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  1. So I'm getting custom fit for whichever one I get, there £275
  2. That's a really good answer and makes a lot of sense. In fact at the point of my game I'm content with HL or X for the price. Second question is which would you recommend between Taylor Made and Callaway? I'm also buying a tight lies 2 19 degree hybrid. The TM set doesn't have a SW which would leave me without that club for a few months until I buy my wedge set - should that be a good enough reason to buy the Calloway instead though... I play weekly. (I think I know the answer)
  3. Thanks for your response, much appreciated. I thought the HL was just High Launch?
  4. Hi all, Trying to decide between Taylor Made Speedblades and Callway x series N415 irons. Both felt as good as the other during fitting, what's the con census on these irons? thanks
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