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  1. I concur that the new TM PSi irons are very similar to the RSi2 model, aside from some minor changes to the badging and graphics, and slightly weaker lofts on the PSi model. I have found very little change in performance from the SLDR model to the RSi2 (both of which I have owned) or the PSi (which I don't own, but have demo'd). However, I also find only slight differences between the new Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 and the earlier 714 AP1 and AP2, other than a bright chrome finish and slightly larger tungsten weights on the 716 AP2. Performance-wise, the PSi irons ar very good, if you are a reasonably decent ball-striker. For me, the small -- make that minuscule -- performance improvement with the PSi irons does not warrant running out to buy them. Doug Mael
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