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  1. thanks guys...I gamed it yesterday and I just love it...I had so much confidence and I finally went a round without a 3 putt...beatiful feel and distance control. @rego I bought it from brian_mills...I think he sells a lot of legit equipment so i'm thankful. =-)
  2. Thanks again guys...I can't thank you guys enough for all of your input. Thanks for the heads up on the headcover. I will look for a replacement asap. Have a good one!
  3. Shorty...Thanks for the post and boosting my confidence in the putter...Brings that lefty question to rest.
  4. Hey Zeph...Thanks for the input...every bit of help I can get makes me feel better about the putter. By the way, I was looking at your bag pictures. Brilliant set up you got there. Your vokeys look heavenly and it looks like you got a custom grind there (unless it's the finish). Beautiful set up once again. I'm sorry, I just love looking at equipment. lol.
  5. So I contacted the seller a butt-load and he gave me the serial no. on the shaft and assured me that it was real. He even told me that he would take it back if I found that it was a fake. I guess you can say that I'm paranoid because I won it on a bid. Lol. I just want to make sure because I know that there are many who made the mistake of buying a putter on eBay and finding that dreaded plastic wrap on it. I'm a lefty so I also want to know if they make fake lefty scottys as well. I've done a lot of research and everything is spot on so far. I just need others' input to help me and bring clos
  6. A perfect shot off the mats can never compare to the feeling of hitting a perfect shot off the grass...Unfortunately, the range that I live next to has dirt so thin, that every shot is a bunker shot...
  7. Why is everyone so rattled up about Gipp and Tony? They're playing to win just like anyone would...The editing must be really good b/c people are taking the personal side of the show so seriously...lol...Ever notice that it's only Gipper and Tony talking to the camera during the show? This is what the producers want for ratings. And so far, it's working. Tony, Gipper, Kevin and Mike are still in it for a reason. They're playing well. They executed the shots when they had to. Most of the things they say on the show are given to them from the producers anyway so yea...Let's enjoy the competition
  8. I just had to vent somewhere for this topic. Is it me or is Blake, of Big Break Disney Golf, doing too much with his mouth than with his clubs? I kind of let it go through the first few episodes but man, it never ends. It's kind of embarrassing if you think about it. All these calm and, of course, pressured contestants trying hard on every shot and there is one loose cannon just letting off mini shots with his mouth after every shot. He also lets it out against other contestants. For the past two episodes I heard him say (referring to Kevin) "How is he still here?" WOW...The last time I checke
  9. The Nike CCi Forged irons are one of the most workable irons to this day...The cavity gives it just enough forgiveness that seperates it from being a hard feely player's blade. I heard from many though that you get punished for hits way off center but if you hit is near or on the center most of the time, it's heavenly. Stewart Cink and Lucas Glover don't want to change them and I wouldn't either if they won me a major...lol...I could have gotten these irons for 180 on 3balls but I chickened out... =( Other than my love for the CCis...The Srixons are much more forgiving and they are really chea
  10. It amazes me how he hits a lot of bad tee shots and still gets it done. Best scrambler in golf history and arguably most clutch with the flat stick. I think many are getting to his level, especially phil (i admire ogilvy), but his work ethic can't be matched. His schedule is for those of you who have a great deal of time and money. AND he has a kid and one on the way...wow.
  11. It should be 85 and over because Golf magazine said that tour balls really work with all swing speeds.
  12. I play it off the heel of my front foot and hit down on the ball. But that's just me...Sometimes I don't even tee it up...lol
  13. It's always good to get fitted but if you're getting back into the game, technology has changed a buttload. The best new age clubs to start with (that will still be great in the long run) are Adams golf clubs. Chem them out, they're for everyone.
  14. I thought the same thing about Anthony Kim last year until I noticed that his work ethic is nothing compared to Tiger's. I don't know about Rory though.
  15. I agree with BogeyHitter...Shorten up the back swing and accelerate through the ball. Shortening my back swing has helped me so much with my short irons. Now my woods are my worst enemies...lol.
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