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  1. 200+ yards with a 7 iron?

    Thanks to everyone for being patient with me while I waited for my 5 post limit to wear off. I assure you I'm not trolling you, I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with my shot. I saw a couple of balls land just under the trees, bounce off the root system underneath. The rest I just estimated where they landed in the field shy of the trees. I know it wouldn't be exact, but it's as accurate as I'm going to be able to get for now. So when I said earlier up to 220 yards, that was with roll. The carry would have been 200? 190? Somewhere near the tree line. Someone mentioned that maybe I am hitting the ball at the wrong angle to be launching it that far. Maybe I have the ball too far back in my stance at address. I was/am using a set of Ping Eye 2 blue dots, which according to Ping has a 7 iron with a loft of 36 degrees. I don't know who Bubba is, but I would imagine from the way everyone refers to him, I am not Bubba-esque. I've never really hit a full strength drive that stayed in bounds, or landed anywhere I could see. So I really can't tell you how far my drive would go, if I could hit it straight. That's ultimately why I posted this question. Sometimes if I hit the ball wrong with my pitching wedge, I accidentally get some major distance out of it, way over shooting. I feel like I'm doing the same thing with my 7 iron. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong when that happens.
  2. 200+ yards with a 7 iron?

    Good idea. Here is a link with that tool measuring end zone to end zone at the Titans' stadium. Says 100 yards almost on the dot. http://tinyurl.com/jdes3tr
  3. 200+ yards with a 7 iron?

    That is the range. From that picture, I was standing at the top right corner of the tee area (whatever it's called there). They move the hitting area from the front to the back on a rotating basis to let the grass heal, and today it was all the way back right up against the parking area just north of the range. I was hitting my shots to the bottom right corner of the field. Maybe 2 or so hit under the trees, the rest were just short of the tree line. Of the shots that I made contact with. A good number of others just went nowhere.
  4. 200+ yards with a 7 iron?

    I only really go to this range so I don't know how accurate this is, but my old average would be probably about 160~170 yards or so. That's tossing out all the shots that I hit that don't go anywhere (which is a lot). That is according to the same distance measuring tool though, so not sure if that's accurate either.
  5. 200+ yards with a 7 iron?

    It must be a distance measuring error then. So that must mean that my drives are only going like 150 yards which is worse than I thought. For anyone wondering, I measured the distance using daftlogic.com (http://tinyurl.com/qa34klh) I have used this range before, they don't have any distance markers so I measured using the above tool and tested the accuracy against known distances on that course (a few short par 3's). It seems accurate, but must not be. Oh, also, when I swing with my driver (and my fairway woods) I have to slow my swing down to about 1/2 speed or I slice uncontrollably. Which would explain why my drives are so crazy short.
  6. Let me start off by saying that I am a high handicap golfer (I don't have an official handicap, but if I did, it would be high). I slice my drives. A lot. But I usually don't slice my iron shots. So I went to the range today to try out a few new things I had read, and shot only with my 7 iron (which is an old Ping eye 2 blue dot). After getting used to the new mechanics I noticed I was hitting pretty far, about as far as I can hit when i get a good drive. Which is around 200 yards. I double checked the distance with google maps, and I had probably 10-15 shots that went in the 190 to 220 range. How is that possible? From looking around online, that is just not a distance that can be achieved with a 7 iron. I'm so confused.