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  1. I am sure Dustin Johnson has talked about his practice more than once. I'm so sorry I was not aware you know everything and could never be wrong. Typical golf forum trash talk from the clueless.
  2. Dustin Johnson states he spends 1/3 of his practice time on putting. When watching him play it shows. I see people on the practice green and they leave in 10 minutes. Then they will pound the driver for hours. My putting grip is just a regular overlapping grip with thumbs down the face of the grip. For 2017 I averaged 1.7 putts per round. I hope to do better this year.
  3. I cannot see anything wrong with putting your right finger down the shaft IF you realize you are putting your wrist back into the stroke. (I do not do this) I think putting is very individual and don't feel there is too many right or wrong things you can do if you are sinking putts. If someone is putting way better than you are you going to tell them are doing it all wrong?
  4. A sand wedge has to have about 12 degrees of bounce to work. A 56-12 is a sand wedge. The tour players using higher lofted wedges all have a lot of bounce. The Callaway 60 degree wedge I sometimes use has enough bounce to get out of sand traps which is what the pros are doing. My other 60 degree is 3 degrees of bounce for hard fairways but you will not get a good sand shot with it.
  5. Wow, there is an internet? Who would have thunk? And the information is as good as the word of God. LOL Second hand knowledge from an article or some old youtube video and everyone is an expert regardless of subject or age. I saw Jack play in Las Vegas in 1969 in person. When did YOU see him play IN PERSON? Oh, I forgot you are an internet expert so no need to actually see something live. 😎
  6. I bought a couple dozen of these which was a big mistake. They are hard and don't go farther than my regular Callaway Chrome soft.
  7. How many here have seen Jack in this prime? Most are too young so where do you get all this information?
  8. parman


  9. I just did the same thing, replaced some G25s with AP2 716 irons and love them. (Very good condition for 329) I hit them a bit longer than the pings and the cost difference was minimal since all this was done online. I was looking for some Spider weights and found Amazon to be cheaper and faster than eBay. Good luck with the grips and nice deal!
  10. It is sticky enough to stay when putting the head cover on and off but can easily peeled off. I checked once and it left no mark and that's on a raw head.
  11. Here it is. Of course you can go in any direction.
  12. I have done this before using pin striping from an automotive store. Actually have seen that done on a spider. I've done it on one dark headed putter I have. I'll see if I can post a pic.
  13. Well I have played on those greens, have you? You sure assume a lot and there is a saying for that which isn't complimentary. After 58 years of golf I've seem most of what can happen. If you really read my post there is nothing there that says you are wrong. I just don't think you are right. IMHO I feel how a golfer is putting is an individual decision and the PGA players proves that. They all have their own unique ways. The point I was trying to make is that there are lots of great putters using their own unique styles. I don't believe one way on putting is correct. I also think electro
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