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  1. Performance varies day to day. Go to the gym and try maxing out every day. Its not unusual to be 10% off your max strength on off days. Same thing applies to speed. Add that to what was said above and you have your 25 yards.
  2. Driver to iron gap

    I got the t-mb 716 to fill the gap between my 3 and driver. Not a big fan of fairway metals either. The weighting on it is very different atleast compared to my King tec 3 iron. Swing weight is different and cg is a tad higher, based on feel. Probably something you can get used to but it hasnt been a seamless fit to my existing set. I used lead tape to get the swingweight up to match the rest of my set but cant do much about the cg. I would imagine it could be a better fit into a Titleist set?
  3. My Swing (Alx)

    Did some mirror work before hitting the range. Tried to find a feel for getting the separation disccussed above. I was hitting the ball really well but I was hesitant to really go for the shots. To be expected. Takes a while to control the speed again. I felt really different on the actual swings and my clubhead control was a bit better or easier I guess. Cant be sure how well I was doing the feel on the actual swings as I did not take video. Had a round to play the next day and did not want to throw my self completely off. Baby steps. Took the feel to the course and while I was a bit shorter than usual... 57%fw, 67% gir, 83%ngir (3 shots on the fringe) played my best round ever of 77(+5). Putting was good on the first half and horrendous on the 2nd. I guess I lost around 6 strokes on the 2nd nine. It was bad... Was quite a windy day and on our course it really makes tee shots tricky. Off the tee the strokes lost were mainly from holes where the wind was really making it hard. Head on gusting winds took 30-40m off my usual driving length. No penalties so I managed it well but in hindsight I shouldve hit a few more irons off the tee. Im being ambiguous about the feel as I dont want to jinx it. Going to keep doing the mirror work and see how it goes. tldr. Nothing concrete yet. Played best round ever with new feel that works on mirror. No video, could be the same as before but feels very different.
  4. My Swing (Alx)

    Thats really helpful, thank you. Ill try some things when I get the range well see how it goes. Hope so. None was taken as disrespect. My reponses are not "arguing against" as I said before I was just trying to explain the reasoning behind doing things the way I do. Ive never told anyone to swing the way I do or claimed what Im doing currently to be the perfect swing. As Ive said many times now I was just explaining why I do certain things and how I see the swing to try and give context which imo is pretty relevant in a thread like this. The part about "not seeing differences" was a bit misleading. Ofcourse I can see its not the same on camera but to me it looks like the same angles aiming to a different ball position. The action is no different. I appreciate the input. Guess I know what to work on next
  5. My Swing (Alx)

    The point was to show that my club is indeed lower but the angle between the clubhead and the ball is almost identical so our downswing plane is tilted similarly. Im just "lower" on it. Were not talking about the same thing here. Ok. What does properly mean in this context? Im not claiming my swing is perfect or the future of golf but saying its not working is not truthful. The textbook was a response to @Jack Watson Wait... Im not rejecting your or @mvmac s or anyone elses help. I was just explaining how Ive gotten to do the things I do and how Ive justified the differences. Im hitting the ball really well right now so I dont know what Im trying to fix. Knowing that a change like this will make things so much worse before getting better means I really have to understand what Im trying to or Ill just waste time and revert back. So Im not trying to be a pain Im just trying to understand how to achieve the things youre suggesting. The way Ive gone about making changes was to learn from the pros and Im not seeing the difference in elbow or clubhead action so I really dont know what I should be doing different. I dont know if it makes a difference but this is literally as close to the chest as I can get that lead arm.
  6. My Swing (Alx)

    Could be but thats sort of why I set up the way I do with the grip and everything. I want to create a tight framework to limit the "mistakes" when I swing and so far it has been working pretty well. But the steepness is a non issue if the club is delivered at desired lie at impact. Imo. I can see the similarities but some key differences. I know you said you might not have advice but still what would be the problems youd think the differences cause? Its working well for me too so as a whole its definitely functional despite not being textbook. Heres a compilation of todays swings. Was getting varying angles to get a better idea of whats going on in 3d. I went through some other videos and it looks like I am setting up a bit closer on yesterdays swings than what I normally do. Still close though.
  7. My Swing (Alx)

    I was just illustrating how far the clubhead was from the x-plane(coordinates x/y). If all else stayed equal and I just took the club more up/less deep with the hands I would have to come straight down and path starts going left to compensate or toe points down? I Realize that. The reason I ignored the shaft was that the 2d image distorts whats happening. The clubhead essentially just being a point in space doesnt distort. Makes more sense to compare points. The plane looks good though imo? Its not steep at impact and it matches what I "should" deliver with an 8 since the lie is being delivered flat and pretty much identical to setup. Well originally I did it to get the feeling of stability and shorten my backswing. It probably went to where it is now when I realized I could still hit it plenty far even with a very restricted backswing. Keeping the right arm tucked in like that makes everything feel stable and compact. What do you/ @iacas think it causes? Gym 5 days a week. I make good contact generally . Last winter we worked on my ee. I was basically colliding and hitting everything toey. Worked on feeling like I was hitting with just the arms. We got it fixed and this season it hasnt been an issue. Really appreciate the input!
  8. My Swing (Alx)

    The difference in strike and consistency is pretty insane. I did give it a real try but I just wasnt able to do it. Eventually I just thought eff-it moved closer and I was hitting it crisp instantly. Well I didint think I could handle any more length and at the time I got this set I really could not have. But it also isnt free and Im already getting a hard time for spending so much on clubs . Tbh I never thought it was really limiting anything I was doing. True. But they were deeper than your average pros so that justified it for me. Basically telling me that equipment dictated how youd set up etc. My logic was that because Im so close to the ball I still have to get the clubhead away from the ball or I would be coming down too steep. If we look at the relation of the clubhead and the ball it isnt that different even though Im so close. The deep hands are there cause Im so close. Makes sense imo? I started only 2 years ago. I had to learn how to hit the ball and learn how to coach myself so a lot of the stuff Im saying is probably obvious to you. Please bear with ps. ITrail leg does. Lead leg looks pretty even though?
  9. My Swing (Alx)

    I did talk about this during the winter with an instructor. We tried setting the ball further away but I feel like Im having to reach for the ball and I just cant keep my balance. My weight drifts to my toes and I just cant keep balance. Moving the ball closer improves strike massively and balance feels solid. I have been working with a feel where I want to be completely balanced on my feet before going into the shot and that generally has meant being quite close to the ball. Im 6'3 my clubs are standard length at 2deg up and Ive pretty short arms. I set up with an open stance so theres a bit more space there than what the trail leg shows. Could it just be a combination of those forcing me pretty close/visual? My build is a bit back heavy and Im definitely bigger than Tiger but even so I do agree it does look pretty cramped. It doesnt feel anywhere as bad as it looks though. Actually it feels the opposite if anything. I just feel like this is something the equipment and limb length etc. dictates? You mean the depth of the hands? I compared to some of the tall pros and they had their hands pretty deep. My backswing is also pretty short so I think that makes it look even more extreme. Im not working on it currently. Do you think its a problem?
  10. My Swing (Alx)

    More target practice. Not really working on anything technical right now just trying to get some reps in on the range really making sure I set up correctly to the shot, do my pre shot routine and hit it or back off the shot if I dont feel comfortable.
  11. On my phone so typing is a bit of a pain but... I think it does. Most of the ott, flipping etc are imo just ways of getting to impact with something semi functional. DJ has a lot of forward press which opens the face so he has to bow to close the face. Ofcourse it looks a bit different cause he is so tilted. Think about it in reverse. What does that bow do? It closes the face so without it the face would be wide open.
  12. This wrist angle is dependant on how weak or strong your upper hand is. I don't understand why force people into these weak grips and then compensate by bowing the lead wrist to square the face which most people really can't do hence the various slices you see. It's easier to just grip it stronger with the upper hand to begin with. I voted I disagree.
  13. My Swing (Alx)

    Hit a few drives at a demo recently. What a difference. My current driver is the 915 D3 with the x stiff rogue silver shaft. I bleed my shots to the right and strikes are a bit too inconsistent. I hit the jpx900 with the fujikura evo 2 661 s 1inch shorter at the demo and I was striking it off the middle and straight without having to feel like Im forcing the shot to go straight. It also felt that the shots flew off the face easily. Interestingly with the full length s-stiff I was hitting random misses straight off the heel. This is whats happened with every 45in s-stiff Ive ever hit. I also hit some drives with a long drive driver and the feel was pretty similar to my current one. I really had to work hard to stop everything from bleeding right. I ordered some lead tape to do a bit of testing with the driver. Adding a bit off head weight will bring the swing weight of the driver a bit more in line with the rest of the set and the shaft should also play a bit less stiff. Well see if it makes any difference. I thought it would be worth a shot since the new driver would be around 400e... tldr. Equipment really does matter. Done a lot of short game work recently. Really seeing results. Working on more target practice with the irons. Ive been setting up with and open face at the ball and it really allows me to go for the shot hard without having to worry about hooks. It works really well for directional control but Iam hitting shots a bit toey and trying to go for a more middle strike I get scared of the hosel. I can sacrifice a few yards of distance if the consistency stays like this but its something I have to keep an eye on. Heres a vid from some strike practice Ive been doing. Hitting up off a high tee.
  14. From 120 to 100. How long did it take you?

    First 9 I ever played I shot 57. 6 months later I played my first 18 holes and was in the high 90s. So a few months probably?