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  1. The wider stance will give you a better balance and help with the weight shift. Right now your weight cannot shift anywhere as you would fall over. Feels are always very individual, cant say much about that. More upright will set you up closer to the angles you achieve at impact so you dont have to compensate during the swing. Wider stance will help with balance, weight shift and thus hip rotation. Spine angle
  2. I still think you should go for a more wider stance. You can learn to keep that head still but you cant learn to get more space for the hips to rotate because it just isnt there . Youre just spinning in place. Dont worry about the backswing so much. At the end of the day it doesnt really matter how you get to the top. Sure steep-shallow etc feels can help with delivery but I dont think its a priority for you. You have to or every shot would be fat. Everything you do, jump up and pull with elbow, is to avoid hitting it fat.
  3. Have you tried a wider stance? It looks like your stance is so narrow you dont really have anywhere to go without getting out of balance. On the driver I think you could setup more upright. You stand up before impact because youre too far bent over. You might want to move the ball an inch closer aswell so you dont have to reach for it with a more upright stance. Ive gone through similar things.
  4. I used to do practice swings infront of a mirror every day for months till I got this down. Really concentrating on nothing but keeping the head still. If you workout at a gym do some rotations inbetween sets with a broomstick and keep the head dead still. Idk if thats the root cause of your problems tho but if you think it would help give it a shot.
  5. Totally different. Your back is still in a weak and injury prone position. Furyks isnt. Furyks downswing is also quite textbook. In the grand scheme of things the backswing isnt that big of a deal if your downswing is fine.
  6. Your butt looks excessively tucked under. Its a weak position for the lower back... Its not just about reaching positions for the sake of looks. There are obvious mechanical advantages with most "pretty" positions.
  7. With that much experience you should know that simply making an exercise longer is not progressive overload when trying to develop strength or muscle. If it was we would all be running marathons for our leg workouts. What it does teach is keeping things tight and lactic acid tolerance but still not very effective in the long run for building strength. A complete beginner would see gains doing this but that would just be from learning to use the core. A lot of what you're suggesting has no resistance some a little. A few of those are purely mobility work. That just isnt the mechanic to build strength efficiently. Independent ab work is not useless. Youre misunderstanding what its supposed to do. Isolated ab work is simply to build muscle. The same laws of hypertrophy that apply to biceps work with abs. Theyre not special. What youre describing is learning to use that mucle. One of the best ways being squats and deadlifts. Specific core stability work can be beneficial but its a bit more specialized.
  8. Isnt the rib injury that Rorys been struggling with a rsi? Basically something you would get from practicing a lot.
  9. Wedge distance control is coming together somewhat. Spending a lot of time working around the greens in the 10-40m radius. Contact is very good. Hitting a lot of shots from varying lies. Driver has been really solid aswell. Mainly working on strike right now. Not really trying to change anything. Hit around 25 drives today. Hit it very well all drives landed on the 40m wide target fw, even the really bad misses. Really concentrating on every shot hitting at a very slow pace taking my time between shots till I "forget" the last one. Should be able to get down to single digit hc next time I play. Well see. I was checking some things from the front - right view. Really like the way everything looks very stable.
  10. Nope. Dont misrepresent what was said. I was merely referring to you refusing an explanation with elementary physics(perspective etc.) as simply "untrue" when the mechanics explained are simple. Afaik being thick is along the lines of purposely not understanding which is what I was assuming you were doing to proove a point. The theory works with certain assumptions but as dicussed its not applicable with enough accuracy. But if you believed in it and wanted to use it this is the sort of thing I would expect to hear. Its definitely a bad way to get a read. I dont think anyone has refuted that so far
  11. You like being blunt. Shouldnt come as a surprise when others are aswell in response . I realize tone is difficult to read from post but my response was a harsh but humorous take on being misrepresented. Didint this give it away Either way you seem to misunderstand what Im saying. As a disclaimer I dont plumb bob for my putts and Ive never seen anyone do it. I was merely pointing out how you could use plumb bobbing "in theory". And theoretically this would be how it would actually work. But again this was just a theory for the sake of discussion. No need to get up in arms about it and start calling people idiots Well since the shaft moves towards the apex of the putt you could use the visual of how far away from the middle of the hole the shaft is as a reference for how far right or left you have to hit it. Yea. Thats one of the reasons why I never said it would be viable in the real world. For it to work you would have to make a few more assumptions than I made in the first post. But it was just a theoretical take
  12. No. Now youre just being thick. Ill make it simple. Say theres a painting on the wall. You can instantly tell if its not level. You can also tilt your head till it looks level. Boom. You definitely dont need to "know how much the slope is". You go by what you see.
  13. @iacasActually it would work, in theory atleast. Lets assume a few things 1. The putter is hanging vertically 2. The put were hitting is on a steady slope. So a steady break. You would set up facing the hole behind the ball. Hang the putter infront forming a line between the hole and the ball. Now tilt your head till your eyes are level with the ground, the slope essentially. The more you tilt your head the further away from the hole the shaft would "move"(perspective, only visual. youre basically peeking from behind the shaft).
  14. Whole idea of working out is progressive overload its atleast very difficult with these exercises. The muscle needs contraction to develop. Static strength develops fast but peaks quickly. What these can do is teach you to actively use the core but for developing ab strength they are lackluster.
  15. This is nothing new. These are all just basic core exercises... Cmon . Srsly...