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  1. Okay, so I broke 80 in March 2017. 41-38=79 was the score. I did do #1, 2, and 3 above, but I don't recall doing #4, which was, practice trouble shots.
  2. Congratulations to the Jaguars for earning their first trip to the postseason in 10 years. Go Jags! DuuuuuuVaaaaaal !!!
  3. That's ridiculous. They have space ships but they fight with light sabers? What kind of idiotic weapon is that? If someone pulled a light saber on me, couldn't I just pull out a pistol and shoot them? All they have is this idiotic light saber that doesn't reach beyond 3 feet. How dumb is that? I think a 3-iron would probably be as good a weapon as a light saber.
  4. I cannot watch a movie where they use laser swords. That is about the dumbest thing in the entire universe. Seriously, is that the weapon of the future? A laser sword? A weapon that reaches all of 3 feet? Come on.
  5. It sounds like we're saying the same thing. http://www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/magnus-effect- "The Magnus effect operates in the following manner. As a spinning ball moves through the air, it spins a boundary layer of air that clings to its surface as it travels along. On one side of the ball the boundary layer of air collides with air passing by. The collision causes the air to decelerate, creating a high-pressure area. On the opposing side, the boundary layer is moving in the same direction as the air passing by, so there is no collision and the air collectively moves
  6. It's like a major league curve ball. The ball curves because of wind resistance. The spin causes one side of the ball to be going faster than the other side of the ball. The side that is spinning forward, towards home plate, has more wind resistance than the other side of the ball. Therefore the air gives it a push to the side. So it curves. Clockwise spin- ball curves to the right.
  7. I voted the 3rd option. It depends on how accurate you can be with the driver or something else. I think for most people, they should make a strategic choice based on how they far they hit, and how well they control, their various clubs. I use a driver always, every time I can, because for me it is a much more reliable club than a 5-wood off the tee, which is my next longest club.
  8. I totally agree. The fawning is deserved. Here's maybe the greatest player of all time, and we thought he was done at the age of 41. And yet, here he is again- looking like the old Tiger Woods. If he comes back to being close to his old self, it will be the biggest news of the year in golf. 79 PGA Tour victories, 14 major championships, career tragically cut short at the age of 41, but oh, wait, not so fast, he's BACK. Imagine if we get to the last round of the 2018 Masters, and the leaderboard is Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and good God, there's TIGER WOODS.
  9. In my experience, slow play is caused by bad players- people hunting for their ball, or hitting too many shots before they reach the green, or blading their chip shot over the green, etc. Rangefinders are usually used by more serious players who play fewer shots, and better shots, and therefore play pretty quickly. I don't use a rangefinder; I use a GPS app on my cell phone. The courses I have played have very obvious 150 markers, and when I am near one, I don't look at the app. Where I need a yardage is inside the 150 marker. I'm just no good at looking at the pin and looking
  10. A. He played injury-free, made a lot of great shots, has a few things to work on, but overall, for his first time back in a long time, I thought he did great.
  11. I have watched loads of Russian dash cam videos. They're great.
  12. Somebody assassinated the tree! That's funny.
  13. But along the lines of "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." "Then don't do that." Can a person (sometimes) deal with an issue by treating the issue directly? "My swing is outside-in." "So don't swing outside-in. Practice swinging inside-out." I have been dealing with an over the top issue for years, especially with my irons, and I finally just decided to forget everything else and just swing towards the target. I am focusing more on my finish, and what happens after I hit the ball. I'm just trying to make a divot that goes towards the target. I think it's helped me a
  14. Okay, I have one. There's a course I play often in North Carolina, and they have a par-5 that has a big tree right in the middle of the fairway about 200 yards out. If you can carry your drive about 270, you can easily clear the tree, but the average golfer like me, who carries a drive 200-220, has to aim for the tree and hope he doesn't hit it. Last time I played, I hit the trunk of the tree. To me, if a perfect shot is penalized from sheer luck, that is a gimmick. Not that I want them to cut the tree. It's a beautiful old tree.
  15. Absolutely, it's not a gimmicky hole at all. But in regards to whether it is a difficult putt, as I recall, on one of the early days, not Sunday, the pin is in the front of the green, so I remember a lot of guys going for the pin and winding up short and in the water. And of the ones that make it, if they play safe and put their shot beyond the pin, that's a downhill putt. And on Sunday, when the pin is on the far right, if they play safe for the middle of the green, again that's a downhill putt and sometimes with a huge break on it. On either of those pin placements, putting from the
  16. Here's an article from 2015 that says the Trackman PGA Tour average carry for a 3-iron is 212. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/ And here's one from 2017 that says the average PGA tour player hits a 3-iron between 210 and 260. I don't know if that's the carry or total distance. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2017/02/02/how-far-pga-tour-players-hit-ball-average-distance-102775/ I'm saying, you hit the ball a very very long way, right up there with PGA Tour players. So, I had to laugh when you seemed to be asking, basically, "Have
  17. Yes, they are ladies' tees. They are called ladies' tees right there on the scorecard. We will not play from ladies' tees because we still have some pride in ourselves as men. We are a crappy bunch of golfers, but we are still men. We do not want to put on a skirt, figuratively speaking. And as far as "playing from where it's fun..." we are having fun. We're just not playing from the ladies' tees.
  18. I agree. The 17th at TPC Sawgrass is very easy for the pros to hit if all they're trying to do is hit the green. If they want a birdie they have to risk the water, and on some days, if all they try to do is hit the middle of the green, they are left with a difficult 2-putt. I don't think it's gimmicky at all. I think it's a great hole.
  19. According to this 2009 article, you are well beyond PGA Tour averages. Have you ever played professionally? http://golftips.golfweek.com/average-yards-per-club-pro-golfer-20585.html
  20. Yesterday four of us senior hackers (all in our mid-to-upper 60s) played a course with no "real" senior tees, just combined senior/women's tees. We backed up to the regular member tees, which made the course about 6,100 yards. It wasn't that bad. We had a lot of long approach shots, but it was fun and different. We absolutely will not play from women's tees. That is an absolute. We'd rather shoot 100 than play from women's tees.
  21. That is such a depressing post for me to read. How far do you hit your 3-iron?
  22. I don't understand why a phone app would have to load. I leave the app running. I click the side button on the phone to turn off the screen, and then when I need it, I just grab my phone from my pocket, click the on button at the front of the phone, and there's the hole and the yardage, front, middle, and back. It advances to the correct hole automatically. Swipe to the left, and there's your yardage to the hazards. It takes maybe 5 seconds to pull phone from pocket, click it on, and see the yardages.
  23. The closest course to me in Jacksonville, 10 minutes away, is Hyde Park. It's been around a long time. In fact, on #6, which is a short par-3, there's a little sign that says Ben Hogan once made an 11 on that hole during a tournament. They call it "Hogan's Alley." That's pretty cool. Here's a link to a video. Hyde Park Golf Club Jacksonville I've played there for many many years. Some things I like about it are: 1) Cheap greens fees. $25 for a senior. Look at these rates! $15 for 9 holes with cart after 1 PM. How can you beat that? Rates 2) The
  24. I think the "Ladies Tees" title on the scorecard is a big problem. One course I play often has 4 sets of tees: blue, black, white, and red, with the red being the ladies tees, and lots of us older gents play from the whites. But on the other course I play often, there are 3 sets of tees, Blue, white, and red/black, with red/black being the combined senior/ladies tees,and none of the men seem to want to play from those tees. I know it's just ego, but men, even senior men, don't want to play from the ladies' tees. Another problem is when they do have separate forward (or senior)
  25. I guess there has to be some reason people will pay for something they could have for free. I loaded Freecaddie on my iphone 6+, also. I keep my phone in my pocket. It's never been a problem for me. I'd rather not wear a watch.
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