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  1. I started playing again after 30 years in 2015. Until June of this year I "repaired" ball marks "the wrong way". It never occurred to me there was another way to do it until I saw that same video someone shared on this thread. I figured that the angle those two prong metal repair tools were on was to lift up the dirt, sand, and grass and fill the hole but when I finished they never looked quite right. I used to not only fix my ball mark wrong but two or three others per green trying to be helpful. I was a carrier. LOL Now when I repair a ball mark I throw the pushed up lip or the detached lump of grass away and work from the outside in till the hole is filled and then tamp down. One video explained the grass is elastic and the idea is to stretch it from the outside in to fill the hole and when you're done it should look like the surrounding green. Which is pretty much what happens when I do it now.
  2. So it's a year later and I thought I'd give a followup on the Game Golf Live and Pebble watch. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I run the Game Golf and Pebble apps on. I had a Pebble Time already and used it daily so configuring the Pebble Time Steel was easy. Game Golf Live was equally as easy to setup using the phone app and logging in to the web portal to configure the tags. Initially, I had problems with the Game Golf Live getting confused with neighboring golf courses on hole location. Every time out it would confuse my location on one particular hole with that of another hole on the course across the street. I talked to GG about it and they offered suggestions but I eventually solved it by reloading my phone. So, phones fault not GG. Played The Carrick at Cameron House in Scottland and failed to save the round correctly (something to do with Brexit, left-hand driving, and haggis) so I emailed GG and they recreated the round from the logs I uploaded. The GGL is very easy to use and accurate. It tells me exactly how much I suck at hitting GIR and fairways. But I love all the detail and the ease of use. Just incorporate the tap into your pre-shot routine and off you go. It indicates with a flashing green light for a minute after you tap so if you don't remember if you tapped you can look at the unit and find out. If you change clubs after you tap just tap the new club and edit it out later. I don't miss walking to the next hole trying to remember my shots on the last hole and writing them down. Recently in Atlanta at Stonemount the spring for the belt clip came off. I told GG and they sent me the rear cover with the clip on it all on their dime. I promptly replaced it and in doing so by not following instructions in the video and being careful enough I tore the antenna ribbon for the NFC that reads the tags. I contacted GG again and they are sending a replacement unit with a PP return envelope for the one I broke. Again all on their dime. Talk about great customer service. The only issue I've not figured out yet and frankly I haven't tried hard to correct it is the yardage on the watch app works for a hole or two then freezes. I then advance the watch to the next hole and back on the watch and I get the correct yardage. So I keep using this workaround rather than trying to fix it. It might just be an Android thing and it works fine on IOS, I don't know. The Pebble Time is beautiful, too bad they were bought by Fit Bit and put to rest. The software is still supported but I'll never get another Pebble watch because they just don't make them. The book and ball markers still work great but haven't gotten me below 85 yet. I'm sure that will happen next year though. :) So thumbs up for all three Game Golf Live, Pebble and The Sand Trap.
  3. I've played every month since June 2015. I live in Skokie IL. Last winter was mild and the coldest I played in was 25* and I was warm the whole time. I layered with long underwear, a cotton golf shirt and a hoodie. What kept me the warmest as walking the course and bringing HOT coffee in a mug, At the turn I'd go into the clubhouse and get more coffee and ask them t nuke it for a minute. By the 12th hole it was drinkable and would last to the end. One other cold weather tip, I did buy an awl to make a hole for the tee. :)
  4. It's all here now. :) Thanks to the forum admins for doing this. The book Lowest Score Wins was autographed by Erik and said; "May your scores be as good as your Ryder Cup picks." If only. LOL The Game Golf Live and the Pebble will get a workout this week after I get them set up and figure out how to use them. :) Cant wait. Thanks again.
  5. I bought a demo unit off their site for; SkyTrak Launch Monitor Special Offer SKU: ST2-SkyTrakBase_B 1 $1,495.00 (USD) SkyTrak Game Improvement Package (1 Year) SKU: ST-GameImprove 1 $99.95 (USD) You have to get the game improvement package for SkyTrak to be worthwhile. " In order to gain access to additional features like alternate camera views, multiple tracer options, and session history with shot plotting, as well as competitive challenges such as Longest Drive, Nearest the Pin and Fun Target Challenges, we encourage you to upgrade to our SkyTrak Game Improvement Package" That will be another $99 annually please. Warranty another $99 but I don't think you can keep buying that. I use it on my driveway in direct sunlight without issue. I face east when using it so the sun is never directly hitting the lens. The unit measures shots consistently and when I play I'm hitting my clubs the distances the simulator shows more or less and I think that is mostly user error when I don't. I've cut 15 strokes off my game since getting it but I'm a high handicapper. I'm shooting low 90's now on my favorite course. I've just started to draw my shots consistently and SkyTrak shows this nicely. I haven't been to a driving range in eight months now so there is a savings there too. Bottom line is I'm getting better and I don't have to go to the range to practice.
  6. Team U.S.A. will win 17-11. Jordan Speith will win 4.5 points by going 4-0-1 and Jordan Speith will clinch the Ryder Cup for the U.S.A. by winning his match on the 15th hole. You can see my GAME GOLF Profile here:https://www.gamegolf.com/player/ckeller52
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