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  1.      Golf is a game of inner demons and self doubt. I have seen the best athletes in the world, cringe over a pressure packed 3 footer. The world's top golfers practice their skills for countless hours; they try to destroy the demons which creep into their mind at the worst moment possible!

        Those who I like to call "couch players", spend all weekend watching the pros throw darts from the comfort of their La-Z Boy recliners. They believe 36 holes per week on Xbox 360 are sufficient to reach the levels of their golf heroes. Unfortunately, the majority of golfers have a handicap of 14 or more with only 5% posting a handicap below 5.

         To my fellow amateurs, I will say 75% of your issues stem from not having the correct equipment! I watch guys at my club, who can't break 90, gaming irons that look like a butter knife they stole from the bar after lunch!  There is such a WIDE variety of golf clubs on the market today.   Everyone should have a chance to lower their score and enjoy themselves each time they tee up. Why make the game harder?

         We see Tiger Woods and the best players in the world playing certain brands and sporting their sponsored attire. Last week, a young kid told me he played Nike blades because Rory was his favorite player... Some body shoot me now. I then watched him struggle to hit any shot even close to the center of the clubface; but hey, Rory would be proud?!

        If you only get one thing from reading this post, let it be this... PGA tour professionals play clubs we can never get! They spend incalculable hours alongside their coaches and highly trained club fitters to make every club perfect from the bounce, to length, shaft and lie angle. I am not saying one would not benefit from a proper fitting from a certified PGA professional, but lets not base our games on what we see on NBC every weekend.

         Golf technology has greatly improved over the past ten years. There is equipment for every swing and type of environment that exists. Please find the equipment which feels best to you, matches your swing and gives you the result you want and deserve. Being a successful golfer is not only measured by your score; it is also measured by the amount of fun you have while honoring a self-reliant game.

         Fellow golfers, there are three rules I try to uphold each round, 1) Always go for it, 2) Tell the truth because golf karma will catch you and 3) you do not know your swing until you are under pressure!

    Thank you for reading and I will see you guys on the range.

    -Ryan K

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