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  1. too bad the lady was cool about it and all she wanted was an autographed ball
  2. alright sounds good you guys, all things considered i have a decent set of irons, their old but they do the job, what i really need is a new bag and woods but since these are so expensive i was looking at whole sets, any recomendations on how i could spend less than 150 on these 3-4 items
  3. alright sounds like you guys have had some decent but bad experiences with these, any recommendations. I just really need a newer set of clubs that i can build on it the future, i've looked on ebay and they sell for under 100 new, would it be worth it for me to get these and replace clubs as needed?
  4. Well i played on a golf simulator and my swing speed was around 100 i dont know if thats low or high so idk, i have been using steel irons and woods since i started playing last year lol, i was using a very old set of wilson staff dyna-power something or anothers
  5. As the title says, last year i played with my grandpa's old clubs which were really old, the woods were wood lol, but i want to get a new set this summer and i found the top-flite set for 199 and it looks like a good deal to me. So i guess i just wanted to see what other people think about the clubs and how they perform.
  6. Lundy76


    hi everyone i thought i'd let everyone know a little about me. My name is Mikel, im a 19 year old freshman business major at school right now. I started golfing last year and i instantly loved it. I always wanted to try it but my knee's were always suspect, i had 3 acl reconstructions in high school, when my senior year of high school was over i tried golf with a buddy and i think i played at least once a week all summer. Im working at a golf course this summer so ill be playing even more and i hope to get a lot better.
  7. http://www.mvccgolf.com/guests/home.htm Place where i will be working, get to play for free :)
  8. I am a full time student going for a double major in accounting and finance and i will be working at a golf course this summer.
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