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  1. http://www.v1sports.com/SwingStore/160519093027V03P1876071.mp4 swing is coming along. I don't fight nearly the cut I did. I even draw a large majority of shots. Reached 121.2 club speed today during my speed drills, staying in the 113-116 range. I use to be 107-110 with max around 113. That was only 8 months ago. Please give some feedback. Thanks!
  2. Swing is looking great!! What is your feeling to start the downswing??
  3. Thanks for the heads up. If it's not MOrAD, I'm not interested. I've got a direction and I plan to continue going that direction.
  4. I know he's helped teach a bunch of school. Probably been to over 20, just a guess. He knows MOrAD as good as anyone!! Seems like a drill worth a try. Thanks!
  5. I've played in some very big tournaments with many swing thoughts, because if I didn't the results were guaranteed to be ugly. Hit a few balls before the round tees off and get a little comfort with the changes, trust and see what happens.
  6. Very good thread! Makes a lot of sense, plus seeing the exaggerated elbow to navel with hips shifting forward may help me a lot.
  7. I can def see the hips stalling. The shaft at p6 is way too steep, I've been working on that for a little while. George Hunt has been working with me on my pivot, and getting the rt elbow to not move down and back. I appreciate the kind words about the back swing. I'll get it fixed! I work with George Hunt and Jim Georgen. Both friends and have been to many MOrAD classes. One works at the same place as me, so that makes it easy.
  8. 10-4, Thanks this is the Slomo, now I'll go post in other threads which I have done.
  9. @mvmac haven't you been to a MOrAD seminar?? If so, what are my biggest faults?
  10. i like this explanation! This is what I should feel, correct???
  11. Great post! You know my story. I'm working on hands moving out, but doing so by trying to move the rt elbow straight out and feeling like it's in front of the hands. My hands drop and the club shaft gets vertical. I have to get my elbows closer in transition not spreading apart.
  12. Best drills for me are piecing it together the way I want it but always hitting a ball. I like to go to p2 correct, then Pivot to the top without any arm lift. I then get to p5 where I want it and hit the ball with a good MOrAD p8/8.5 position. Then I'll do the same except pause at p4 then hit it from there exaggerating my changes. My issues is over flexing the rt arm and over hinging wrist. I'm trying to feel the rt elbow leading and moving faster than the shoulder.
  13. I thought I put a ? I appreciate it. It has been a grind but still have a LONG ways to go. Can't wait to just start playing golf and not playing golf swing. I use to go from method to method but I'm very committed to MOrAD and like what I've learned and what it's about.
  14. What do you mean? It says 180 ?
  15. @mvmac my instructor and I have a very good direction. And I will not get sidetracked by someone I don't know. I appreciate your help. I completely agree with what you're saying. He is a Morad instructor. So everything we work on is based off that model. My swing has done a complete 180 over the last six months, it looks a lot better than it did but still not where I want to. The transition is getting better, and once I get it where I want it I will be more concerned about the follow-through position.