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  1. Hilarious video I came across: http://www.compleatgolfer.co.za/new_...?id=1314&chk;=1 As a woman I thought it really tells it like it us. Guys, if in doubt, keep your great golf stories to yourselves!
  2. The good news is the that PGA of SA and the Sunshine Tour (the Southern African Tour) have both put up their hands and have offered to save the Women's World Cup from an otherwise certain death. So the event should survive this scandal. Whether it will improve on the number of fans that come to watch the event, well, that remains to be seen. What is strange is how quiet the Ladies European Tour have been in all of this... They were very much involved in the event and quite cosy with Tania Fourie...
  3. Don't forget about all of John Daly's brushes with the law... I'm thinking specifically of when he passed out drunk in a Hooters and spent the night in jail sleeping it off.
  4. I live in Cape Town, and it would really be a shame to miss out because you've heard exaggerated stories about crime. Just use your common sense - don't walk around alone at at night, don't go to remote areas unless you're in a small group, etc. It is a beautiful city and I have always felt very safe here. In terms of golf, make sure you get to De Zalze and Pearl Valley, both just a few minutes drive from Stellenbosch. Royal Cape (the oldest course in South Africa) is also great. Arabella (about an hour's drive from Cape Town) is one of the country's top courses and has an amazing 5-star hotel if you are looking for a bit of luxury. Further afield (four to five hours from Cape Town), is Fancourt and Pinnacle Point - two more of the country's top courses. And you must go wine tasting if you are in Stellenbosch, and as someone else said, visit Ernie Els' winery. Good luck and enjoy.
  5. Has anyone outside of South Africa seen this? http://www.compleatgolfer.co.za/new_...age.asp?id=891 A South African TV show seems to have exposed the woman behind the Women's World Cup as having enriched herself out of sponsors' funds!
  6. 1. Tiger 2. Sergio 3. Padraig 4. McIlroy 5. Goosen (outside chance, but I've gotta be patriotic!)
  7. I work for a golf magazine in South Africa.