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  1. Not to beat this dead horse, I've already vented and gotten the responses. But, I think that's what's bothering me. I've hit several over the berm but because there is a pin about 220 yards out that I like to aim at and its very easy to hit over the berm to the left. I wonder if this guy has been watching me more than just that moment when that one ball went over. I'm getting self conscious, like I have a reputation!!!
  2. Thanks guys. Maybe the fact that this "kid" is probably 40 years old made it a little more annoying. It just seemed a little demanding and intrusive.
  3. HI gang, I don't think I'm a new member to this group, but it's been a while and I can't remember my old user name or anything. Anywho, I am a member at a local golf course and while I was on the range one of the employees came up to me and said "sir, if you can, please try to hit the balls back to back so that you don't tear up the turf". Ok, I know that. Firstly, the sun was already down and nobody else was going to be hitting. Secondly, I was trying to find some decent turf so I was moving the ball around. But, whatever, I said "OK bud." and called it good and hit a few more balls. I thought he had left. One of the balls pulled left over a berm and the same guy said "sir, when you hit balls over there I have to pick them up manually, please aim to the right". That was it for me. I had 20 balls left and I was thinking about this guy on every one of them. I know I sound like a whiner here, but I'm wondering what your reactions would be if this happened to you, and what you would do if it happened again.
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