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  1. After a good weeks short game practice I went out and had 37 stableford points, 1 better than my handicap, new GA 12.9. Anyone living in Melbourne knows that today was one of the windiest days of the year and ball striking was difficult. Pretty happy with the result. Lessons learned today was, swing it easy when the conditions are like that, the short game and putter aspect of the game are more important than any gives credit for. 5 am back on the grind at the gym working on seperation.
  2. Why would I discuss these hand movements with sandy? You are a complicated person @collapse you either a) over think too much or b) have got nothing better to do than talk absolute rubbish and try confuse the situation. It's people like you who make the already hard game of golf harder than it already is. I hope you wrist flexion and extension gets your golf game to where you want it.
  3. I just started a training program focusing on different aspects of the game, it's not 500 balls, more like 250 but spaced over about 2.5 hours. I'll let you know how it goes
  4. In your opinion.... Which is fine, but what works or doesn't work for you is going to be completely different to someone's else's strengths and weaknesses. That's the beauty of life, if everything and everyone was the same we would all be perfect and boring haha
  5. Haha boobs are good though. That's he's fun channel, don't take life to serious champ. What are you like with the bats anyway @collapse
  6. @Dave325One thing I have promised myself is to keep enjoying the game and process. One advantage I guess I have is the fact I haven't been playing that long at all so the excitement that comes with good shots and great golf courses is still fresh, I am loving it. Weather I get to scratch or not is not massively high on my priority list at the moment, I am learning something new everyday and wherever it takes me is where I want to be, no pressure. Your positive comment and attitude is what this world is missing, a leader always encourages and wants success for other people, I thank you for the
  7. @collapse before this week I didn't have a practice schedule, I would go to the range and hit meaningless balls, some good, some bad, but with no direct intention. Today I started a training program given to me by a Thai pro, nothing over the top, it is just to set me in the right direction and see how it goes from there. Even from one practice session today I can see the benefits of training with purpose so I hope it brings me at least a little bit of success. I will keep you up to date with how it goes. Today the GA is 13.3. And targets hits was about 60-65%
  8. How is this Dan funding he's "Dan Plan"? How is it possible to get sponsorship for something like this without showing any great talent from the get go? I'm sure that someone with a decent swing to start with could do amazing things with there game if given the chance to train everyday with the right people in the right way. Someone find me a sponsor and I will get there in a year? Anyone want to help?
  9. @Nagah I'll have a look for sure. Albury has a few nice tracks around also, I play weekly with a guy from Corowa. Metro is known to be one of the hardest and also best on the sandbelt, playing off scratch there is a great achievement. Do you get to have a bash around metro ever? Have you played commonwealth before?
  10. @natureboy thanks so much for the kind words. It has been quick to progress from where I was to where I am now but totally understand that this will slow to a crawl from here on in. My practice hasn't had any structure so far so I plan on making a plan and practicing with purpose over the next 10 months to help my chances as much as I can. I'm definately not in school, I'm 32 and work as a plumber, I do get to choose my own hours so it is a bit easier for practice time. I dont have to higher expectations on myself, I just really enjoy the sport and the challenge, I will keep you updated. Nice
  11. Wow that's too many numbers for me buddy, but good on you for giving me that. Par is a scoring system somewhat like stableford but you get a half for a net par, a + for a net birdie and a - for a net bogie. One thing I am with myself and everyone else around me is honest, the game is full of cheats and it's something I don't like at all. Thanks for you educational post @Pretzel I love a good numbers guy. Keep chipping away at your game, cheers
  12. Before I had my handicap I had played a handful of times and smashed balls at te range with my old man maybe 1-2 times per year with no aim but to belt the skin off it. Since I got my handicap I have dedicated myself somewhat practicing maybe 2 times a week and playing 1-2 times a week except over winter as here in Melbourne it is stupid cold and wet and not enjoyable at all. I now have a coach Sandy Jamieson who coaches a few pros like Jarrod Lyle. He aim is to have me off low single digits in a short time as I have a fair bit of length off the tee, I am just going through a bit of a swi
  13. Thanks for the feed back and advice guys, I'm not very forum savy so you'll have to bare with me. I'm interested in this Dan Plan, how is he going? What were he's goals? Is he achieving what he set out to do? as for me, how do I keep you up to date with my progress, training, coarses I play? I'm currently a member at Commonwealth golf club in Melbourne on the Sandbelt, we have the Vic amature championships on at the moment, the place is in ripping condition. Even better I get to play at Kingston Heath on Friday.
  14. Playoff scratch by this time next year, my GA is 13.7 at the moment. Realistic?
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