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  1. Played 9 today and shot a 58. And now I'm going to whine. I practice everyday and I'm not getting any better . I suck at golf and golf is hard.
  2. Took slow mo backswing drill to range. Also played 9 holes at range and played 9 holes on course. Just about similar results.
  3. More slow mo backswing drill this time trying to be very aware of club face position and pitching via quickie pitching video technique, all inside using net.
  4. Slow mo backswing drill using mirrors and net inside and pitching. Then out to range and hit balls as if playing 9 at home course. Scored similar to inside routine, good or mishit, now adding direction to contact. Mishit = 2 strokes, good = 1 and a general 2 putt for each hole. Today's score was 60 Not far off actual real scores.
  5. Started with slow mo backswing drill with mirrors, 10 minutes. Then played an imaginary 9 holes at home course into net. Based on feel of contact , a good hole would be, good drive, good iron into green and good pitch/chip and a 2 putt for a 5 on a par 4. After 9 holes I finished with 5 minutes pitching .
  6. Yaho, have found the thread for me on TST. Last year I broke 100 a couple times and have also made it a 2016 goal to break 90. Right now my HI is trending up. Last 10 rounds goes 120 to 103. Those multiple 9s and 8s holes are killing me. I read through several pages of this thread and seeing some common themes which ring true for me. Looking forward to the journey and following you too.
  7. Backswing drill using mirrors FO and DTL for 20 minutes and 10 minutes doing pitching via Quckie pitching video technique. All inside using net.
  8. More slow mo backswing drills inside using net. Did some video using my iPad to get a feel for what to look for when seeing other's videos on TST and YouTube.
  9. Played 18 today, MSGA Weekly , this week at Webhannet in Kennebunk. Fog rolled in for back nine. Some good holes, some bad. Fun day!
  10. Short session of backswing drill inside before playing 18. Best round this year, 11/14 fairways hit. Shot 103.
  11. Backswing drill using mirrors FO and DTL inside using net and pitching via quickie pitching video method.
  12. Backswing drill using mirrors FO and DTL inside using net and pitching per quicki pitching video. This completes the May challenge for me. ⛳️??
  13. Backswing drill using mirror FO and DTL inside hitting into net.
  14. Hit balls into net in barn, imagining playing. home course 9.
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