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  1. I have been on the other end of that situation and had someone drive up to my friend and I and ask if we took an orange ball out of the fairway. The question was so rediculous I almost didnt answer then i started to take offense as he was basically accusing us of stealing. I told him i had no interest in his top flite and sort of reacted like the two on the green did. I sort of side with them as their reaction was similar to mine.
  2. That damn ledbetter has really destroyed her game.
  3. Interesting as most signs say no smoking and vapor isnt smoke. There is no combustion at all. I only smoke or VAPE with coffee while playing golf or having a beer. I feel much better and my lungs are clear. My friend works for the EPA and they are going crazy trying to figure a way to tax it. All those cigarette taxes states relied on through the years could dry up and what would they do?
  4. I grew up about 7 miles from there. Traffic will be bad, the course is not bad as far as walking, i would research where the concession stands, spectator stands and views for multiple holes preferrably not near the entrance and head directly there for a spot to view multiple holes have food and beverages and porta johns available. I always would go wed and thursday for practice and 1st round. My wife would get autographs while i sat in the stands. Good compact binoculars and a digital camera (practice round) will help as long as they arent to heavy and cumbersome. Also a cheap foldup poncho j
  5. What about vaping? I quit cigarettes 2 years ago but still use a vaporizer for nicotine. I have heard 2 viewpoints as it is vapor and doesnt count but I know playing partners comment on the smell.
  6. Do you mean to the right as they address the ball? Truely behind when someone is about to hit doesnt bother me but I think the best position is facing the player
  7. I agree and experience it often. I play with a walker who is a good player but struggles to keep up. I try and consciously slow down sometimes to give them a break.
  8. I think it has always existed and cant say it has escalated.. well maybe the jump on the back 9 but I am guilty of that also but only when I play alone and they wont see me past the 10th hole.
  9. I think its because I grew up playing a difficult course and played the whites from the start. Back then there were only 3 tees and a 12 YO didnt have a choice other than mens tees..Dumbing down I mean shallowing bunkers shorter distances, short rough, and heaven forbid expanding the cup size. I feel more a sense of accomplishment scoring well on a hard hole as oposed to an easy one.
  10. and what tees are you referring to? I play the seniors unless the senior tee is a drive and Lob wedge as oposed to driver 7 from the whites. I hit the ball in the fairway and a 180 or 200 yard second doesnt scare me. I have a good short game which allows me to get up and down pretty often. + ? "]
  11. Well I have parred or birdied every hole on the course at least once just not all at the same time.
  12. I dont want to use driver 5 iron or higher on every hole. I enjoy a challenging par 4. Fairway woods and a good short game you can still make par without much difficulty. I like the game the way it is. I dont need it dumbed down.
  13. approaching the green I always look for the low point where water would drain off during a deluge, thats a start. I look at overall slope of the green, what did my approach or my oponents shot do on the green. If still have dout I feel with my feet. uphill i allow for slighly more, downhill a hair less make a decision concentrate on speed and keep your head still and stroke the putt.
  14. I play daily with a scratch golfer. We have to wait longer on par 4s for the group ahead to get out of range, some par 4's are drivable for him so we wait for the green to clear. I am bascially ready for my second shot after playing from the seniors but have to wait for my friend. I think it all evens out.
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