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  1. LT's and LT2's IMO are some of the most underrated irons ever made. I loved mine, held on to them longer than any other set in recent memory
  2. I put an NV85 in my Sonartec 3 wood, I also had an NV65 in a HiBore driver a while back. I love the 85, but I had that one pured. I hated the 65, guess what, didn't have it pured. I would strongly suggest getting that shaft pured, the NV65, while being a great shaft, was notorious for having inconsistencies related to manufacturing.
  3. Have a buddy that's gaming a Hibore with a V2 76g, he smokes it, but he's also on the south side of 5 as far as handicaps go so he'd probably smoke it with a hickory shaft too :)
  4. Makes total sense, and it's a tough spot because I'd probably be griping too even though I know I've got no grounds to do so. Hey, look at the bright side, I know that if I put my driver down from time to time and just hit my 3 wood, I'd probably score better
  5. I hate to say it, but he's right. Your club was out of warranty, Callaway was nice enough to send you a free club, they could have told you to buy a new one.
  6. Great grips... Corded in the right areas, soft in the right areas as well.
  7. Seriously? what about Lamkin, I'm pretty confident they're beating up on Winn and probably a lot closer to Golf Pride than you think...
  8. Really? I live in the same state as you and I swear by them, played them in 30* temps last November at the Legends, while the weren't as soft as they would be at 85*, I don't think they were any harder than any other rubber grip.
  9. Love these threads, they always get so heated Scotty makes a fantastic putter, I have three of them and would never sell a single one of them. The new Studio Select looks incredible as well, I'd even consider buying one, but I'd probably never game it (yes I'm a collector, but I collect putters, not Camerons). There are people that make better putters, Slighter, Byron, and C&L; come to mind, they just don't make as many and they typically charge more than it costs to buy an OTR Scotty. That being said, I paid $600.00 for my Slighter, it would cost me about $2500.00 to get an 009 made for me and IMO that's a better comparison and a pretty big savings. What it comes down to is that the only thing Scotty does better than making putters, is MARKETING
  10. I agree completely, as much as it pains me to say, I love Taylormade (the apparent Micro$oft of golf) products. I have a Superquad that may leave the bag only to be buried with me, and I tried to boot my LT2's with a set of MP57's, only to see them back in the bag two rounds after the start of the season. I quoted the above because I was confused. Why would you want to practice with a different shaft than you play in tournaments? To me, the would be about the worst possible thing to do with a club as fickle as the driver.
  11. If you're looking for a ball that act's like a ProV1, it will be tough to find outside of a tour caliber ball. That being said, Srixon Z-URS is the closest I've found. Taylormade's TP Red & Callaway's HX Tour 56 are pretty soft as well (I would look at the new Tour i when it comes out too). Bridgestone's B330-S is almost as spinny around the greens, but it's a ton firmer off the putter. All that said, the Z-URS was the best for me, someone who likes the ProV1 off the putter and the wedges. It's longer and lower spin off the driver, feels virtually the same off the putter. Z-URS runs at about 39.99, same with the Bridgestone. You can get last year's TP Reds for 19.99 (best deal in golf), I think the HX tour balls will be headed towards that price point as well. IMO, you get what you pay for... BUT, maybe you want to check out the TopFlite "Gamer". There's been some interesting reviews of this ball, some people prefer it to a ProV1
  12. Agreed completely, those would be the 2 for me too... Sometimes short game shots get overly complex with too many club options. For me, it's like staring in the fridge waiting for something to pop out at me when I'm hungry. Taking that wedge out may help just along those lines. That being said I'd still drag the 3 iron along in the trunk for those windy days, I just mine regripped so I can do the same. Nice day= 3 iron hybrid Windy day = standard 3 iron
  13. Actually, it was more like a sandwich, couple sports drinks, probably more balls than I needed, couple gloves, rain gear, umbrella, etc... I'm not a big strong hockey player, so I couldn't carry it all after I got rid of my sissy-cart
  14. Well, I'm going to vote in the other direction, I love to walk and I now prefer to carry again. I have a Clicgear cart that's really great, but honestly, it was just an opportunity to shove needless crap in my bag for me to be tinkering with when I should be focusing on the next shot. Now that I'm carrying again, I've limited my bag to the necessities: Clubs Balls Tees Rangefinder A bottle of water Life is simple again!
  15. And even if he didn't show you a thing or two, who are you to tell people what they can and can't play? It's his money, it's his choice. Don't be envious of someone who's gaming sticks you'd probably like to own. Also, please refrain from the noob/str8/pwned stuff. Last I checked this is a golf forum, the majority of us don't understand that language.
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