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  1. Alx

    My Swing (Alx)

    Long time no updates. Took a few months off after last season. Didint feel like practicing having ended the season on such a low note. I also had a nagging pain under my left scapula that was really bothering me. Nothing more than overuse but note to self Dont let them get that bad... Taking such a long time off also allowed me to come back with some fresh thoughts and feels. At the tend of last year I was feeling kind off stuck with my thoughts if you will. Not sure if it actually effects anything but atleast I feel more free right now. Anyways... to the swing. Ball much further away, hands higher and much more space at impact. Better? I think? Cold day swing, cant wait for summer temps. Stance is a bit closed on these. My swing follows the leg line quite well. Not sure how to describe it but I feel like with a closed stance I can turn more freely without having to worry about yanking it left.
  2. Alx

    Newbie rapid progress

    Warming up is really important. Not just to actually warmp up but to calibrate yourself and see how your body is working that day. The very first time I played 18 holes I broke 100. At that point I had been playing golf for 4 months. Took me 2 more months to break 90 and a total of 10 months to break 80. It wasnt until the end of my 2nd year that I was in the low 80s every round. This season(year 2-3) Im breaking 80 consistently and shot my best round of 73(+1) a few months back. My home course is fairly tight and plays 6200 yards from the mens tees. On practically every hole a bad swing = lost ball with my distance so I usually hit an iron off every tee.
  3. Hey I was just telling you how to hit it further. If you wanna keep playing putt-putt or just making excuses why you dont even want to hit the ball far be my quest .
  4. As they should. Its an athletic feat that most people will never achieve. Mostly cause they are lazy and scrawny like op and refuse to hit the gym . (/s) ps. Last round I averaged 300 off the tee on my drives. I hit 3 drives and was 2 under on those holes. Did I mention it was meters?
  5. Alx

    My Swing (Alx)

    Ive been working on my woods recently. Really trying to get that AoA more up with the driver and just hit more drives in general. I generally dont need the driver or on the shorter courses so its really something Ive sort of neglected but I realize its what I have to do to shoot lower scores. Coming along pretty well. ps. Ive been hitting the ball really well recently. My irons have been on point and Ive gotten a lot of looks for birdie and even eagle putts. I havent made any eagle putts cause I cant putt for the life of me... but I did make a hole in one on the 170m par3 at my home course .
  6. Its a shame they dont appreciate the online viewers.
  7. Alx

    My Swing (Alx)

    Another round in the seventies today(77). Hitting only irons off the tee. Hitting the ball really well but my wedge distance control and longer putting are just terrible. Definitely something I have to start working on. So shockingly what Ive practiced is working well and what I havent isnt... Heres a comparison to the swing from the end of last year. A few pointers: -ignore the alingment stick, its doing nothing pointing at nothing -on the left my stance is more closed to neutral and on the right very open -ball position on the left is centre of stance and on the right more towards the lead foot -both shots are straight
  8. Alx

    My Swing (Alx)

    Trying to tone down the fade a bit. I tend to drag the handle through impact starting with mid irons and that leaves the face open. As I get to the longer clubs it can sometimes produce some impressive slices... Working on trying to let the club release a bit more with the longer clubs. Played my season best 9 holes the other day +1. Definitely the best 9 holes I have every played. I was hitting the ball so well, it did exactly what I wanted it to. Probably the best shot of the day was a beautiful 3 wood. From a downhill lie a perfect arrow straight shot. Kicked left from the front of the green and ended ping high at the edge of the green. Got a really unlucky lie with the ball infront of a dandelion tuft sigh. It was getting a bit dark so the frames are getting a bit smudgy. This was a baby draw.
  9. Ive gotten something similar when Ive done a alot of work infront of a mirror holding positions. Never really hurt when swinging. Could just be the tricep/shoulder getting iritated from being overworked/constantly streched.
  10. Alx

    My Swing (Alx)

    Ended up taking a pretty long hiatus from golf. I had a nagging back injury around the shoulder blade that I'd been ignoring for a while and at the end of last year it was starting to really effect my swing. I did see one of our club pros a few times during the winter so I had something to work on but I really tried to stay away from hitting balls to let everything heal properly. Been at it again for a few weeks. Ball a bit further away. Weaker grip. Trying to take the club back a bit more up than to the side, I feel like this is coming mainly from the grip change rather than me actually doing things different. Overall Im definitely hitting the ball better than ever.
  11. Are you an advanced lifter trying to target a specific weakness? If not this program is quite something...
  12. A. I was really expecting him to play it safe and just pat pat the ball around. Really impressed with how much speed he was able to generate and the swing looked so controlled. +1. Was just about to comment on this. If he was in pain I seriously doubt he would be playing and risking even further injury again.
  13. There was broader discussion with @Lihu and @sharpljp. Then you should probably call out the person who originally threw out the question. I never used Zuback as an example of someone that was a clear cut case. Pretty obvious != definite. Stop twisting everything Ive said.
  14. We as In other people in this thread. You werent is not that same as no one was. You jumped along in the last few messages. I just gave you an example where you can clearly see use. IFBB heavyweights - google it if you dont know what it means. As far as Zuback goes as I said before there are some obvious signs but sure its not definitive proof.
  15. At this point were having a much broader discussion. This is what I said on where you can clearly see steroid use"Look at any ifbb pro. Any pro strongman". Again I was pointing out where you can definitely 100% see use. I did not say Zuback was a slam dunk. What I have said and pointed out is that he does show some obvious signs.
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