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  1. After a round I can talk you through every single shot. My wife laughs because sometimes I remember that better than more important things.
  2. Played 9 holes, started well and ended well but the middle was a ride on the bogey train.
  3. The Skins game was fun to watch. I liked Shell's WWOG as well. Always fun to hear the players casually chatting as they play. I just can't get into the shoulder season. For me, the pro golf season is over in the Fall and starts in Hawaii in January.
  4. We have had great weather this past week here in NC. (60's and low 70's) I got out to play at my club on Thurs morning before work. Jumped out as a single in the first tee time of the day and felt like I had the place to myself. Breezed around 9 holes in about 1:05, it was a beautiful thing. Started off par,par but then got a one way ticket on the bogey train. I was hitting good tee shots but there was one shot every hole that stunk. I finally got off the train on #8 making par there and a par on #9 for a 42. I have another tee time on Wed AM, playing with my buddy. Will probably be close to 50 degrees and sunny around 8am. Most of my club is Bermuda but the greens are Bent grass so while most of the course goes dormant, the greens stay green and perfect all winter. Our Super does an amazing job keeping the course very playable all year. Even in winter with the dormant grass, the course is in good shape.
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