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  1. That picture is something i took from the Sports Coach website, I did not take pictures during my session. Must be something wrong with the readings from the simulator, although the ball flight seemed absolutely alright. I used all my clubs and the distances and ball flight were just like when i play outside, i.e. 135 yards carry with 7 iron with 3-10 yards miss to the left on bad shots. I don't know how Sports Coach perform against Foresight etc, but the number seem really off on path and face.
  2. Thanks for the reply. No, no decimal missing. See the attaced picture of how the numbers were presented. For me it was around 55 degrees, and the club head illustration were going almost across the screen. My distances and dispersion were accurate as to how i play on the course. It can't be possible to swing 55 degrees from the inside, seems very extreme to me.
  3. Hello! I tried a Sportscoach simulator this week, which gives numbers on club path, face angle etc. I got to play around with it for a couple hours by myself, and need some help understandig the numbers i produced. Right handed golfer; My swing path was around 55 dgr in to out, and face 58-65 closed. Isn't this a bit extreme? I assume that this is relative to target, so the face is around 10 closed to the path? The ballflight started straight and drawed a bit to the left, with an occational straight pull or pull hook. With the seven iron, maybe 3-10 yards left. The ball flight was relative straight. I cant understand that so extreme numbers produce that OK ball flight. Could someone please explain this to me? Carry with 7 iron was 135 y and total 140 y.
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