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  1. Yea its a solid ball. Compression wise if you were to compare it with compression its 80. So slower swing speeds with benefit from it, but will also retain the feel around the green that people want in a 3 piece ball.
  2. If your worried about having a "tour" shaft. There are a few companies with legit shafts in their drivers. Cleveland has legit tour issue Miyazaki's in them. I know Adams and Nike come stock with tour issue shafts as well.
  3. This is common to people that just changed the setup of the club. Especially if you have been playing with the previous clubs for more than a year. You have to adjust to the new length and grip size. Kind of like easing into new swing changes, but easier. Hit the range and after a few sessions they should feel familiar.
  4. according to espn her house was only like $270,000 its a shame for the LPGA and Cleveland Golf.
  5. ahh thats just what we need...all the kids in the world ruining the game nowadays...which is why i teach the kids at the jr clinic to respect the game.
  6. i wouldnt worry about your arms but your blade at the top of your swing. cant tell what it looks like from those looks.
  7. i'm not saying dont have fun while playing...i'm just saying dont challenge the integrity of the game...this is a gentleman's game...lets keep it that way.
  8. there is a thing in golf called etiquette. Golf is a proper game. Dont ruin it people. Also you mentioned hitting it 280+ straight. if you cant hit 280+ straight with a normal swing, you wont be able to with a happy gilmore swing.
  9. please, and by any means please, DO NOT do the happy gilmore on the course. you will look like an idiot. i dont care how well you hit it.
  10. Erin Hills in Wisconsin? Site of the 2011 US Amatuer from the Back Black tees. 8,348 yds 80.5/154
  11. yea not sure about having all that stiffness in your wedges. I have S400's in my wedges about the same stiffness as my irons which have rifle 6.0. Dont think your gonna have the feedback your going to want from a wedge with an X in it. considering the swing speed is not going to be very high with it.
  12. with RPM numbers like that, and swing speed i think the distance is a bit off...what was the ball speed....unless terminology is off and you name is "transfer"? Also what was the landing angle.
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