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  1. You deserve every ounce of shit you take for this comment and more. Seriously dude, you suck. I'm no longer a teenager but it wasn't that long ago. I can tell you that when me and my teenage friends played golf we were easily in the best 5% of golfers on the course at any given time. Furthermore we probably knew a hell of a lot more about the game and kept better pace. I can't believe you teach kids. You should be ashamed. Frankly your excuses about the delinquents you teach seem utterly irrelevant.
  2. This is very not true. I think the idea of "natural" is a little misleading. "Default" would be probably more appropriate. What I mean by that, is that if they just sort of let their swing go, they would hit that type of shot. Plenty of tour pros play a default fade. Jack Nicklaus for one. A more modern example would be Anthony Kim. I will agree that most tour players, and good players in general. Play a draw by default, and many probably "fight" their draw, as it can sometimes overpower them. Every since I have been of adult strength (say 5 years or so) I have played a draw. When struggling
  3. I'll bite on this one. I am definitely going to bet against Tiger. I'm feeling about a 5th-9th place finish for him. These aren't exactly dark horses but I like O'hair and Mickelson.
  4. I found Scratch wedges searching around this forum, and everybody seems to have a very good opinion about them. So I was convinced and bought one, but I couldn't find the logo to add it to my signature, could you please include it? i was only nine or ten when i first played a regulation course (over 6,000 yards.) I think i shot just about 80 (9 holes obviously). I remember coming home and telling my dad, he looked disturbed. Of course, nowadays I beat him. I miss those days because I played a lot that first summer and every time out I improved significantly. Enjoy it! I forgot to men
  5. i like to gamble on the course but i have never, ever tried offered up a game to a stranger. On a few occasions i have accepted small games and even taken money from strangers. It always feels weird to me and I do not enjoy it. I find gambling with strangers on the course to be a very odd practice. I am always wary of people who want to do it.
  6. Right you are. No more posting on forums when I'm that sleep deprived. I think the fact of the matter is this. It's the 5th biggest tournament in golf. Whether or not you call it a major is irrelevant - it will still be the 5th biggest in golf. Having said that, I think its a lot closer to some of the bigger regular events than it is to the majors.
  7. Haha. This makes a lot of sense. My thinking seems a little muddled...it was very late.
  8. wow. ok. so i did i little research, guess i should have done that first since my numbers were waaay off. I thought I remembered reading it in a john feinstein book. heres how it breaks down PGA, Masters, British, US Open, AND Players = ALL 10 year exemptions Tour Championship and all WGC events = 3 year exemptions Normal PGA Tour event = 2 year exemption So, in this measure, yes, it is a major. Seems to me like a 5 year exemption would be a little more fitting, putting the players championship somewhere between a WGC and a major in importance.
  9. Interesting point shindig. it's true that neither the pga or pgatour decide what a major is. However (correct me if i am wrong) if you win a major you get a 10 year exemption on the pga tour. A regular event gets you only a 1 year exemption. I believe, again i'm not sure, that a Players Champ gets you a 5 year exemption. my numbers might be way off but i'm sure somebody on here knows what I am talking about and can correct me. it all comes down to what you define as a major. This (years of exempt status) might be the closest thing to a formal definition we have. The truth is though that
  10. Seems like a pretty friendly joke. Are you telling me you guys don't talk this way with the your golfing companions. I know I do. Faldo is the one who seems to have gotten a little uppity. That shouldn't really come as a surprise given what we've all heard about Faldo.
  11. Dude. You are no doubt insane. Get a life. Seek medical help. I'm not even kidding. This is why NFL fans sometimes scare me.
  12. Congratulations. I struggled mightily with first breaking 90. In fact. The first time I broke 90 I shot 84. I broke 80 only a month or so later. Way to go. keep it up.
  13. Fred couples break was WAY better. Cabrera was pretty unlucky to be RIGHT behind a tree to begin with. A lot of people who miss right end up rattling out almost into the fairway anyway. Point is, a lot of people miss right on the 18th and end up making par without THAT much difficulty. Cabrera still had to work VERY hard to make his par.
  14. Totally agree. I think his attitude is probably the main reason he has done basically nothing with his extreme talent. I wanted to punch him in the teeth for his bitchfest after he lost the open championship
  15. ya. phil took a total dump. all he needed was to shoot a 34 on the back nine to get in a playoff. o well. if it were easy, we'd all be masters champions.
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