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  1. A. I was really expecting him to play it safe and just pat pat the ball around. Really impressed with how much speed he was able to generate and the swing looked so controlled. +1. Was just about to comment on this. If he was in pain I seriously doubt he would be playing and risking even further injury again.
  2. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    There was broader discussion with @Lihu and @sharpljp. Then you should probably call out the person who originally threw out the question. I never used Zuback as an example of someone that was a clear cut case. Pretty obvious != definite. Stop twisting everything Ive said.
  3. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    We as In other people in this thread. You werent is not that same as no one was. You jumped along in the last few messages. I just gave you an example where you can clearly see use. IFBB heavyweights - google it if you dont know what it means. As far as Zuback goes as I said before there are some obvious signs but sure its not definitive proof.
  4. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    At this point were having a much broader discussion. This is what I said on where you can clearly see steroid use"Look at any ifbb pro. Any pro strongman". Again I was pointing out where you can definitely 100% see use. I did not say Zuback was a slam dunk. What I have said and pointed out is that he does show some obvious signs.
  5. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    No one can obviously know for sure. Im just pointing out the facts. People can make their own mind based on good info. I dont think using gear takes anything away from what anyone does in any sport. Please. There are physiological limits to size and ffmi. For some cases its obvious: edit. For the ifbb i was referring to the hw competitors.
  6. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    If a roid gut was the determining factor you could rule out most of even the heavy juicers. It takes years to develop and a combo of gear at heavy doses. It really isnt much of a concern unless youre going for hw bb size. In that video he looks much more normal. Less dense and has that natural deflated look. Its very different from the era I posted. A blood test doesnt really work unless you catch them before stuff has cleared their system. Passing a drug test is nothing but an IQ test. You think Eastern europeans and Russians started using last year and just got caught? Hell no. Theyve been at it for years but theyve been clean for when it mattered and they had to pass the test. Theres a lot of interesting reading on this that you can find but you wont find it in menshealth.
  7. World Handicap System and Pace of Play

    Oh. Over here you can use any score unless youre below a 4 imo. People rarely pick up even at 8+.
  8. World Handicap System and Pace of Play

    Im confused. Are we talking tournament or just regular play? Huh?
  9. They stay where they are but they just have more relaxed rom . Stretching can change posture and adjust orientation of a joint.
  10. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Well the thing is most users are cycling so their size varies considerably. Veins showing is not the same as having the permanent pump and veins the size of fingers you get from a lot of steroids from the increased blood volume(side of many anabolics). Steroids dont kill you by the time youre 50 unless youve really gone crazy with the doses... Plenty of old bbers out there in their 50s and 60s whove been on gear since their 20s. The ones who do die are usually the extreme users such as Muntzer, Kovacs, Rich Piana or Sonbaty. Lee Priest is still kicking nearing 50(?) having been on it since his teens by his own admission. Obvious bait is obvious but hey Ill bite . Look at any ifbb pro. Any pro strongman. You can tell by looking. You gotta turn it the other way around. You cant tell just by looking that someone isnt using. Plenty of long distance runners have been caught using test and those guys are skinny af. But when someone is obviously pushing far beyond the ffmi considered possible for a natural... Look up ffmi for starters.
  11. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    People disagree. All good. A lot of good reads out there for sure. If you take a 20yo and throw them on a heavy cycle theyll get that raspier look faster but the "aging" pace doesnt really keep up. They get small if they get off. Feedback loop messes up the natural test production. Pretty obvious imo:
  12. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Youre just plain wrong. Steroids DO make you bigger by just sticking a needle in your arm. Its just that simple. There are plenty of studies where the group that was on gear and not training gained more mass than the group training and not on gear. The beliefs youre spreading have long been proven wrong. Read up on the studies and stop spreading old myths and bs. You get more for less/same amount of work. Fact. No one is denying that steroids help with recovery but theres no point to belittle the performance boost you can get. If you wanna take shots at what I say go ahead but your anecdoctal evidence doesnt really go far.
  13. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Steroids will make you bigger even without actually doing anything. With a workout regime and you will blow past any natural. They dont just help with recovery so you can do more work. They allow you to do way less to achieve the same thing. Its naive to belive these guys were using "just to recover". Come on now. McGwires dealer had a thing to say about it http://m.mlb.com/news/article/7955290 Then you should know that 450*10 at 170 bw does not happen all the time. If Im a smartass for calling out your bs then sure. What ever.
  14. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    Yes! Words are hard.
  15. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    "Not really" followed by "maybe not" isnt very convincing . Anyways... Youre right in that its more complex when it comes to health but overweight regardless of how you get it is bad which was the point I was trying to make. If youre a strict vegan weighing 300lb youre still dangerously heavy regardless of a "healthy" diet. The new stuff seems to show that eating puts the body in a similar state as an infection would. I dont recall the specifics or terminology so dont quote me on that. The problem also nowadays is that everyone has a voice. Harsh but we have people promoting ridicilous nonsense all over the internet and people are lazy and tend to jump on a bandwagon without vetting the stuff they take in. That on top of the fact that studying these things on a big enough scale while still controlling the parameters is almost impossible. The most realiable data seems to come from places where the circumstances dictate and control them effectively.

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