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  1. If you’re at the point where you’ve noticed a bit of improvement in your score, it might be time to switch to the three-piece Wilson Staff Duo golf ball. Have a look here and check further: http://www.golfgearlab.com/best-golf-balls-for-high-handicappers/
  2. markie

    Steph Curry

    Update about Steph: He'll be out for 2 weeks due to the sprained knee, he will miss the entire round 1 and probably the entire round 2 as well (if warriors past both rounds)
  3. Those were some pretty nice shoes. I found one similar pair at Footwear Top. Hopefully I can get one before this month ends.
  4. Finding the ideal bag for your needs requires you to analyze several aspects including the weight, whether or not it’s waterproof, the amount of pockets etc. Here's something to consider: http://www.golfgearlab.com/best-golf-bags/ Ping Pioneer Cart Bag, Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag, OGIO Wisp Stand Bag
  5. It was obviously photoshopped. no further comments.
  6. Cool, I didn't know he was playing golf.
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