went as far as I could stretch, but I am going to give that up and go with what feels like a half swing. I'
  14. I was out at the Player's Championship during a practice round, and I saw Phil Mickelson top a shot from the fairway. He made a full swing, 200 or so yards from the green, and the ball rolled on the ground about 20 yards. I guess it's possible he was just joking around. My theory is, there are many components to a golf swing- the hands, the arms, the hips, the legs, the posture, etc etc etc, and for a casual golfer, all these components are in motion, like the planets. From one day to the next, these components are slowly moving. Occasionally, all the planets line up, and ever
  15. I voted top 20. I actually think he'll finish around 20th. I base this on what I saw at the Hero. Aside from a few hiccups, he looked like his old self.
  16. Time if starting to creep up on me. I used to feel like I still had time to improve, but when I hit my last birthday, for some reason, for the first time in my life, I became very aware of my advanced age. It won't be long before I am one of those guys who just whacks it down the middle with no distance at all. It's inevitable. Time is relentless. My goal for 2018 is to re-dedicate myself to the game. All phases. Ball striking, short game, strength and flexibility, fitness, etc etc etc. I've been off for the last month because of weather and illness, and it's still too c
  17. They did manage 42 points. The problem, obviously, was that they couldn't stop the Jags' offense. I'm a Jag fan, and I have to admit, if you had told me the Steelers were going to score 42 points, I would have been absolutely sure the Jags were going to lose that game.
  18. Go Jags!!! DUUUUUUUVAAAAAL!!!
  19. It's only been in limited release to qualify for the awards season. I think it goes into wide release on the 19th of January. So you haven't missed it yet.
  20. I saw it yesterday, and I kind of like it. Let's face it, the apparel on the PGA Tour is pretty stale. I think it's nice to get something new out there.
  21. This isn't quite the same thing, but sort of semi-related. We were playing at the World Golf Village and we got paired up with a couple of guys we'd never met before, and none of us had ever played that particular course (I think it was Slammer and Squire). We're driving along in our cart, up near a green and behind us we hear a CRASH and the guy had driven up what appeared to him to be a hill, but what he didn't know was, it was really the crest of a deep bunker. His cart had gone head over heels into that bunker. He was lucky he wasn't killed. But pretty funny, nonetheless.
  22. He had one bad round. I saw a lot of flashes of the old Tiger Woods. He was rusty. I think he'll win a tournament.
  23. Marty2019


    I don't understand why so-called "curse words" are unacceptable, when you can say the exact same thing using a different word, and that's okay. Excrement! Sex act! Woman's private parts! Those above are acceptable, and yet they are the exact same thing as the related curse words, and everyone knows it! It's just weird that the so-called "curse words" are unacceptable for some reason.
  24. I spend a lot of time in Franklin, NC, and some friends up there asked if I wanted to play, and I said sure, when do you want to play, and they said, Sunday. Sunday! Sunday would be jam-packed, or so I thought. We teed off at 10:30 and had the whole course to ourselves. So I asked them, what the heck is going on, and they said, no one in this town plays on Sunday morning. It's the slackest time of the week. Weird. Maybe they're all in church. Back to the original post, I wouldn't play, either, in the situation ozzynator described. I'd give it up. I wouldn't play 5 hour rounds
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