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  1. 1. Stick with the bag I have now. Tried a bunch of different clubs in 2015 and ended up going back to what I had in 2013. 2. Keep the consistent swing I had to end the year and get my cap back to 12 and sustain it or go lower. 3. 2015 was a great year, met a group of 7 retired guys I played with, I'm a 2nd shifter. This year we all joined new clubs, so, I'd say continue enjoying the wonderful game, the beautiful settings, and the quality individuals I meet, each and every time I play.
  2. First weekend of March for my group and can't wait. It's my 8th time going We play colonial charters, Grande Dunes, Pine Lakes and Indian Wells I sneak in 2 more rounds with a few of the guys. Most likely Possum Trot just to spend all morning at their short game facility. Other round still up in the air. The m partial to Wild Wing or Prestwick or Long Bay.
  3. Reading burbs, play all over Berks Lehigh Lancaster and Montgomery counties
  4. Mike's a great guy, interviewed me a lot during my HS Football days. Never knew he was golf obsessed like the rest of us.
  5. I was a Member at Golden Oaks, played much longer than the scorecard read. well manicured parkland style course. I am joining a smaller cheaper public course closer to home this year, Chapel Hill. the white only play about 5600 yds but as a par 70 plays 67.3 122. It is def a shotmaker's course. Small but nice greens. Def not the shape of my old course but for the price and location can't complain.
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