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  1. I don't have a swingweight scale, just a gram scale, a tape measure, and a laptop to access a swingweight calculator. It's more time consuming than using a swingweight scale, but cheaper. But a swingweight scale is much faster and easier. A swingweight scale would come in handy for me as much as I have tinkered with my clubs lately.
  2. You can always trick the scale by going with a lighter grip. I believe for every 4 grams lost or gained at the grip end moves the swingweight scale by a point. You need a grip that is 16 grams lighter than the stock one to get your swingweight to D2.
  3. Stay away from those cheap box sets at Wallyworld, they're junk. They are indeed "cheap". I've bought clubs from Hireko and Maltby and can honestly say for the cheap prices you get quality with them.
  4. I've been back in golf almost 4 years and have bought or traded for roughly 15 sets of irons, 2 dozen drivers, 2 dozen fairway woods, a dozen hybrids, 15 putters, and about 12 wedges. I have 50 dozen golf balls, 6 golf bags, 5 pairs of golf shoes, 2 rangefinders, and 1 gps unit. Yeah, it's a sickness. You will never BUY a golf game. Trust me on this, I know. Recently I bought a nice golf mat and net for the garage to work on my game in the winter. I go to a local range and practice when the weather permits. I play as much golf as the weather and my work allows. The best things that will help your golf game are lessons, getting equipment fit to you, sticking with the same equipment, and practice with a purpose. Don't just show up and whack balls. Pick a spot on the range and try to work the ball left and right, high and low, etc. Try to hit different yardages with the same club. But mostly work on your short game and putting. Yeah, it's nice to poke the long ball out there, but scoring is more about the short game.
  5. I put my Stage 2 shaft in my R1 driver and vice-versa and it worked fine. There is a small difference in the loft settings on the adapter, but it doesn't affect playability. I think you'll be fine.
  6. I agree. Still probably best to get fit by a qualified clubfitter if a person can afford it vs. buying off the rack. And take lessons, lol.
  7. Well it was a mixed bag of results today. The driver was actually pretty good. I was hitting most everything down the middle with it. Seemed to have less yardage than normal, but it was kinda cold and very wet, so no rollout. On the last hole I removed the lead which put the driver back to D1 and I hit 2 balls and it was ugly. It felt like I was losing control of the head and felt like I was overswinging. The fairway woods were a hot mess with and without lead. I've never been able to hit those 949s well. The hybrid had a pronounced fade with the lead and just a baby fade without it. The wedges were better without the lead. I was hitting the irons both fat and thin til I removed the lead, then I went pin hunting. I'm not a big fan of those Nippon 1150 shafts, they feel harsh to me. I may end up installing shaft inserts or just going with graphite. I have a set of Adams CB2 irons with Xcaliber 85 gram shafts and just love the ball flight and the feel. I read somewhere that Robin Arthur is coming out with some new shafts soon and I hope he's gonna have some 105 or 115 gram iron shafts similar to the 85's. I know he has the Tour X, but I have some Steelfibers in a set of Callaway Apex and those are so-so to me. Those original Xcaliber 85's are awesome. So, for now I'll keep tinkering with the Snake Eye irons and will probably put my 44.5" R1 driver and Stage 2 woods back in the bag. I think going shorter with the irons worked well, the woods not so much.
  8. Ok, those Snake Eyes irons came in today and they specked out .5" shorter than standard, D3D4 SW, and almost perfect lie angle for me. I hit 'em well and mostly centered. I got them home and added enuff lead to get them up to D6D7. I also had those Wishon woods shortened and had the 25 gram grips installed. They came in at D1 and D2 so I added lead to those, putting the driver at E0, and the fairways and hybrid to D7. I also raised my Cleveland 54 up to D7. Was wanting to take it to D9 along with my 58, but ran outta lead. Can't wait to try these out next Tuesday weather permitting.
  9. Been back in golf a few years after taking 20+ away. I've noticed one trend in the newer technology is the longer shaft lengths on everything. I recently measured a set of Wilson WS1000's from 1986 and came away surprised. The driver is 43", 3-wood 42", 5-wood 41.5", 3-iron 38.5", with the rest of the irons decreasing at .5" increments. I recently began cutting all my modern drivers down to 44.5" and have much better dispersion and distance. I use 25 gram grips to get the feel I like, which puts the SW at D8. I'm considering cutting down some Wishon woods I have to those older specs and adding tip weights and lead to up the swingweights on those also. May even cut down a set of Snake Eye irons to older specs and lead the snot out of those to get higher SW's. My thinking is, because of all this new modern tech with lighter and longer shafts, I'm losing distance and direction because the new stuff is too long and I can't hardly feel the head weights, thereby throwing my swing out of whack...................does this make any sense to anyone but me?
  10. Funny you should mention Cape and Jackson as I played 18 holes at Kimbeland in Jackson and 23 holes at Jaycees in Cape today.............and man, am I tired! And you are correct, Oran has no course. Thanks for the welcoming Mizzou guys!
  11. Hello all! My name is Jeff and I hail from Oran, Mo., little burb of about 1200. I've been back in golf for 3 years following a layoff of about 22. I played for about 3 years in the late 80's before giving up golf and getting into racing. Needless to say, my golf game isn't the same as it used to be............getting older sucks! I joined this forum to pick brains on equipment technology and the golf swing. Nice to have a site like this for info!
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